Brit/pol. #2248: Drumpf Visit Edition

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Get in lads

Kek. Makes him seem more human tbh. Most of the EU top brass seem so robotic that it's difficult to imagine them drinking anything other than WD40.

Stream for new comers

Genuinely moved by this music tbh


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Trump and Melania look majestic
May and her bitch, terrible
wot an embarrassment

what percentage is the guy on the left?

He looks like such a filthy scheming kike


100% American

Garden variety nog it seems.

What would you cook trump if he came to stay at your house lads?

full english breakfast

Holy shit, lads….is it QT tonight?

tattie scones for breakfast and I'd get him a half pizza supper for dinner. I imagine he'll get his own lunch while he's out and about

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I'd stick his son in law in the oven.


CNN butthurt

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i'd get a McDonalds take out, but serve it on bone china plates with silver cutlery

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Jew media has done everything possible to sell him as the embodiment of evil to the lemming public, lad. What's to understand?

p r e s i d e n t i a l

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Idk, I haven't been following msm.

Who's on?

Vagina Miller

Piers Morgan

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Lads, I'm forming a band. Thinking of calling the band Ted Heath and the High Power Nonces tbh

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This fucking BBC reportercuck:
Which means about 500.

more like 15

Is this guy on meth?

steak 'cause it's his favorite food. or at least he claimed so in an ad for Trump Steaks

Fucking hell he's on every other week

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not a single voice worth hearing there

shows one bbc guy

Id give him a wagon wheel for dessert

If the crowds were so big, they'd be bloody showing them.

top fucking lel. I really do think in a different world, Juncker and Farage would be perfect friends tbh

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Farage likes him as a person apparently

Everyone is going to gang up on Piers over Trump, with the audience applauding everything said against him

I'm calling it now

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Seems like a proper lad tbh.

This. Glad I wasn't the only one who heard that

I get that impression, Juncker seems like he's up for a laugh, it's just a shame he is in the pocket of the Hebrews.

Winston Churchill would have had you all killed for protesting tbh

I'd bully him for being piers but I suspect he's also the only one who's pro-brexit

What would the frog version of a deano be?

what are you watching? BBC coverage of the Trump visit?

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Id beat him up for selling us out to the yanks.

I don't understand a word she's saying. Do you?

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Piers Morgan has always been a defender of Trump. Trump has just visited the UK, and the Left have had a fucking tantrum over it, so they are going to needles Piers over this

again and again

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Fairly sure Piers shills against trump ad nauseum these days doesn't he? He's definitely all about soy talking points. He thinks that if he plays the touchy feely liberal faggot then people will forget that they hate him.

Not exactly a risky prediction tbh.


I'm bored and lonely, and watching QT with my online mates and a couple of beers is a fairly eventful evening for me. Sorry, NOT SORRY.

If you know the BBC is an unsubtle piece of junk that only inbreds take seriously any more then why are you still watching it?

Which one? Last Jedi/Force Awakens?

sausage rolls and mushy peas

Just change your name, you daft bitch.

The newest main one. The one that everyone hated with Mark Hamill in it.

Iktf lad
Wish I was watching a film with the Russo-Lithuanian lass tbh

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The rock that I live under is bloody lovely sometimes

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Call her.

Last Jedi, I think I caught a bit of him talking about Last Jedi and he didn't say it was shit, said he thought it was quite good. Confirms him as an utter pleb with no taste, don't rely on his opinion tbh

I'm an autist so I can't feel lonely. but pretty much the same stuff apart from watching QT which I no longer do.


He's easily manipulated because he's a drunk and probably well into the rent boy scene but the comedy value is immense. He's like something out of the Pink Panther or a comedy set in Paris in the 60s

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Smh lad
I have nowhere private and we'll be going for a drink on the weekend, hopefully

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Not a clue. I'd deport her

tippity toppity kek
what a pisshead

pursue her without regrets


I'm fairly sure he was really positive about it, and had to defend himself against 'trolls' on twitter for saying he was paid or just being a contrary twat. Didn't everyone give it glowing reviews? It was truly shit, but I seem to remember it was shilled hard by the not-at-all-controlled film reviewers.

Big business and finance are at the black tie dinner.
It said that salmon and beef are on the menu…..but no pork! I wonder why?


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I…guess I'm not autistic then…phew. Since when did having autism mean you can't feel lonely? Can you feel any emotions?

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Her grasp of English isn't 100% tbh, she struggled a couple times to understand what I was saying over the phone
kind of qt tbh, I want to hear her speak Russian tbh

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I thought about if further. I mean I'm desenstised to feeling lonely. It's been so long.

she will moan in Russian

What fresh blog posting hell is this?


Nah, he was just this morning defending Trump and deriding the Blimp to some snarky mudskinned commie dyke on This Morning


He definitely makes tonnes of arguments against guns and stuff like that.

He needs to shift that 90's hair cut.

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yeah, he's basically a liberal that just happens to like Drumpf

Somebody tell me what british values are for research purposes

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I don't even know how the BBC find these creatures, starting to think they breed them in a lab.

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Fucking hell.