Brit/pol/ #2357: Dover Edition

Theresa May prepares for a grilling from MPs

Ex-Ukip councillor killed his wife

Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing

Spitfire ace’s remains found in field 75 years after mid-air collision

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Las Vegas shooting: Mandalay Bay Hotel owner SUES 1,000 victims of Stephen Paddock attack

Surely 9/11 is their 9/11

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what the hell is even going on anymore?

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how is election interference (which our nation does all the fucking time often violently) at all related to pearl harbor?

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Wrong post, but it's because they need a "muh holocaust" but for the States.
We are reaching a stage where rhetoric is dead and victimhood is all that matters, prepare for even more inane wank.


people can be childish all they want but they should not be allowed to talk about war with foreign states

The American people have a right to remain oblivious to the crimes of their leaders. The Russian hack on the DNC is an attack on the American way of life

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this, unless its muh cummies and circuses its not relevant

Discussion about removing hostile elements from within and/or civil war is more acceptable than calling for war.

Interesting freakout thread.

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Jeet is a headcase

What a silly op name

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I see Trump's the news in the UK, once again.

I guess they forgot that Brits can't vote in US elections…


They want a nuclear war?


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Ethics council approves genetically-edited embryos

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quinoa and kale puffs for breakfast, well healthy.

Bacon and eggs as I've not got a fanny

1,000 kcal keto style

they're crisps, i've got a packet liquorice allsorts and a can of monster for after, not so healthy

just had some lovely scone

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The Last Stand - Sabaton

breakfast of champeens

Tim Farron missed crunch Brexit vote to give lecture on gay sex row:

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in support of or against?

based "High Tory" safety valve.

*watches Master Hebrew*

he probably danced around the entire thing, stammering, all the while looking worried he was about to be shot.

he probably said nothing

More like bendover edition amirite?

You fools! You will start a phenotype revolution! We are all doomed.

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Filter coffee, 2 rollies and a line should help.

What, he thinks Christians were going around knocking down trees because they hated nature? Or does he think the pagans never cut down trees?

What a joke.


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Christianity and aesthetic buildings will come to you but only if you post "chop chop, boniface" in this thread


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Oh look, it's this circle jerk again….




Oh look, it's this larper again….

You wish

"Praise Jesus, fellow Christians"
"Autistic screeching"

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No I don't, I wish every lad would find their way to Christ.

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Is this that bint/waifu from E3?

I can't go around the net without coming face to face with this pagan trash. Once they stop LARPing I'll stop paying attention to it.

In a sane world, the cabinet would be majority leave supporters. She's actually drawing attention to the absolute perfidy of her ilk by implying that the MP's who support the majority decision are secretly in control of the party - as if their influence is illegitimate in light of what the public bloody well voted for. I guess it's worth pointing out that, at the very least, the powers that be are only becoming more nakedly subversive and more conspicuously hypocritical and dictatorial with every passing day.

I'm being polite enough to spoiler it now.

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I find that hard to believe

They need to watch Kenneth Clark's "Civilisation" tbh

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This completely changed my views on Christianity.

Byzantium was and remained highly sophisticated.

This one is new

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hahahaha this stupid fucking cow

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Imagine being Catholic and being this petty that not everyone worshiped Peter's jewish Church and mommy Mary.

that woman is what happens when men never tell a lass she's being retarded because muh coochie


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You forgot to mention that God sent wind to help Saint Boniface

Yes you can lad, He is waiting for you.

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Everyone I live around is atheist, whenever I try and make the case for Christianity they beat me down with "That's silly, that never would have happened, there are many different religions it's nothing unique, that's not possible, look at these sources contradicting Christian doctrine, look at Pantera…" and so on. I think God is just dead lad.

There's a reason the Bible says for women to remain silent

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Yet people fellate eastern religions and Islam oh my god just kill liberals now.

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That post is very perennialist

That's LITERALLY Talmudic heresy with no evidence. Read the Old Testament and you'll see it's full of prophecies of Jesus, for instance, Psalm 2, Psalm 22, Psalm 72. These all talk about how the religion will be spread by a Messiah who will bring it to the "ends of the earth", which happened. Combine that with how well societies operate when they practice Christianity compared to what they're like when they abandon it.

They are just anti-Christian

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Good point, perhaps previous generations were right to make religion a private matter.

Religion was a private matter?

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It wasn't something you discussed at the dinner table, no. Same with politics.

It's hard to do when the religion in question commands you to proselytize.

If you refuse to talk about religion and politics commies will just seize the public space and take over your society with their utopian atheist materialistic lies.

This tbh

Why are sweet potato chips such a pervasive memi?

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Shall I say grace?

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When you refuse to tolerate an ideologue's postmodern fake morality and just impose Christian morality on them, it's great to see how they buckle. They try to manipulate scripture to make you do what they want, but if you know the Bible, they're helpless and just turn to mockery, realising they have no power over you.

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The Waitrose crowd.

I don't know the bible so I can't do anything like that.

And that's why you talk about this things in their proper place i.e. church.

If you spend thousands on a bike you deserve to have it nicked tbh

They are delicious when drowned in mayonaisse and are seen as a healthy alternative.

Then know it, lad.
the greatest joy is slapping one of those "cover to cover" cunts round the chops with biblical knowledge