Brit/pol/ #2252: Oor Lummy Edition

Thousands joined Trump protest as US leader played golf

Trump diplomat lobbied UK over Tommy Robinson – report

Theresa May: Back my Chequers plan or Brexit won't happen

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Ironic shitposting = shitposting

First for 22st is a gud boi

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We're still all just ironic racists, right?

One of the most badass British poems of all time tbh. Still gets me pumped when I read it.

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God dammit there is so much BOOMing going on out there today

is it something in the water?

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fucking deranged commies

Good doggo

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Good lad.

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They don't deserve anyone's attention for that.

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They went to all that effort for such a crappy message?

Trump probably has less ego than that fat drunkard.

I was expecting some "Britain will be underwater in 10 years" shit, that's pathetic

i agree, an he's less beholden to the Jews too

Secret service should have blasted him out of the sky for the qekz and then said Trump had been concerned about Greenpeace warming the planet unnecessarily with their two stroke engine

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When are they going to China to protest pollution?

Steven Moffat, if I ever see you in the streets

It's interesting what he said on the Hungarian Revolution.

The Chinese would just round them up and turn them into food for the people.

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When China is run by a white guy

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Yeah seen that. Makes one pause for thought indeed.

shout at them and tell them you're trying to watch anime

Massive cultural achievement by Poo who didn't wipe his own arse in 66 years so he could grow his nails to 2 metres and donate them to America
He must have had a patient wife or filthy stinking gunties

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Thanks lads

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Not watched anime for a few weeks now, used to watch loads.


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any anime you'd recommend? preferably a movie

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Spirited Away is kino tbh.

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30k just got them this???

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doesn't work tbh

GJ Club is good.

The sadiq balloon is being released in august


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That's nothing. What about the guy that held his arm up in the air for 40+years.There's simply no end to their talents.

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is there a design agreed yet?

wew lad at least make it Porco Rosso

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There's a twatter page somewhere but I can't find it

What genre you like, and what level of anime pro are you on, lad? Seen Redline?

Thankee lad

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What the fuck is actually going on there?

idk, I've only seen a few animes and most of them were romance
what's that?

Fucking hell, it's literally necrotic, I'm assuming that's painkiller he's smoking.

I'm wondering if you're a turbo nerd who will laugh at me for recommending entry level.
Well, watch Redline. it's good fun.

Good lad

Someone driving down the road when they spot a naked nigger negging it like Usain Bolt on crack, obviously

Lads, how do you like those cute female athletes?

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Do not click. Immoral content.

Also requesting the original Russian who's fucked up on krokodil or whatever webm pls.

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If you wanted to see a film purely about podracing. Out of interest did you ever watch Animegataris? If not you should.


the white ones are nice

I would watch that, tbf.

Lad for fuck sake

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I saw this one running today, and that blonde woman in tears in a famous webm came last in the race. I'm surprised she hasn't thrown the towel in tbh

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Sorry lad, was in two minds about whether to post it tbh. Saw it in a webm thread the other day

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is there any footage of the Brexit, pro-Trump, Free Tommy march today?

tfw ywn dress up in a bear costume and ram bints up the wrongun
and I can't help you lad, I've looked but I've only got the audio saved.

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The wogs don't look like women at all.

I saw her in training yesterday

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you dirty birdy

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cheers for looking lad

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They don't like it up em

Crowdfunded archaeology: 'Dig Hill 80' explores the WWI Ypres Salient battlefield

Yeah you better appreciate my efforts

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Pretty sure they're not.

wtf is happening there?

plz stop bear! stop that bear! plz stop!

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cultural assimilation

It just seemed like everyone was fighting everyone else for no particular purpose or reason

Give me that for free



I imagine they were caught stealing from the pound shop. Dunno what's worse. That, or risking life and limb ptotecting the pound shop tat.

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La creatura

Yup, this film weirded me out a bit when I saw it as a young'n.

You probably didn't even look you cunt, and were just having a cheeky wank over bear porn.


in the end they detonate the bomb and kill everyone

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Saw sa muslim couple stealing from an Aldi yesterday. Can't understand stealing from cheap shops. It was a husband and wife. He was telling her what to nick and she was doing it
Cunts have to go back. I never said anything because I would have been nicked for racism

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The yid's back…
4,500 downboats

I don't even remember what happened in the rest of it, never rewatched it as it seemed a bit shit

Cheaper stores, cheaper security. Seen scag heads shoplifting from charity shops before etc.



be there or be a grumpy boomer

Stopped watching there.

we're being DDoSed tbh