Brit/pol/ #2345: It's all gone a bit South Thanet tbh

Nigel Farage: If the great Brexit betrayal isn't reversed, I'll have no choice but to return as Ukip leader


Church of England sees fall in planned donations for first time in 50 years as millennials fail to engage

Russia's World Cup Sparks Old Fears of Abandoned Mothers and 'Festival Children'

More women than men actually think catcalling is acceptable even though they are exposed to the cheeky compliments the most

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First for Helmer is a sad old cunt

Good lad.

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thread theme

ethel best girl

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xth for bins is a homo trap lover

Good lad

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First for if football comes home I'm not going to post it

nth for filter bins and spic

as long as its not gillian

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sorry lillian not gillian

Uh, no sweetie.

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Good lad


You don't know the fucking half of it tbh lad

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Don't post it lad. What have these Sassenachs ever done for us?

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Shut up you fucking lying Jock cunt I don't trust you as far as I could spit.

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the eternal jock smh

but not really.

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You aren't going to post it anyway you jock cunt I will honest to god fucking remove scotland from the map when I get the chance I will make the highland clearances look like a short fucking walk and I make you clear out into the fucking ocean with fucking concrete strapped around your ankles and iron ball tied to your neck

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You're right lads why would I ever post it, the shear mention of it drowns a man in (You)'s enough for a week or month.

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banter tb8

there's a large green insect in my room and I don't know what it is but it doesn't seem threatened by me telling it to fuck off.


take a photo lad I'm a qualified insectologist

I think it's a cricket.

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probably there to give you moral guidance and stop you from lying

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fuck off

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oh no lads, UKIP has just right now become a memi party!!!

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reminder that he wanks to pictures of link from the legend of zelda

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I swear lad, I fucking swear down lad.

And I mean that.

Go away bins you obsessive weirdo

oh no lads, UKIP has only just now become associated with infowars, it's all over!!!

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oh no UKIP is endorsed by inforwars! RIP

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One day lad, one day. I think its been nearly a year since the purchase :^)

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Just pointing out when Helmer is wrong again, it's what I do lad

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I didn't even argue with him about anything in the last thread, hardly even engaged him at all

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yeah, but you agreed with the cunt that was in the wrong, putting you in the wrong too, you sad old twat

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No more (you)'s for Jocks who never deliver, and probably never will.

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It's like a 9 year old lad pulling a girl's hair to show he likes her. Adorable really but I'd be worried if I were you

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Nige hasn't been involved in UKIP for ages so you're talking bollocks. This time it's UKIP itself associating with e-celebs

Bins only stalks men who wear dresses.

some of you lads are seriously dim smh

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Lad I've just been busy playing monster hunter and yakuza, give me a break.

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You getting Monster Hun on PC?


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Tbh lad if it has crossplay I'll get it, crossplay between ps4 and pc has always been good, just depends on what capcom does.

I mean if it has crossplay I'll be able to play with people.

Guess I'll be Monster Hunting on my own.

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Rampart you fat lispy fuck upload the audio.

Sure lad, a likely story.

You know I don't follow games that much but I've heard the people who made yakuza are behind this new FOTNS game that's going to come out for PC, you reckon it's going to be decent?

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I played some of the ps4 demo of the FOTNS game , its the yakuza team so it has a solid combat system since they've been doing the fighting aspect for over 10 years now. get or pirate yakuza 0 once its on pc lad

If you mean Lost Paradise that's PS4 exclusive lad, dunno if it's permanent or not considering 0 and Kiwami 1 are getting ported but they haven't said anything to suggest it's not so far. It is good though apparently, it's been out in Japan for about half a year

CAn't wait for pc cucks to cry when sega ports 6 since it would be the easiest and they can't play it or have to watch the recaps because 3,4 and 5 won't be on pc until a good fucking few years till the remasters drip onto ps4.

idk lad, since 0 there have been a lot of people jumping into the series in all kinds of weird places, I wouldn't be surprised if they just skip 3-5 and go straight to 6 tbh. This retarded '6 makes a good first Yakuza game' memi reddit and game outlets pushed didn't help, dunno how the fuck you're supposed to enjoy its story anywhere near as much if you don't know who Haruka is.

when are you posting that rare mosley, lad?


Aye I've heard to expect it to be decent. I'm mildly interested since FOTNS was one of my childhood mangas and the team is highly rated.
Noice, I'll be nabbing that I think.

I don't even fucking know lad. It has shit like where you have to make cocktails at a bar using hokuto no shin ken and stuff like that and I heard it was coming to PC?


Never, don't believe a word he says.

Seriously hate that as well, 0 is the fucking perfect start as its on the latest engine and a prequel to all the bogged down story. I used to say 3 was the best starting point due to how janky the ps2 games are, but 0 really is the best start now. Funny because yakuza 6 is the best selling of the series so I imagine all these people playing it without watching the recaps having no idea what the fuck is happening.

It's a treat lad, don't plough through the story, stop to play with the substories, minigames and the side stories majima and kiryu get.

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wish I could still get exited about games
a HnK/Yakuza crossover is the sort of thing I would soyface over a couple of years ago but now I just don't really give a shit

I feel sorta the same way, I just hover over games in my library and never play them

Noight lads.

Be the first game I've bothered with in a while but I do want to see if it's as enjoyable as the hype tfw still no gamepad/controller

Fresh drawn Joe OC when?

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Yeah lad that's the one, where did you hear it's coming to PC tbh? Looked it up there now and I can't find a source saying so.

tbh I still recommend people to start with the PS2 originals/emulation of them if possible since I think you get a better appreciation for all the improvements made to the formula as the series goes on but 0's definitely the best entry point otherwise yeah. I like 6 more than a lot of people seem to and I'm glad it did well but it's an awful place to start.

hopefully next week tbh, or maybe tomorrow if I can do it properly.

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I never recommended them because the basic nature of them sometimes puts people off and they never pick it up again I see around online
People seem to not like 6 because of the darker (sort of) tone.

I don't want to imagine how yakuza would work on pc, it would work but I imagine it'd be top tier jank.


Good lad

That's fair enough tbh, I'd just rather they play both versions of the originals to see which ones they prefer. I've heard Kiwami 2's a bit shit though.
I see where they're coming from tbf but I didn't agree with that, it felt like a sitcom whenever the Hirose family were all on screen and the substories have some of the silliest stuff in the series yet. Didn't think it was any darker than the first game or 0 myself.

I know some people didn't like the story either but tbh I think people really exaggerate how hard to believe it is, as least relative to the others. There's nothing in it anywhere near as hard to buy as a hitman not realising he loaded his gun with rubber bullets, your father figure having an orphan-hating twin brother who work for the CIA or pretty much everything about 2's plot imo.

Blog entry:

Day 4 of no drink. First good night's sleep last night, but brain fog and sadness remain. Slight physical improvement noticed including less bloated face and probably higher T levels.

two weeks and the booze feeling will go away lad, I have been there. alcohol feels good but only in a kill yourself homeless bum kind of way. that wretched weak feeling you have right now will go away and you won't want the booze feeling again tbf


ty lad, I've quit before too and I do remember that it takes a couple of weeks for the brain to get back to normal. It's interesting that the brain takes longer than any other part of your body to heal. Makes sense though, it's the most complicated part.

booze is the devil's milk

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im on month 9 of nodrink lad

It's so fun to supplement my long nights of shitposting with though. I'll take a break and get some brain gains.


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Italian bishop says he’s ready to “turn all the churches into mosques” to aid the cause of mass Muslim migration

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tbh I have a new idea, I randomly compliment people on Zig Forums for anything to spread positivity
monitoring to see what happens tbh

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