Brit/pol - Queen gets top trumped edition

Is Trump trying to collapse Britain’s government?
Fatal Novichok dose 'came from bottle' in victim's house
EU denies 'insulting' claim Jean-Claude Juncker was drunk at NATO summit
Croatia disqualified from World Cup 2018? Looking into the claims after England's defeat

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Cromwell was a delusional piece of shit. Prove me wrong.

Cromwell was a proto-Blairite.

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In his defense, you don't remember all of the normal people from that time.

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*rides in on my mighty steed at dawn*

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What's wrong with the photo? There are two average people and a very weak horse.

What? That's the king's horse, ridden by Olav the Holy in the Stiklestad play smh

Wew lad, I knew you were fat but damn

Kek. That's back when I was 22st.

xth for being friends with literal islamists is okay but Blimpf is just too much

What are you now lad?

Post more of the lass

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20st, so not much different keek

So brave

I don't know here. She seemed annoyed. Peasants should at least try to hide their contempt smh

pretty jej

Weekend mountain walk tbh

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The absolute state of this country.

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[the sound of gen x-ers laughing at millennials giving them job security]

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Hope there's a happening of some kind today tbh lads.

please stop

oh Jesus…

…she goes into stupid bitch mode, landing accusations, and interrupting…

Every day is a #MGTOW day.

gorgeous. I'm so glad the sun's fucked off now

Who are these people and why do I share my country with them?

You have Jez to thank for emboldening them.

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Wish he'd just hurry up and seize control and execute the royal family smh

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Well, Obama is also literally a communist…

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Someone like Piers is literally ignorant of the 20 million Christians killed by Stalin's Marxist regime, Communism, by man-made famine, exile, and the gulags, making Stalin and his regime the worst of history.

And I will NEVER PERMIT that name, Stalin, or his religion, Marxism-Communism, to be uttered in my presence.

We shall never forget.

Yes but you're a homo
a right-wing homo but a homo none the less

I found the commie:

Homosexuality is implicitly right wing fuck off.

Does anyone know what Sadjid Madjid's voting history is?

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supposed to be 30 degrees celsius in the weekend. I'll get to see what you lads have been moaning about


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ha ha ha

You want to purge the unrighteous, and therefore support Stalin - a literal kike - and Karl Marx - also a literal kike - in their slaying of white children. Well aren't you genteel?

I'll never understand why people use centigrade. It's not like the rest of the metric system, where it matters. There's literally no point using centigrade, unless you're cooking meth in your basement.

Who is he? How do you know he is homo?

What? Is that celsius? What do you use, lad?

"Centigrade" was deprecated by (((international consensus))). It was the original term for celcius.

Christ that poor horse tbh

smh I asked them if it would be okay and they said yes

they were just trying not to hurt your feelings lad, what they didn't tell you is they had to put it down afterwards due to a mangled spine.


lad, I rode THE most important horse in Trøndelag at the time

Was he?

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You mean they got rid of a bland standardised term and replaced it with an old scientist's name? I thought committees did it the other way around these days.

yeah LOL

"Keke [Stalin's mom] often worked in the houses of rich Jewish traders in Gori, and sometimes took her son along. She did housework for Davrichewy, laundered for Egnatashvili (the best man at her wedding), with whom she may have had an affair."

Check out the nose.

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Lenin was a kike too.

"It is likely that Lenin was unaware of his mother's half-Jewish ancestry, which was only discovered by his sister Anna after his death."

jej @ the cryptos being all "oh gosh wow no way!"

I think what generally occurs is they just fuck with things as an excuse to show a preference, it's a big fuck you. It's sort of like how all the fucking sudden people are worried about the welfare of Mexicans - but only the ones trying to invade the US. The regular fuckers dodging gang violence to perform honest work? Fuck them. They're way too honest. And if they need money, it needs to come from Republicans, definitely not the nice people raising awareness with signs, and hot air.


If juncker wasnt pissed what was he on? Leave the pineal glands alone, you fucks

Beautiful fucking tits man!

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The stupidity of Millennials makes me laugh, but it also worries me. Millennials are supposed to be our future air plane pilots, nuclear engineers, crane operators…

… imagine miss brownie in each of those roles.

250,000 people. Counted 'em meself

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Lads all the retards protesting Trump are getting me down. People have no idea what they're protesting just that they've been told to dislike him, can't even state which policies they dislike or why they're there.

Seems like every day we inch closer to civil unrest.

I have one in the fridge for later because of this fucking memi.

Probably also paid and shipped in

Let's fucking hope.

It's the best flavour tbh.

That pic of them kind of posing with the balloon was surreal, not a single one of them was normal

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:( It's like x-ers don't even exist…

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Yeah they are sub dimensional entities

Do you not feel like with the Brexit betrayal, the constant undermining of traditional Christian values, the war on white people that tensions are rising? Very slowly, but I do.

Let's see what happens when the Chequers paper gets voted down on Monday. Hopefully it will be utterly destroyed, we can throw May out and get someone in to do the job properly, then all those smug lefty cunts who thought "Brexit is cancelled now, yay love wins :^)" will have a short sharp wake up call.

Could not stand their smug musings about this farce May has created.

Interestingly, that's a picture of an x-er. That's not a facial expression that is understood by Millennials or boomers.

pic related.

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The retards of any generation never get near those roles.

Gerry Adam's house attacked

Good lads.

there are more retards in the Millennial generation. shitty parents, shitty teachers, and tons of self-esteem. but you're right that stupid hos will be that way perpetually, because dudes lie to 'em so they can fuck 'em

Jackie Chan done it again.

I don't believe the current climate is sustainable, women making a living as "instagram models", lots of people in complete non jobs that add little to no value, diversity managers and the like.

It's all going to come crashing down.

Kek I thought that was Gerry Adams in the thumbnail


we could always bring back slavery. that's what we did when our thots got lazy af and demanded shit we couldn't manage to do ourselves.

Then those roles will just go elsewhere, to more competent populations.

I wish you would die with your shitty ebin posts tbh

Blimpf twitter account says he's leaving the UK… to go to Scotland.


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Looks like I might enjoy that. I'm up for seeing a fantasy Gerry Adams be terrorised.

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Explosive devices thrown at ex-Sinn Fein leader’s home
LONDON (AP) — Northern Ireland’s Sinn Fein says that the homes of former leader Gerry Adams and another prominent party member have been attacked with explosive devices.

Taigs still fighting lol

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It's just blimpf's team being American.
Even during WW2 when 90% of yanks were white and the British Empire existed - most of the soldiers stationed here despised it. They felt no emotional connection to England and they openly mocked it/called us dreary and boring.

We're literally the root of their entire civilisation lol… to hate where you come from is bizzare.

Based. Will watch

Most of them didn't come from here.
They were German, Italian, Dutch, French, Swedish etc.
Yanks used to just go out and fuck girls with British husbands who were fighting overseas. Then when the war was over and those British husbands came back, their wives/girlfriends were literally being mass shipped off to America on vessels like the Queen Mary to live with their new yank husbands in places like New York.

America has literally never been our ally or our friend.

This is a great article on that sort of thing lad.

Yanks are rootless golem lad, have you only just realised this?

There are other cases of black GIs literally going ape shit and raping a bunch of British women.

The myth that we were never occupied needs to die.

For a long time the people in New England were basically Anglo-saxons with a strong connection to Canada lad

More or less what happened to Anthony Burgess' wife and inspired him to write A Clockwork Orange iirc

Yanks in the main were puritanical misfits and freaks who were buttblasted after Cromwell and his ideologies got BTFO



The yanks pretty much copied Cromwell system of government