Brit/pol/ #2253: High Effort Edition

Thousands joined Trump protest as US leader played golf

Trump diplomat lobbied UK over Tommy Robinson – report

Theresa May: Back my Chequers plan or Brexit won't happen

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Good lad.

Where's that ulsterlad from the last thread?

Do you get many English over there? Hope they're all DUP voting protestants, don't want you lads to get outbred by the republic*ns

It all needs to burn tbh. Fire is a great cleanser. A forest fires is a natural part of the regrowth cycle.

Maximum time I've heard is 5 years for them. It has all the trappings of a celebrity hitch-up tbh.
Mudkle=Simpson/Fergie 2.0

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sorry lads, spoilered the mud in the last bread, and forgot to do it again

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Quite a lot of students.

Well if they are students they aren't. Students vote for republicans and the Alliance party who are just flame-shirt wearing radical centrists.

The Trump Effect
And another one bites the dust!

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Men with a spine are standing up. There was at least one yesterday IIRC.

Why? Fucking turkeys voting for Christmas

God bless Ulster & you.

He's just a PPS though, does this really matter?

Because they are brainlets.

sometimes wish i had faceberg so i could see what the normies are talking about

Trump and the world cup, basically what we're talking about.
t. someone with fagbook.

Hopefully she's Diana'd tbh

Desertions always kind of matter and he's an FCO PPS so he must have been privy to the double dealing going on behind the scenes and doesn't want to go down in history as a back stabbing traitor. That's me reading inbetween the lines
It's nothing to do with him not being able to look at himself in a mirror

it hurts so much just want her back xx

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how do you link boards(USER WAS GIVEN A TIME-OUT FOR THIS POST)

She probably signed on for a false flag tbh.
CY+? headline: blah blah blah false flag blah blah tragedy blah blah widower Prince Harry was only injured unlike his ex blah blah reminds his of his mum blah blah feels feels


He probably has done it by now

Imagine what it'll be like when it'll be made mandated by a world government to have a live facebook stream directly uploading news and downloading impulses to your cerebral cortex.

Are you jealous lad? You've often spoken of how you want to be a pretty little girl

What Are you having for din dins tonight lads? Might get meself some venison steaks tbh


Can't imagine marrying a lass with such a flat chest.

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And lamented the impossibility at the same time. It was a silly thing I used to think, yeah.

He wouldn't be any of those things and neither is Rudd.

I only get those when they're on sale at Lidle.

Aye, twins would starve.

The future's grim but I can't figure out where it all went wrong. Maybe the moment of creation was the mistake.

Thanks lads

Quite a lot of English students like the other lad said, it's not too rare for English people to just come over and live permanently though tbh at least in my area
I don't think there's any data on who they vote for but I'd imagine it's mostly SF or Alliance, although that's just going off of the assumption that most of them are students tbh

Is there anything more contemptible than an "English" person which choses to live in the emerald isle?

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It was going to be beans and chips but there's no chips.
Looking like noodles to the rescue.

wow croatia fucking sucks

Anyone who harms sea cows tbh

Wrong way round

Hot drinks is a memi, it only makes you cooler through making you sweat more

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This ref is a right scammy cunt

I see it now smh

They don't lad, just the ref literally gave Africa the first two goals

Not watching it, what was wrong with those goals? Apparently the first was an own goal

4-1 how is that even possible, it's like they're throwing it

so the ref is rigging it? I woke up like 20 mins ago

From a wrongly given free kick

Ref is purposely ignoring France fouling

It's better than most of England over there tbh lad

where is the referee from?

Argie scum

weew, enjoy hearing about the success of diversity.

this symbolises the triumph of globalism over n*tionalism tbh

How many black areas are there in NI?

NI is the last white part of western europe AFAIK

Jesus Christ

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South west england uhum

I'd expect France to win based on performance so far. Croatia were overstretched reaching the final.

Didn't think it would be that much of a trouncing.
oh 4-2 now

The punchline is there was urine in the bottle?

white girls are magic

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it was 4-1 then croatia scored

wouldn't matter if the french team was actually mostly french dudes but they picked all niggers so this is basically a contest of masculinity between whites and niggers for the world to see, not good lads. gonna see lots of "well maybe if croatia had a billion niggers they'd win the world cup :

There aren't any areas where blacks are common enough to call them 'black areas' tbh, Chinese people are the biggest non-European minority by quite a margin, even in Belfast

Kill yourself

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I guess the Croats lost then

4-2 14 mins left

thanks for warning me

Croatians should of let us lost instead.

Perfectly timed BOMBOCLAAAAAAART tbh

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so he gave them the first 2 goals, how? I was asleep

Thank ye thank ye

First was from a free kick given when it wasn't a foul, second was from a penalty given from an unintentional handball which even after a couple minutes of checking the replays he still decided it was an intentional handball and gave a penalty

Theref has been giving the game to France

Writes in Ghanian Daily Star. 'An African has won the world cup for the first time since 1998.#

only if you choose it to be.
You could equally re-frame it as the French put the slaves to work in the fields

that's what it is but that's not how the normals will perceive it

Went on a walk and found a Red-legged Shieldbug tbh. Was going to take it home and admire it for a while before putting it back, but it flew off my finger. Interesting thing though.

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they think what they are told to think tbh

bbc keeps implying that croatia were playing better.


They were.

maybe the referee got bribed with a small fortune to rig it for the niggers by some wealthy jew

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The objective is to score goals, thus the team playing better is the one which has done this more often = not Croatia.

Big Mac setting up a three way with the busty Croatian mummy president

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Found one of your relatives the other day

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And so the articles begin.

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Is this a joke or is this a legitimate tweet by espn fc?

Is that confirmed? I thought there were more than one. Were they all wearing uniforms? Why?

Is this the first football match you've ever watched?

(((Nut weevils)))
real lad

Pussy riot said they did it

Kek how did you know it was a nut weevil?

No, because there's a high element of chance involved. If you play better you'll win more over time but not necessarily a single match. If you sit down with some poker pros and make a bunch of money from a hot run of cards, it doesn't mean you played better.

Lad, if you want to get through security you need to have disguises. Just like how hi vis and lanyards can get you anywhere

Typing its attributes into the Internet tbh.

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