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Sorry I keep posting ET; they're just my favorite site

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Intel is fucking dumb. I'm buying a used PPC Mac on ebay and throwing my Intel shit in the bin. Fuck this.

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Is it at all possible to remove an Intel CPU from a thinkpad and replace it with something made by AMD? Is there anything made by AMD that's compatible? Or should I just figure out how to get Linux running on my GameCube (PowerPC + ATI graphics)?

Well you can try PlayStation as well, it's AMD CPU and GPU, and fairly decent performance for modern age.

The second choice is your best bet, but based on the sheer and utter retardation of your first question you probably won't be able to pull it off.

I'm sick of doing work for shitty OPs.

The Intel AMT is designed to allow administrators to access and update PCs, even if those PCs are turned off. All they need is an internet connection and a wall socket and they can be updated. That’s a useful tool for large multinational firms with far-flung employees, but it’s also a potential security risk. F-Secure has published information highlighting how easily an attacker with even brief local access can gain full access to an entire machine. Here’s how they describe the problem:


Neat. I need to go find the GameCube's broadband modem on eBay, then.

I'll refrain from asking such stupid questions in the future.

It's worth emphasizing that this is a local-only exploit (at least initially) and it can be mitigated by accessing the AMT and changing the password. Chances are nobody here will be directly affected by it, and it continues the merciless nightmare for Intel and especially their management engine, so cheers all around for Zig Forums.

Unfortunately there are no Ryzen Thinkpads yet. Soon.

Please Zig Forums does nothing but post shit about the work other people do.

Honestly, you should just buy a wii instead. I'm pretty sure the wii itself will be cheaper than the boradband adapter.
You can just use a usb etherenet adapter which you should be able to find fairly cheap.


If it's newer it probably has a soldered-in CPU, if it's older then you'd need to replace the main board in your device. Basically you'd be better off buying an AMD laptop of your choosing.

PowerPC after late 2005 is vulnerable to Spectre, so having a Gamecube as a desktop would be no better than having an AMD box; in fact since IBM has had problems patching their POWER chips, it might be worse since that seems to be going smoother for Team Red. However, certain G3 and G4 Apple devices are practically immune to these security flaws due to peculiarities in their design, but they are a decade old so be aware of performance tradeoffs going into a transition to those devices. See >>851512

Also, as an addendum, while Gamecube is older than the G3's and G4's linked above, it's a 400-500MHz processor and would be difficult to use for daily tasks, if you can even get anything running on it. I was thinking more along the lines of the Wii, which IS modern enough to support a desktop system with some success but would have the post G5 PPC Spectre vulnerability. Either way, PPC consoles are unlikely to have any patches issued for Spectre.

The PS4 CPU is weak as fuck and its PCI bus is bridged behind an ARM chip. Don't buy one for casual jailbreaking or you're in for a world of pain.

Again, nobody tells if it "works" on macbooks and other apple hardware. WTF is it too hard?

"Potential security risk." Let's call it what it is: a fucking backdoor.
Why is this garbage even sold to home users who don't need or want it? Is it because NSA are the admins now?

Y'all niggers better start boycotting. Don't worry about Intel going out of business though, they still make CPUs for the military. This is just about letting them know you don't like being assraped, speaking to them in the only language they understand: money. BOYCOTT INTEL.

Zig Forums -LARPNiggers

This is in addition to the one found last May?
I think not since the article you cite links to the following:

BIOS password and settings are irrelevant to an exploit of AMT.


Are you sure about that? The CPU is based on the G3 architecture.

Not him, but I posted here before that you can easily run Debian (Whiite Linux) on a Homebrew'd Wii with IceWM and even Dillon as the main web browser fairly well as long as you had ample SWAP space, which I just had dedicated to a USB flash drive

Would still never use it as a daily driver though. But it was a nice little novelty nonetheless.

that flash drive isn't going to live long

X86 is such a steaming pile of botnet shit it needs to die.

Its really pathetic that you spam this shit in multiple threads. Begone LARP Goblin

I'm right behind you user.


Why do you care? Is somebody forcing you to use x86?

My boss. A lot of big orgs use proprietary software that only x86.
Sucks a massive dick, but there's not really a convenient way around it.
So, on another note, are there any CPU architectures that aren't a steaming file of shit?

So why do you care about that? You don't own those computers do you? What your employers decide to do with their business ought to have zero effect upon your personal life.

Actually, it is my personal computer. I won't get into why - it's a long story.
But, regardless, we also FORCE clients to use some of this software in order to communicate with us. I've also had to deal with clients where they've forced me to use software that is OSX only.
The fact of the matter is that in the real working world, compromise is necessary. It's hard to escape this. Not only are we in debt to (((them))) by way of usury and fractional reserve banking practises, but they've placed their brackets all around Silicon Valley too.

() parentheses
[] brackets
{} braces
Learn the difference, it might save you face

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Regardless, you completely dodged the rest of my post.

This post is correct. Only my fair lady tier bongs call them all brackets.

I'm not the same person you were replying to. Why the fuck doesn't Zig Forums use poster id's anyways?


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The general purpose desktop as we know it needs to die. Say good bye to Windows and Linux both. We're going to have to start using the video game console model, everything compartmentalized and specialized and locked down to a strict set of supported hardware so that it can be optimized as much as is humanly possible with absolutely no room for "a complete standalone OS embedded into the CPU for the purpose of remote code execution and spying".

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o i am laffin


What's better than one big botnet?
Drawn yourself.

And if they're specialized and compartmentalized you can just remove them, you double nigger.

And after that you can finally drawn yourself, because you have exactly 0 hardware and 0 software to work with that isn't botnetted you fucking idiot.

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Oh Jesus Christ in heaven!

Where do faggots like you even come from anyways?


It's gonna keep happening if you still a class collaborationist.
Stop being a retard

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It's okay lainon. One day they will see the light.

No thanks, I'd rather a no-frills libre motherboard standard every piece of consumer desktop HW is strictly required to follow.

The dent in their profits is going to be undetectable. Indistinguishable from noise.
Don't buy Intel because they will fuck you over. But calling it a boycott and acting like it's going to achieve anything on a larger scale is a pipe dream.


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this violates the rules of this board, cease and desist immediately

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Hi (((Zig Forums BO))).

why are traps so ugly irl?
also who is the guy getting sucked off?

Because they're not 2D.

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because it's a dude wearing makeup in clothes that doesn't fit his body.

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Are those pig songs added, right?


It's not gay if you wear programming socks.

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For the record, proper programming socks must be toe socks.

x86 has always been shit.

By 2020 the plan is to have BIOS removed. So you couldn't even write a self-booting disk/usb stick if you wanted.

The worst home computer architecture won the battle in the 80s. Now it's fully infiltrated and controlled.

It turns out open source software was a red herring. Linux was a distraction. No degree of security or autonomy over a Win10 user. The hardware was fully backdoored long ago. The compilers, including gcc are now nearly fully backdoored. If you're still using x86 for anything but jerking it and checking the weather you're a fool.

One of the most intimate and publicly embarrassing, sometimes incriminating information there is. What else am I going to keep secret? My Stallman folder?

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The BIOS has a lot of legacy bloat. It should be removed and replaced with something more lightweight.

s/The BIOS/x86/


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Well at least SPARC is alive again.

Maybe someday RAPTOR will actually ship their POWER9 workstations also.

they'll ship around the same time star citizen does. atleast if you give them 10 grand you get a cool jpeg and an interactive model

i couldn't even afford a stick of ram for that

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Fucking hell.

Everybody go and read Reflections On Trusting Trust again. This user has, obviously.

Linuxes were good until 2010 then suddenly went to shit due to systemd, Grub2, touchscreen DE's and other things. KDE and Gnome also went to shit.

Be serious. Admittedly Windows can be hardened better than Linux. At least Windows firewall lets you block specific programs and not just ports for one thing. The 1980s called, they want their Gufw back.

True, proof is Intel ME and similar crap we know of.

For this claim do you have proof? "Nearly fully backdoored", as in "nearly full of shit"? Proof (file, line of code, refusal to patch, disassembled compiler) or it's opinion. I remember that VS2015 has some stupid telemetry crap that it adds to what you build, but that's been found out, fixed in VS2017 and GCC doesn't have that.

Linux is what, 8 million lines of code not including the user-space?
OpenBSD is 4 million, but that includes the user space and X.
TempleOS is 100000 lines of code.
Forth can be 1000 lines or less, with the ANSI standard dictionary.

>I remember that VS2015 has some stupid telemetry crap that it adds to what you build, but that's been found out, fixed in VS2017.
Not surprised that an openplacebotard would be so gullible.

Insult attempt != argument. Proof please? No proof?

Not so fast, in current year Pajeets at MS are personally asking you why you Googled a specific framework and used it in your program instead of using MS's do-alike. There was a thread on this a while back.

Paranoia and rumor cheapens this thread.
Keep it tight with proof and shiet... so you're saying VS2017 still has telemetry added to user projects or what?

LOL nice one, outing yourself so boldly.

This was covered here, the Pajeets had a log of what the programmer searched for. If you lurked you'd remember.

Lurk two years user.

Gigabytes of proprietary software is impossible to audit or trust. You are a hypocrite for trusting it but denouncing free software like systemd. You just want to push people to proto-proprietary software like the BSDs or all the way to M$ etc.

Oh fucking please. Everybody knows systemd is pure cancer by now. It's larger than most historical OS's and subsumes much of their function. It's too big and swiftly-moving to be audited.

Pretending that it's the only thing going on Linux is not going to get you anywhere here kid.


Clarify because that's ambiguous. Searched for what, where? Searched the web page (the extension names) or his own open project (the code)?

VS2017 IDE telemetry can be disabled (choose no participation in VS Experience Improvement Program from Help->Send Feedback->Settings) or at worst it can be firewall blocked. Firefox is no better off, check it.

But I wasn't talking about VS2017 telemetry in the IDE however (and I'll laugh in your face when systemd adds telemetry of its own, enabled by default, in addition to leaking DNS to Google). I was talking about covertly adding telemetry stubs to user programs compiled with it, which VS2015 did but VS2017 doesn't do anymore... unless of course you have evidence to the contrary? Which I'd like to see? Pretty please?

I have the following conspiracy theory and I'd like your opinion: what if systemd is designed as a secondary kernel and its only purpose is to increase the attack surface on all Linuxes that use it? Because it sure as hell isn't just an init system anymore. It's a high-level kernel now. If its purpose would be just to help user apps interface with Linux that would be an insult to Linux. So naturally I think its real goal is evil.

The last MINIX convention got cancelled for lack of speakers, despite being inside every single AMT chip Intel-Aviv has sold for the past what, 15 years? This is what cuck licences do to projects.

Minix has only been part of ME since 11.0 which I believe came out with Skylake.
MIT/BSD licenses protects developers, but the GPL protects users

Ostensibly false

This is really depressing because I just built a very expensive Xeon server as a home lab :(

shoo-shoo, what a fucking surprise! breaking news everyone woo-woo

Developers are also users, that's the whole point of the GPL.

No, developers are not users. They are two distinct and different states. When you are developing you are not using. When you are using you are not developing. While a developer may at times be a developer and at other times be a user, he is never both at the same time.

And normalfags aren't aware of even a single one. Why haven't we been using this whole spectre shitfest to spread FUD?

it was used pretty much to it's full extent. people don't care until their bank accounts are empty.

I tried pressing ctrl+p on my amt-enabled laptop (with tpm perma-disabled in bios) and nothing happened, what's missing?

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you are not developing allah is developing