Brit/pol/ #2249: Serbia to Toyko

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I asked them to stop gaslighting me.

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impression comedy is so shit

The job sounds physically demanding so i'd say just stick with it lad. Life has it's ups and downs but when there is a down there will eventually be an up. If your not religious then you might consider looking into something spiritual, i'd recommend Buddism tbh because it's all about personal outlook which is great for helping mental health.

Fickle. She means he flits between opinions and sheeeeeit.

Is this thread the correct number?

Is it wog speak?

Good lad

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are we using this thread then?

This'll do

the hohol made this earlier but got cucked

Remember to get the thread number right next time..

I'm awful with women because i suspect a fear of intimacy, i can't trust worth a shit and can't see myself breaking that barrier. I'm already 25 and still no experience with women, i know i'll never have kids because of this and if i live to old age i'll out live all my family and i'll be lefy on my own. I'd rather just die now if all I have to look forward is a worse version of how things are now.

Yeah i'm self aware, I know my own mistakes and failures are why my life ended up like this. It's my own fault because I'm weak

Fucking hate weak men like this looking for approval from women they'll never ever fuck. Wot a cunt

No idea but I expect it to make an appearance in the revised edition of the Oxford Dictionary by the end of the week
I haven't read the dictionary for a long time but I'm sure I wouldn't recognise half the words in it

I don't think so tbh. Just looked it up and apparently it's an archaic word for:
She was definitely thinking of flitting between things.

wow I feel dumb, there's a new bread

Which is why I was asking. Has this ever happened before. Will this or the last thread end up being a lost thread that gets stripped of its number?

The BBC ….so funny …haha

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wow so brave and subversive

Is now.

This thread was posted first to be fair but the fates decided it would not be used.

Worth every penny they extract in licence fees

Peace with North Korea is bad


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*insert platitudinous quote about the hostility of tyranny to laughter and try to take yourself seriously*

I believe in God, unironically

But it doesn't change that i'd like to sleep and not wake up

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Tbf I sort of feel sorry for people like this. Boomers are just so bloody intellectually bereft.

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It was a low energy episode, don't you think?

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Are Nige is everywhere.

and soon he'll be PM

nah he cute

*shines in your general direction*

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Two things strike me about the audience.
Firstly, there are faces within faces within faces. Secondly Brian Blessed is hiding in there.

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Here you go lad

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Looks like the smackhead who plays the harmonica outside Lidl

Piers was quite good in his rebukes against the paid shills tbh

post songs you like but are out of character for you to like/songs you'd be too embarrassed to let anyone know


Anything by Tears for Fears?

Ta. 1 and 3 are kino.

kek think it's the lighting on him tbh.

Have you planned anything?
Thank you for responding


embed one famalam




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Number 1 is a bit like some religious image of Nigel as Brahma dreaming the universe into existence.

he seems so sad these days

this is more embarrasing. I like all 80s pop cause I was a kid at the time and its actually still good imo

I feel mine are more embarrassing tbh because anime



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stuff you can get away with ironically isn't that embarrassing

Sounds like /newbrit/

Whose writing this stuff?!


Kek nice one


Wew the BBC CAN memi

I can't think of anything I like now that I'd be embarrassed about, but I'm embarrassed about the shit I listened to when I was 13-14

It's got some pretty gay lyrics smh

Eating a sausage sandwich rn

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Like a boss

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kek, the Chad Trump

wasn't as embarrassing as you made it out to be tbh, half of mine are anime ones like this

is this jpop?


I can get away with pretty much anything except for pop cliches and edgy lyrics music

My nigga

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fucking hell kek that was me at 13 as well, has it really been 12 years jesus

Chad Trump

Anti-Trump Protest at NATO Draws Only a Couple Dozen

The left screech and screech but no one is protesting

i think you can get awaay with it tbh, its not anime after all


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I would unironically slit every leftists throat if i could, hypothetically of course

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sounds painful

I can personally blame Soros for holding up traffic with these stupid tantrums earlier.


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Reminds me of that joke "what's the difference between a seagull and a baby with diarrhea?"
one flits across the shore, the other shits across the floor

Kino tbh

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What if I favor a socialised means of production but would not enforce that view on other people?

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Id say theres more differences than what they share in common

One being human, the other being a bird.



If you're not a faggot trying to wreck society because it operates different to you socialised views, then you live m8

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why is it with these kinds of bands the guitar is great but they go all i'm taking a dump with vocals?