Brit/pol/ #2359: The End Is Surely Nigh Edition

New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab vows to 'intensify' talks

Baby left in back of carjacked Audi is dropped at health centre by thieves

Theresa May prepares for a grilling from MPs

Ex-Ukip councillor killed his wife

Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing

Spitfire ace’s remains found in field 75 years after mid-air collision

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This tbh, couldn't agree more

Lads can we kick the Irish out of the union so we can have this flag again?

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I have trouble seeing the majority seeing that through the miasma of modernity.

Not until the EU and Sinn Féin are dead.

That's their problem then

Perfect opportunity to put the Welsh flag in :^)

It's ours as well.

The Welsh are already in it :^)

It is an extremely aesthetic flag tbh, purely because it's simple.

A flag should be simple enough that a child can draw it.

It would have to be the Saint David flag

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smh lad

pic related

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But they'll be the ones to truly suffer for it. By living a virtuous life, you're avoiding most of the bullshit normies get themselves stuck in

I hate Alan moore.

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It's impossible to get it to look good, does look fairly fashy though.

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Flags that are just vertical or horizontal stripes look awful. The blue, red and white combination is the best for a flag when in a good pattern.

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I don't want the to suffer I want to reach out shake them awake, get all their hands moving in the same direction again for our peace and posterity.

It's incredibly dull, feels manufactured and corporate rather than representing a nation and its people.

I think Royal standards should make a come back on flags they were so good looking.

How come lads?


Most were chased of by the rampant shitposting and the complete lack of politics I reckon.

Back whence you came please.

Auditory perfection. Sublime.

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i hope the norks blow the everloving buggery out of that godforsaken hellhole

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Romesh Ranganathan Solves r/BritishProblems

Currently, there are over 360 million Slavs worldwide.

Outstanding rolemodels

You lads feeling the purple wave?

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because of /newbrit/

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I don't think you're as popular as you think you are

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The Yorkshire Party Animals Going Big Time In Spain | One Hot Summer

Maybe you should stop larping.


never lad
to larp is to live

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If you don't have standards then your group would just be NA all over again.

which way hwhite man, fearing God and honouring the king, or handling lost luggage

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NA were good boys though lad
they dindu nuffin jus tryna be fashy an the evil government made an example out of it

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*uses vikang imagery instead of saxon or brythonic in the propaganda*

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yeah they sure did a great job representing the nation's people

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*burns the British flag*

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hadn't got that webm thanks lad

tbf what other symbology is there for "fuck the old order", can't really fit the burning likenesses of the entire government into a picture

How does one become this White?

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Be in a Latvian prison.

akshulee they said it was supposed to be the Jack flying in front of the flames leading the charge or some shit like that.
larpy twats

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yeah well at least he's OUT THERE

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the patrilineal bloodline is pure anglo lad


that's bullshit but I believe it

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I buck yer ma

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Having NA material on your drive can land you with a custodial sentence lad.

he works for prevent tbh

How many have you had so far today?

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don't give a shit, if they want to put you in the slammer they will whether or not you have evidence

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0 because I have dignity

None, although I had a non-ultra zero before lifting this morning.
Might have another and play some SFV.


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I had a normal green, going to stop now because that's the second day in a row that I've had one.

>ywn be like that Gook who thought the war was still ongoing but instead an Englishman (with some taig ancestry) in the future here

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*sips Monster*

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fekn eejits

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In all fairness it's hard to buy anything these days without financing Shlomo

sort out yout hair mate



Hereward the wake was a hero tbh

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My hair is fine, lad

your forehead is looking a bit less fat lad
thanks for the ID tho

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smh head take some supplements or something or just save up for a hair transplant

That's true, but it's piss easy to avoid buying crap drinks over shit memmies

B-But they're tasty

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it really isnt
you have some horrid, unkempt looking spikey hair on top (you're nearly 30 right? that shit would look dumb on a little boy let alone a fully grown man). You have some unbrushed downy hair on the sides. I dread to imagine what the hair on the back of your neck looks like. Go see a hairdresser and buy a brush/comb.


Kek, i guess it is. Not much time to eat now that I drive 12 hours a day. I only really eat dinner.

and my hair is fine

Have you washed your thighs today lad

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your hair is shite

Tomorrow, lad

Lad my hair is a mess because I sweat so much and I pull my hand through it.

Do you also lick ashtrays.

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Not all of us need to purge the taste of cum from our mouths every night.

jelly brit bois. going to keep making money and keep saving it by not buying useless hair products and going nopoo forever

night lads

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just shave your head lad

wait til the night shift, that's when we post quality hair

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My hair looks like Cecil's funnily enough

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Esoteric Gazza.

Saw one of these bois fly over my town yesterday tbh.

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I see one of those every week or two if not a Wildcat or Chinook.

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