Brit/pol/ #2344: The Return Edition

Nigel Farage: If the great Brexit betrayal isn't reversed, I'll have no choice but to return as Ukip leader


Church of England sees fall in planned donations for first time in 50 years as millennials fail to engage

Russia's World Cup Sparks Old Fears of Abandoned Mothers and 'Festival Children'

More women than men actually think catcalling is acceptable even though they are exposed to the cheeky compliments the most

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I have genuniely never seen a man catcall or otherwise sexually harass a woman, and I've seen it plenty the other way around.
One lass pinched my arse at a festival a few weeks ago

This tbh It's pretty funny when they do that tbh

xth for something

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They make it up for attention I reckon.

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rebuke them with biblical passages

the english middle class summed up


It's Phoenician in origin.

dont bother lad
suffolk is a dumb christ hating pagan who HATES wisdom and knowledge

Sister sounds a bit immoral, why does she post about her legal adultery?

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desperate for attention/validation

because her friends encourage her to do so



It says it there in black and white and yet they'll still ignore it.

I thought that was just a memi. Sometimes I'm glad to be an Autist tbh.

no threat = no authority
if you aren't threatened with eternal damnation, you wont obey the authority of God
I bet these magnets will be part of the mark-of-the-beast ceremony

Along with vid related.

lad… have you ever spoken to a girl at length?

Yes but only online and I thought they're just narcisists so probably not the norm.

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I'm an autist lad. It's really quite engaged of me to even take an interest online.

weak mentality


The extent of my female interactions these days tbh

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And further derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs apparently

do you have any nightclubs or pubs in norway?

I just realised it's not a mei lad.

Yeah. There are 2 or 3 in my town centre, but I never went there.

its actually quite disturbing how vapid and self-absorbed they are

All the Filipinos I used to chat to are living in Japan and I'm a neet in London. :(

laziness or stupidity? whats your excuse


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Maybe both, mostly laziness I hope. Also will the Japanese take me as a low wage labourer?

No they hate foreigners and are inventing robots to do most shit


lad, I'm unironically looking forward to the day I can hand down my reaction image folder to my sons

it isnt really
you should limit the amount of time you spend on the internet in a day and pick up some other hobbies

to be a in . ah. that is euthanasia

you had a stroke lad?

No, I forgot to ask lads to fill in the blanks.

Am I to guess that you meant 'euphoria'?


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to be a small guy in a plane. ah. that is euthanasia

5d chess lad, you wouldnt understand

Is there no end to the Jock's hatred for us?

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Ambrose Bierce wrote that line.


hope he gets skin cancer


Bit problematic tbh


You do realise Scots are Israelites, lad?

could somebody give me a quick run down of the football and also tell me how likely we are to win it?

They thought they wuz scythians?

Reasonably likely. 13 world cups. 13 characters in our chant.

Explains why they are so tight tbh

pretty much like every world cup since 1966
altho i want to habeeb

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everything i try goes horribly wrong theres no escape from this hole here

I went to the fucking industrial estate on the edge of town like you told me to.

When i went in he slammed the door shut on me and it was pitch black i started shouting like some sort of deranged animal in a panic
everyone was laughing at me when i came out so i went to the citizens advice bureau like you said but i didnt have the courage to speak to them so i just picked up a leaflet and left

i have two options now i can try to get my stories i write published (their pretty good) or go back to my father but i know he will reject me because hes just got back with my mother and they blame me for splitting them apart

you mug lmao

Shiggy diggy doo lad

What's this?


lad pull your thumb out of your arse and talk to them, you won't get anywhere otherwise

You and the umpteen thousand others also doing the same.

The absolute state of the English tbh.

more than half

I don't know who to be more disappointed in, the lad who says he fell for the tartan paint trick or the lads who fell for his bait

idk if its true or not, its a good laff


But it's the mix that makes 'em potent - right, lad?

hybrid vigour lad

I only came to this place because i've heard alot about it from people on my youtube channel some of you have been helpful so i appreciate it.

what youtube channel lad?

I had just ran back to the library in the rain and i was so angry so i wasn't paying attention to it.

Now I hope you all feel guilty for giving him (you)s.

I remember when I was a teen and fell for the "go through and ask for a long weight" one

he deserves more (You)s than you for at least being entertaining

what does the leaflet tell you to do?

I fell for the left handed screwdriver one when I was doing my work experience tbh

I threw it away because it was meant for pensioners I didn't even look at it when i took it.

If England win the cup, it will be taught about in schools as evidence of the benefits of diversity (in the same way that Jesse Jackson being snubbed by Hitler, then blowing the super aryan sprinters the fuck out is taught in """"history""""). I know you lads want to support your country's team - but it would seriously be the worst thing ever for our interests if they won. Why? Because it's the best thing ever for leftyfaggots and their insane narrative.

Howling lad.

You just look back and laugh

…I'm still going to go watch the game in the pub with my mates

god you are so pathetic all the lads are English they are born here, you just don't want England to be successful you are probably Irish or American fucking idiot

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and do it to other young'uns who don't know better ofc

Can someone go for a long stand?

Who let all these fucking manlets on our team?

It's a good windup

Spar's Glen Dhu is a good blend for the price tbh.

Mainly a fruity and toffee Speyside with tiny hint salty and smokey Islay

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….except it was them and the MSM that caused that, not the fans.

God I wish these people would all just die painfully.

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Where from lad?
I've been going through Aldi's stuff recently, some of it's alright for the price but feels rather weak, going to try their brandies this week.

scratch that first bit I'm fucking blind

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You can also alter progressives brains by bashing their skull really hard with magnets or anything else for that matter

I knew you were going to be like this, just like you did with my youtube channel, i'll come back and show you my sucess when they are published

this "manlet" has fucked more english girls then you ever will

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Really? Aldi's Highland Black is getting a lot of buzz from whisky reviewers atm.