Brit/pol/ #2355: Sod This Heat Edition

Brexit News for Monday 16 July
Tory eurosceptic rebels set up whipping operation to thwart Theresa May's Brexit plan

Nigel Farage: Brexit backlash will be ‘unlike anything we’ve seen’

Justine Greening's call for new Brexit referendum rejected by No 10

Net migration running at 280,000 in 2017, according to ONS

UK selects Scottish site for first spaceport

Transport boss groped schoolgirls after booze and coke binge

Boer delegation: Russia considering opening up borders for white SA farmers

Hardline US conservative think tank, (((Middle East Forum))), have said they have actually been funding the Tommy Robinson demonstrations

Joint Press Conference from Helsinki, Finland

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first for

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Where in the Bible is masturbation forbidden?

for qt chubby farm wives

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If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away.

…For those who missed it in the last thread

druids tbh

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Hope this fat fetishist poster goes away forever tbqh

*is a lefty

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no we're stuck with 22 forever

that can be arranged

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you said "chubby" lad
that's not fat
chubby lasses are quintessentially rural english

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The man does look rather Mediterranean.

Could be southern french tbf

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I can see the family resemblance

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wot if you're right handed though?

That's a good fresh Joe lad.

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How can he be "betraying America" if borders don't exist

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Never got the 30 year old boomer memi before this.

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Am I the only person here that unironically drinks Monster Energy White? It's absolutely delicious, cheap, and has no sugar or calories in it.

The concept of Plato's cave is similar to David Icke's "Postage-Stamp Consensus" theory.

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I drink it cause of the memmies but it tastes nice, don't want to die of aspatarme cancer or whatever though so I have it like once a month.

All this free advertisement is making it look pretty good tbh.

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no it isn't

t-they're not paying me

if it kills me quicker, good

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I can't die yet. I have quite a few men to kill first.

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loons..and no one thinks anything different apart from themselves

>tfw 30
how do i avoid becoming this memi?

that looks like heaven lad

I drank it long before this memi started doing the rounds. Got four cans in the fridge right now.

Whoah forgot flag

It's the English countryside
It is heaven

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prove it, take a picture

there are no fat/chubby chicks in heaven.


Interesting how the Aussies had their own tanks and planes in WW2. They were quite the industrial power compared to most nations at the time.

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It hasn't rained in Portsmouth in weeks.

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Aussies never change

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this but unironically, on both things


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good lad

post more ozzies tbh this is all I've got

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Good Luck living in that shithole lad. I went to fareham on a stag do a few months back, it was the roughest place I've ever been. Keek there was bloke outside the kebab shouting at the police saying he was going to kill the pope

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What the point of such heavy armour with no offensive power? Is it another infantry support tank?

Why aren't you back in Taffland yet?

I think so; they planned to put bigger guns on later models.

I remember buying the boomerang on warthunder and absolutely slaughtering on arcade mode

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Moving back to Wales soon, thank fuck.

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Anything would have been bigger than that.

I'm not being ironic


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I like imagining you as Craig Charles.

I'm waiting for the solicitor to finish up on the paper work.


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Don't listen to the mad Cockney.

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Well they are paid by the hour.

icke is a boomer who discovered google images but i am awed by his ability to turn this into a profitable speaking circuit



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*sips back*

yall ok pardner

sounds like a protestant boy

Yet to see anyone post a hand here that wasn't fucked up or deformed in some way.

Yeah lad I don't bother trimming my nails since I don't have any maid dresses to potentially snag them on.

I'm making a considerable profit flipping houses, should be around £8000 ~.


Nice to hear, who did you sell to in the end?

The Huwhite in the fingernail is a sign of High calcium and strong bones lad

for you

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Yes, for £205K to a property dev.


What's the matter lass, see something you like?

I thought the opposite was true

Very nice lad, is that before or after agency fees?

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Does taking the hit feel worth it? Did you meet the dev? What was he like?

Yeah, your Mum the other night.

all I'm saying is
David Icke is on to something

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Really activates the almonds.

Good goy… drink up!

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Before, my net profit will be in the five digits by a considerable margin when everything is finished.

Maybe if it is massively distorted.

typical boomer fingernail

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He's Irish already owns two houses down the road to rent.

You mean bitten?

So the agents kept foisting the Pakis on you?

No one's world-view is perfect but His tbh