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are royals

==What to Expect from President Trump’s Meeting in Finland with Vladimir Putin

Prince Louis's christening marked by family portraits
The christening of Prince Louis has been marked by the release of a set of family photographs.'

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We almost lost like 100 thread counts lads

Good lad

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For fuck's sake.

Good lad.

I was a bit salty about WC at the time but now we get to sit back and see people riot in France.

Riots, Road Accidents Mar French World Cup Partying
Paris (AFP) – Dozens of youths shattered windows at a popular store on the Champs Elysees avenue Sunday while hundreds of thousands of fans celebrated France’s World Cup victory, according to an AFP journalist at the scene.

Doesn't seem like a proper happening though.

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Two people have died in the celebrations


It's a country of almost 66 million tbh.

I wonder if the ref was in on it.

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codeword for ethnics

The referee was Argentinian wasn't he?

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yup, scheming bastards, can't trust any of them.

Very possible. Conspiracies go deep in this world, and it's easy to see how they could be used to sway the international financial and propaganda festival that is the World Cup.

this really pisses me off lately
there was some news about a disabled lad being killed by his thot family (starvation, dehydration, bed sores to the bone, also the po found a dessicated baby corpse in a backpack in the same room) at 18, the BBC referring to him as an "independant man who could have taken care of himself" and yet when a 26 year old nigger chimps out he's a "darling boy who didn't do anything" etc

just really brought it home again

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They had the articles primed and ready, I reckon, and with the blatant bias by the ref I'd say he was paid off to give France an easy game, and FIFA will stay schtum for the sake of the propaganda too.

Every single one of them needs to die, at this point. Lying scheming bastards selling their souls for a pocket of gold.
Rope for the lot.

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hey look I was right it's (almost) entirely niggers

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oh no
no no no no

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hahahahaha it may as well be africa

Everyone go to church to thank God for our 23-mile wide moat.

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Hypocrisy like this is truly wicked.

That's weeks old, lad.
>a woman did it, again
>a Spaniard did it, again

You should be looking for a partner in your 20s, not "dating around"

Most people would be perfectly fine if people died in exchange for the world cup.

I would also be fine for half of modern London's population to die in exchange for the World Cup tbqh

In terms of dating it is usually the man who attacks. As for me, I defend myself, and I often capitulate.

I would be happy if half the population of London died in exchange for nothing.

I would give much in exchange for half the population of London dying.

I'd pay to have half the population of London die.

I'd personally behead half of London

Lad your puny trap arms would start to hurt after the first 10 or so.

I'd sacrifice myself for half of London to die.

He'd have to do the muzzie sawing method rather than swing an axe tbh.


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London's population was 8.9 million in 1939 and in 1991 it was 6.1 million after decades of decreasing.

And now we're at 9.1M



And >50% of that is non-native.

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That's still roughly 4m heads you would have to lop off.

Reminds me that someone did the calculations for rope costs and it would cost around £60-70m to hang everyone we wanted.

Rope is reusable.
that's cheaper than I expected tbh '''I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU ALL TO INVEST IN THE ROPE INDUSTRY

Does that consider how many necks a single noose can stretch before it is worn down to disutility?

We could keep the skulls in a big monument. Maybe slap them on tanks to spook out our enemies or hollow them out and make them into quadrocopters.

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*thousands of these descend upon you complete with bone rattling noises*

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Crush the skulls down into a powder, use it to repair all the potholes across the country.

Already been done.

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place bets on how long 'til the divorce
I honestly would not be surprised if this was all a scam from the start.

Good idea

The printout has racist jokes on and the little arms hand it out to random foreigners.

inb4 she takes half the royal estates with her

What does Harry personally own tbh?
He's only an heir, it's not as though he owns all the estates, it'd be like me marrying and divorcing and the ex taking half of my family's property as "I'm an heir".

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Hm, doesn't Harry only live with his brother in the spare rooms?


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According to BI, neither Prince owns any property, they just live on their Grandmothers estates, Harry is however worth £25m.

William needs to get rid of his hair, it looks fucking terrible

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That'd be sexist and racist lad. She should be given the crown tbh


What would you do if the address of a fairly senior member of the labour shadow cabinet came into your posession, and it turned out this person lived about 10 minutes walk away? Advice needed please.

No wonder he didn't sign a prenup, all she'd be able to get are the clothes on his back.
If this was all a scam then it's a terrible one.

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Have you got a license for that kind of posting?

Sharpen their reservoirs and poison their spoons.

Thank God we're shit so we arent getting any of this rubbish.

She's playing a clever game, far too clever for us plebs to understand.

I'm actually still a bit sore about what was clearly the better team losing under such questionable circumstances. The fucking ref actually spent about three minutes looking at the footage and still somehow came to the conclusion that an obviously accidental handball which barely impeded the ball which was already going out was worthy of a penalty. And now we're all supposed to pretend that the better side won, when the obviously better team's momentum was fucked by the ref's decisions. It's bloody obnoxious tbh.

Its a scam whether she can extort money or not.

The Croats won't forget this.

It was rigged from the start.

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France deserved to win, Croatia were piss poor lad.

Score should've been 2-2 except the ref was rigged.

You forgot to mention the movie deal lad.

France wouldn't have let in that howler ifthey hadn't had such a comfortable lead.

Course she'll be making money one way or the other, I wonder how protective the Royals have been against her, she's an outsider who can't be trusted due to the suspicious circumstances of her meeting Harry.

Turned him into an Oblivion npc

Don't know about that, lad. What I do know is that France did not deserve based on the quality of their play, and the ref was as much to thank for their victory as any of their players. So irritating: not least because Croatia were all over them for basically the whole game. I know these things happen, but I've never known the ref to be so much a part of the upset - and definitely not in such a high profile game.

The French team should have been punching the air with surprise tbh. They were the worse team in every respect.

England does better than expected and reaches a historical moment in the tournament but loses:

Croatia does the exact same thing:

The absolute state

Success breeds jealousy.

All of the momentum was with Croatia. France's legitimate goals should have been an upset that kept them in the game. Instead, they were the final nails in Croatia's coffin. With a better ref, Croatia would have won tbh.

u wot

Croatia was the Reddit team.
The difference in reaction between us and them losing is astounding. They're still doing "laugh at England XD" threads on cuckchan whilst for Croatia the entire website was united in mourning for the poor losers.

Glad I didnt watch tbh


I was wondering what you were on about.

It's more down to no-one likes the English, except other Anglos, and we're despised in nearly every corner of the world because of what says.

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nigger butthurt is pure gold

Your post implied it was people on here saying that. The people you are now quoting are almost certainly all going to support France's multicultural victory, so I really don't know what you're going on about.

If you believe that, you'll believe anything
There's over 100 million NI numbers in issue tbh source : Family member at DWP

Wrong again, nigger.

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haha holy shit they are ridiculous

Friendly reminder this would have been us if we'd won

They make a very hard argument for their continued existence.


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*Sips colonial wine*

lol wtf