Brit/pol/ #2358: Lincolnshire Edition

Theresa May prepares for a grilling from MPs

Ex-Ukip councillor killed his wife

Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing

Spitfire ace’s remains found in field 75 years after mid-air collision

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He died after being kept alive in agony for weeks.
IIRC he it was a accident and he had a massive lethal radiation dose, but was kept alive - since no one had suffered such a dose before and they wanted to save him use him as a guinea pig. He pleaded with them to let him die.

no ta


Some Jap who accidentally set off a nuclear reaction in his lab, I think it's Hisashi Ouchi



ugly jew

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Not even sleepy tbh lads

You were testing filters? Or at least it looked like it. So I gave you the link where you can view them.

Same tbh
Play AvP

Read the Bible


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Batten is shit tbh, he's doing terrible in this interview

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Good one.

Get a wireless one and a plank of wood so you can play from your bed

The procuring of those items would also require getting out of bed though.

Not if you get mummy to do it

Not likely at this hour, is it?

Elliot had quite an odd notion about his English roots. Didn't he claim to be aristocracy or something in his manifesto, you'd think his dad could of put him straight on that fact alone.

what are you watching?

IIRC he claimed to be descended from nobility just because he thought he had English ancestry.

Nope. Can't tell if you're being a funny bugger tbh. I was commenting on Raheem being on newsnight.


What version do I get

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He wasn't that bad tbh. I did have seriously low expectations, but it really seems like ((the beeb)) are worrying about the working class dafty backlash, so are allowing a bit of leniency on hating muslims. In fact, the mainstream meteor have been doing this for years (as have their faux-dafty cousins - like infowars).


I never understand why plebs go to such people for 'interviews' and believe that will happen.
It's only people like Peterson or Gorka that give them a well deserved ass blasting.

Doesn't work


Imagine my shock


I missed it. I decided ages ago that Newsnight just isn't worth bothering with

KJV or anglicised ESV, which I use

Um… Sweetie, it does

She's foul

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He did ok. He got railroaded by the BBC nonces

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Seems counter-productive in more ways than one.


On tv catchup?

Good night chaps! Wagecucking tomorrow

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Night lad.

Phil Lynott?

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You're not from around here are you

KJV or NIV lad.

Studylight is good as well, especially the verse by verse commentary.

Good night brave slave

she always was. Look at the background. She's tying the pleb into EDL and ebil naztee propganda.

If Batten did a direct to normiebook post he'd fare better. The pleb is effectively going to the bank robber to deposit his savings.


Might as well make up your own.

I assumed - that would be my faux pas if it was otherwise.

Oh my, what a catalogue of t r a s h

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Fucked up the order lad but yeah it isn't the first time he's been banned.

You know the closer you get to moving back to wales the more xenophobic and insular you seem to be becoming.

LisaGravesheart is the a/c behind it
sorry abt the order

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He was at the rally for tommy, lad. He spoke at it.

Damn right, you saes cunt.

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Shouldn't throw stones in glass houses lad. Most evangelicals in the use NIV; whereas the CofE use ESV.

*in the UK

We can go back to playing Castle building on your land after we remove the pakis.

The King James Version. I'm sure that you can read it.


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There's only one version lad, and it ain't that.

How do I feasibly request her to sit on my face?

Thereason May's eyes say "I'm going to fuck up your career, with an added personal touch bitch"

Write to your MP?

The establishment have lost it tbh

Was everyone up to the WW1 era reading the work of the Satanist Blavatsky? She had meetings with Gandhi, Junge was influenced by her, and Rasputin's right hand man, Boris Soloviev, was also a Theosophile.

There really is a dark underworld below the surface of world celebrity.

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KJV 1611, original print, or nothing tbh
I would like a Geneva Bible but they are rather dear.

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She'd be playing whack-a-mole if she tried to destroy everyone who shat on her during PMQs.

"that chant has gone global, even in Israel" of corsh!

mercator pessimus

Not before we annex the West Country and liberate our Cornish brothers. saes.

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Seriously, though. Hearing Scourby preach from the KJV makes my hair stand on end. If you haven't heard it, listen to his narration of Job.

Not sure they ever had it tbh. They have removed the very checks and balances that kept an even keel for their own greed. So everything that should and could be done to keep things ticking over, isn't, and the whole thing is a lopsided police state and falling over.

It's like a captain drilling holes in the ship below the water line to catch fish, and then is surprised a mutiny is on the horizon. I'll sit in the dinghy eating popcorn and watching the comedy.

Girls don't like boys girls like cars and money

It's your life and land to lose lad.

Thanks lad, didn't know about him. Better than ASMR.

Trapped in your world where you're burning in my eyes, you're like a shadow that never hides

kek. He's hopeful.

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A Big Ian sermon will set you right lad.

more like a fight starter

t. Tucker Carlson

earlier vid on Trump Putin summit

even before the first pint tbh. kek

thanks lad. He did ok tbh. No surprise she shut it down.

Best Bowden talk coming through


Made some OC thinking about Steiner and the phantom poolad

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i guess that explains why i haven't heard of him in years

You can call me Shitmael

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That is great oc btw lad

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kek lad

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Downloaded the real font as well

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Anyone a fan of the DMC series here?


Did he end up explaining who poolad was?

Wew top job lad

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Bit on an odd egg tbh.

Yeah, when he came out with that he was dropped like a hot potato

I don't know who poolad is at all, he's never revealed the esoteric roots of poolad. Thanks lad

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