Brit/pol/ #2343: Greyocide Edition

Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

Dominic Raab: 'class act' Brexiter trusted by Tory MPs

Jeremy Hunt replaces Boris Johnson amid Brexit turmoil

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Good lad.

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Fuck off spic poster.

fataan jayid almawt lilramad 'in sha' allh

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you should kill him so he can't post here anymore

Learn your burgers lad that's Steiner

Shukraan lads

good lad

Not bad. I don't complain about money like this lad
Do you always invite them to your place afterwards?

Good lad

it's a no fun zone smh

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good lad, I'm waiting for this collection to become public

I wish lad

I don't post traps

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Thanks lads

Filtered as fuck

u mad spic boy?

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I know

You're all la creature to me now lad.

polvol2 pissed me off but I'm not mad at you, nah, you're a good lad even if you can be a debbie downer at times

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The MP hierarchy shuffling around reminds me of Shadow of Mordor when an Ork dies and another ranks up and take its place.

Funny political satire, have a (You)

I feel like the first state of our coup should be liquidating all Americans on this board as a show of force and resolve.

ahhh my back itches like hell, fucking laundry detergent

That's sounds good. As soon as I recover from an injury I will follow in your steps.

I'll kill your autist producing mother for putting your inane shitposting next to my serious talking point.

What are you watching lads? Pic related, top comfy tbh

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this tbh, I should find something else to do simultaneously

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just having a flick through london right now and its literally just

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The wog lass sounds really cute, I agree.

Blokes will just swipe right to them all anyway.
All that matters is they've got a fanny.

So how's the collapse of brexit settling with you lads.

Time for that monday night blackpill.

Remember that time gordo was on CF? Remember that time we were on CF?

I'll see what happens before I start smearing shit over the walls. Either way, if we leave with a Norway option it's still better than remaining - even if it'd be a betrayal.

No. Remind us.

toil, loneliness, fear, and unfulfilled sexual urge for the rest of my life.

Is that you Tommy Robinson?

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, lad.

If only

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Remember TTPW?

Remember when he spoke to us on Bongo Bongo Land?


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Good man only gays use Bongo Bongo Land.

It was during the Brexit vote I think, he come on chat and start speaking.

More like MI5 Land
one of my mates got investigated by the police for funposting on a radical Islamic server tbh

tdag bullied him out of it tbh


Aye, agreed, but it still shows that the platform is closely monitored.

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>>>Zig Forums is always right
never use Bongo Bongo Land


More like an ordinary Islamic server, but all the Islamic servers there end up filled with radicals. Maybe they're spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) but I think it's just in the nature of the religion tbh.

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Fly me to the moon, seacow

image for feels

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2016 was such a thrilling year. If every year was like it, it'd get exhausting, though.

Peak chan year that unfortunately.

Kek lad

They're all here.

Who the fuck was that poofter last thread?

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Why you do this


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It's ok user, she's spared the torment of this world.

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she might've been one of your waifus until dr raheem came in with the forceps

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An increased number of women would not have decreased the amount of thots.

i think about this a lot tbh

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Good less things for him to ruin.

At least she'll never be Rotherham'd

Then surely it's better she doesn't have to endure this world…

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but im right here

its this episode again

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smh condoning racial policy when we are the heads of a multiracial emp…commonwealth

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Northern Monkey=/=Austrian autist.


If you'd have loved her then be happy for her.

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Is she the gf you've never met?

Anyone tried Archery here? Might join a club.

im a kind handsome man and any woman would be happy to be my partner so she would have enjoyed this world lad she should've been left to live

how do some lads do this every day for 50+ years

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yeah you ever get that feeling looking forward "this is the rest of my life"?

that's why people kill themselves i think, they lose all hope

same but no one wants me

I don't blame them.


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Smh I don't want her now

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are dean is sad because Zig Forums lad has lost hope

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You do indeed match him in sperm production and potential for children.

I have an entire nation of women at my disposal?

half right, my virility spans continents

I can't understand why people on mini wage, don't just work for themselves. Surely they can make an equivalent amount doing SOMETHING????? Or close enough to mini wage to make it worthwhile….

What did he mean by this?

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