Brit/pol/ #2356: Jesus Was British Edition

Nigel Farage: Brexit backlash will be ‘unlike anything we’ve seen’

Justine Greening's call for new Brexit referendum rejected by No 10

Net migration running at 280,000 in 2017, according to ONS

UK selects Scottish site for first spaceport

Transport boss groped schoolgirls after booze and coke binge

Boer delegation: Russia considering opening up borders for white SA farmers

Hardline US conservative think tank, (((Middle East Forum))), have said they have actually been funding the Tommy Robinson demonstrations

Joint Press Conference from Helsinki, Finland

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Wtf does it all mean? I get that this page is meant to be exposing establishment nonces (albeit without sources), but what the hell does the first tweet mean (the one with Trump)? I hate these LARPing nonce catchers tbh. They're always so vague and slippery.

They are part of The Peoples Revolutionary Party I believe
You have to scroll through their page to get to that bit though

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Where is everone?

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v& or melted

So they're just trawling through news stories of political pedos throughout the decades? Fair enough.


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I still don't get what their top tweet is meant to mean (the one with Trump).


So this is all bad for us is it?

Do they actually have sources for this


Here's a few quick ones

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His thumb's a bit bent.

Not as bent as his sexual preferences.

Yes. They wouldn't do this without. They're also standing as a political party

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coUnt danKIP

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You had your time as PM. Now FUCK OFF


Imagine getting to the top office of the land and yet being that forgettable. Amazing.

The neck on him with his bare faced lies
He needs roping
Brexit isn't being allowed to happen which is why it's 'failing' and areas like the North will be punished by globalists and industry to teach them why they should never go against 'those that know better'
Trump is right. Brexit. Hard. And then start handing out hefty jail sentences to bankers, industrialists and traitors sowing dissent in the country. He says another referendum should be held because only 37% turned out…Well,, fair warning was given
He also says the second referendum should be "carefully worded". We all know what that means. Geriatric fucker should be in the Tower tbh

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tfw no brit friend to skype with

this wanker's lost a bit of weight

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Maybe we could give Bannon citizenship and he can handle Brexit

was reading that there were men armed with rifles used as snipers in that war(s), never knew that tbf. have been reading alot about my own countries civil war, want to read more about that period in the UK since its more dramatic. US civil war light cavalry and guerrillas are very interesting tbh (and relevant as dafties)

piers morgan gained a bit of respect IMO on Qt when he bullied that thot for muh waman sharia may.

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If there was a dafty uprising and it looked like winning, what would Joe's reaction be?

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24 Jun 1643 (Sat) || The Inhabitants of the County of Essex, are raising more men to send to his Excellency the Parliaments Lord Generall, to re-inforce his Army, and they are so willing to testifie their readinesse to fight for the King and Parliament, that some Townes there send 40. men, others 30. and some twenty, and small villages afford ten men a piece for this service, and those forces intend to take six weekes pay in their pockets to sustaine themselves, because they will not be burdensome to the Parliament, nor the City of London, and they are so desirous to free the king from the bondage and slavery of evill Councellours and Cavaliers, that they are fully resolved to adventure their lives in the prosecution of those intents. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

t. Susanna Reid GMB

that wat tyler is a dead end road and then the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) would stab the leader during negotiations and then joe would make a smug video in the town square and interview people in pillories

That the dafties are really spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)
Do you have to ask?


A true testament to women should be seen not heard.

tbh its very interesting because in the english civil war shot was not very effective and in some ways it leant itself more to a smoke screen for charges and by 1745 the bayonet was king but during the american civil war the civilizational inertia regarding charges had passed into suicidal. but people still reverted into it. all the lads who had studied light infantry skirmish lines died in the opening months of the war and people devolved back into 40 year old tactics. the only people who were revolutionizing tactics were forrest and mosby using mounted rifles in an almost special forces role

god I would make that mummy get so hot and bothered with my evil yank racism

she just needs a different approach, talk entirely in emotional terms

freetube is a good substitute for hooktube tbh, it's standalone but that's not a big deal


Totally agree. Whiny bitch.
She should be made to wander ISIS lands unarmed and without a burka and her then her inevitable corpse interviewed for posterity

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Dishonourable tbh.

Mfw when the majority of street gangs are ethnic minorities in Britain, to explain this, the ethnic minorities claim victimhood.

This is how you talk to thots like Susanna Reid

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I mean this poster

Hold your horses lad.

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List of criminals to be killed:
1. Ken players
2. Jews
3. Paki nonces
4. Black hoodlums
5. Antifa





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dammit stop banning me lads do I need to fucking trip now? smdh, every fucking time merica comes on I get permabanned but then spic posts for hours unmolested

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Because unlike France we aren't exploiting the limitless power of diversity, and we won't win another world cup until we do.

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sick of seeing this mudshark's turd at the bottom of the page

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net benefit

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If only his voice wasn't so insufferable tbh

If you listen to what the Chancellor says it's because of poor infrastructure in this country, and if productivity is to be improved the infrastructure needs to be improved.

Unironically string them up tbh. Legal aid is fucked enough as it is without these thieving pakis trying to screw it even more.

O-oy vey, make ourselves a pariah like Iceland?


keeek what

I think that makes it more gay ngl

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I could buy that, but isn't France larger and more spread out? I guess infrastructure is more than just transport though.

They're right about what's happening/happened tbh

Government do what the City tells them to

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Going spend Christmas abroad this year lads, alone.

smh lad. Where are you planning on going?

Russia and Asia.

if brexit fails we'll have our own post ww1 versailles ripe for a modern hitler to rise up and clean house

not that i want it to fail, i just knew they wouldn't ever deliver in the first place

Lad why don't you just go the lake district

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Can't get different stuff there.

Did you even bother to actually read what i said?

I can put it in bold and red text if that's not obvious enough, you snarky cunt

that's from the top of Loughrigg

smh lad, what kind of stuff are you looking for when we have it lal here? I've been wanting to go solo travelling myself but I'd feel it's a bit of a saddo thing to do.

went to japan on my own before, really enjoyed it. stuff like other countries history museums, their cuisine, how they do stuff.

Mesmerising place. Makes me wish I wasn't a NEET.

Romany Gypo thot stabbed to death by African
Girl, 17, stabbed to death in broad daylight in the street becomes 82nd victim of London's violent crime epidemic

So. I type her surname into jewgle. Bet she was part of the Makunova gypo criminal scum ring infesting the length and breadth of Britain

Romany 'slave' trafficked to Burnley for marriage to Pakis
>Soon after she was handed over to Afghani Abdul Sabool Shinwary, 38, of Washington Street, Bradford, who sexually assaulted her, and Slovakian Kristina Makunova, 37, of Girlington Road, Bradford.
>Makunova earlier pleaded guilty to human trafficking and false imprisonment offences and was handed a 51-week prison sentence, which she has already served.

Mother duped into becoming £250,000 drugs mule on last-minute holiday with man she was having an affair with
>Eva Makunova thought it was a 'nice surprise' of Maros Kristoff to whisk her away to The Gambia

And more talented gypos of the same name living in Leeds getting charity gibs
This Leeds charity is giving inner-city girls a voice - and it could be nurturing some future leaders


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Yep. We knew this would fail back in the 70's

Everything is delivered in 4k

I remember travelling around Japan with my imperium gf over a decade ago.. happy days


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guy who make antifa into a vegetable is on alegs rn

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thank you for poisoning a fresh thread with these black pills.

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"Social media — once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge — [has] proved to be just as effective promoting hatred and paranoia and conspiracy theories," Barack Obama said Tuesday at an event honoring the 100th anniversary of Communist terrorist and prolific murderer Nelson Mandela's birth
Obama said he offered his perspective in light of “the strange and uncertain times we are in,” with “each day’s news cycle bringing more head-spinning and disturbing headlines”

They're VERY scared. They lost control of the narrative

Obama's legacy: The trashing of free speech

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Are those first three stories about the same family? They all relate to a woman named Makunova.