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Trump Crushes Khan: London Mayor Has Done ‘Terrible Job’ on Terrorism, Crime
U.S. President Donald J. Trump has issued a damning indictment of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying he has done a “terrible job” on terrorism and crime.

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His cheeky smile keek.

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keek, fitting

RT on protests

last night I had two dreams. the first, I found this 2300-ish page book by this jewish rabbi about how much he hated dogs, with hundreds of poems of how he thought dogs should be tortured, etc. so I was trying to redpill normalfags about the jews by showing them what this rabbi thought about the poor doggos, to no avail because normals are retarded

the next dream, I was going on this bullet train that was all white and futuristic and anime-girl themed. there were actually no workers on it, just cutouts of anime girls with pre-recorded messages that offered drinks and stuff. the train went so damn fast

the sweet potato was fantastic im going to eat it more often

Finally got my joining instructions for my next trip to sea, lads. It's been 10 months at college since I was aboard by last ship, and now I'm on a completely new route. They're sending me on pic related from the US West coast around East Asia and back. I'll be delivering the Wallmart catalogue to our 56% cousins across the Pacific, from the glorious land of the chinks/nips for the next few months come August.

It's been a fucking age this last phase at college, but at this point all I need is my time at sea and I'll be ready to take my officer of the watch orals and become a qualified 3rd/2nd mate.
For those of you lads that might be wondering - it's a two week passage to get across the pacific, and it's notorious for its fowl weather up there - so I'll definitely have something to keep myself occupied with.

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Guy Gives Trump’s Motorcade The Finger As He Arrives In London

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Sounds good. Take a lot of pics and have a safe journey.

It's so embarrassing. Imagine actually supporting this

i love how even normies see these people as a joke now


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Thank you lad.

Hey lad I'm taking a dingy off Cornwall, could you come round and "rescue" me and take me to America please
Ok thank you

why don't you lads like trump he's done more to normalise implicit racism than anyone since in half a century


Because he's a puppet of Israeli big money.

This is a civic board, lad.

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It just show's that everyone is unconsciously pro bully.

does what i've said not still stand? don't let perfect be the enemy of good based

We like Trump, but we're disappointed that he isn't the next Hitler.

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Bombed Syria

'cause he shilled gun control after parkland

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When will this giant start causing ripples again?

Just don't be surprised when a knife is pushed into your back. You are trusting a Jewish puppet after all.

and what came of it?

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yet he didn't pass any gun control legislation, it was all talk

fair criticism but he's stopped backing the FSA afaik and assad is now going to win that war at least

Putting to sea in order to be "rescued" is in DIRECT contravention and a breach of Maritime law

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You either become a bully or a victim tbh.

Is that a maybe?

Are all the refugees going to be arrested then?

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You have thigh cheese now lad, use it as your weapon to bully.

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the president doesn't make laws, he just chooses whether to sign them once congress passes them, and if he doesn't then they can pass it anyway with a 60% vote

but when he shilled gun control, multiple states including the traditionally very pro-fun Florida passed gun control laws inspired by his propositions. that was the time that he should have said, "this is sad but we here in America value our second amendment rights blah blah blah", not cave into the pressure and shill a harmful agenda. I'll never forgive him for that, I don't believe muh 4d chess bullshit

we all ktfb
Well some of us at least

wew imagine doing this

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you make a fair point but all the laws i saw were shit like "have armed guards on schools" and "deny people with mental illness having firearms", they also banned that bump stock thing but that just seems like a cheeky exploit to get around the assault weapon ban or whatever

He'll wake up to hell one day and he won't know why

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It's a good life lesson, never expect the authorities to back you.

shoot him lad

I was a goodboi, and goodboi behaviour was encouraged because it meant the teachers had an easier time smh


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you sound like an easy target

What's the general consensus on David Irving here? Leftists always say he's been debunked but I'm not a historian so I can't say one way or the other. He sounds pretty convincing to me.

Is Trump the Enclave?

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define (((mental illness))). it's a vague term, that's how they plan to disarm political dissidents. same with the "red flag" laws

he also pushed raising the age to buy guns from 18 to 21 and Florida did that. the bump stock thing is dangerous because rifles equipped with bump stocks are still semi-auto, it's a slippery slope. automatic is defined by more than one bullet per trigger pull, banning bump stocks makes "dings that make duh gunn shoot fasturr" illegal which is really really bad

I'm in the same boat, I have no idea if his books are accurate or not. Seems like a kind hearted lad though.


This is why you got bullied

that's true lad, how does it feel that I can buy a gun when someone my age in florida can't?
where's your 2nd amendment now? who's noguns now?

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What if I do it in blackface?

He edits his books for accuracy when new information comes out. Don't measure him against perfection, measure him against the competition.

well I don't live in Florida, and the guns you can get all shitty, there's 10rd mag caps and stuff, right? can you take it home or does it have to stay at the range?

Well yeah. Keek. tbh I wasn't even really bullied like in cartoons and films, I am just incredibly awkward and take everything personally

He's clearly biased, but I don't mind it.
Everyone is biased, and I bet there are thousands of historians who do exactly what he did - only embellishing the negatives rather than playing them down.

I'm reading the war path right now. It's good.

Another Jew interviewed by the BBC

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still more generations separation than any amerimutt, the fact that it swaps between male and female makes it even less likely to carry the shitskin DNA

there's no magazine limit in the uk, I can get a 300 round drum mag lad. what's the limit in your state yankee boy?

He's dodgy tbh

We had groups bullying on our school, one group would get bullied by another (kinda like Chads vs Nerds but everyone was as pathetic as each other), normally it was our group getting bullied, finally ended when one of our lads cracked some kids skull open after he threw an apple at him, was a solid laugh tbh.



His historical tours are top tier tbh very costly

none but the gay jew's been shilling it and it's completely blue so I worry tbf. I need to get the fuck outta here, even if only for taxes

so why aren't all the lads arming themselves to the teeth then, if it's possible?

because people have better things to spend their money and time on

Keek. iktf. While I wouldn't consider myself as a real bully victim, but I guess I literally was as anything is bullying these days, it stopped, the verbal part anyway, when I lifted the biggest bully off the ground and pinned him against the wall. After that I kind of became their muscle and they used me as a proxy to bully my former friends smh. Now I've made up with those friends again though tbh but the scars will never heal.

Hard to imagine group bullying tbh, I guess your school was big then?

the ability to defend yourself is pretty damn important especially when you have millions of sandniggers all over the place prowling for 6 year olds

not really tbh, 1000 pupils max.

there are no self defense laws with firearms in the uk

Weird. You'd think a proper hierarchy would form. Certainly one of you were the top bullies

One of the first things I'd pass if I was in power tbh

*obligatory maid memi*
maid school uniforms

seifuku is gr8

who the fuck employed this midget?!

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There are unwritten limits on everything, and the legislation has been tacitly designed to make gun ownership an exclusively rural thing.
I could apply for my shotgun certificate right now, but I'd be denied because I'm renting and so have no real ability to install a gunsafe in my shared accommodation.

Well written lad.

the law also says you can't say mean things to shitskins. I don't think I need to articulate why it's important that as many Europeans arm themselves as possible, self defense laws are irrelevant

that's what I thought, well you should all do your best, good luck

Surprisingly, that lad is 5' 10" and the others are 5' 11". It's a bi difference.

Yeah I agree but I can see why you'd pay for another years car insurance or a few months off the mortgage rather than buy a gun.

I don't have Maritime law to hand but I believe from a discussion I had recently with a sailor, you're not allowed to put to sea in an unworthy vessel or cause danger to life and limb of other shipping - vessels, crew members - by causing yourself to be rescued

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They're nicking the NGOs I believe

Same. Normies just HAVE to signal whenever the news are on and it's about Blumpf

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RT has the best stream