Brit/pol/ #2360 : KAM (kill all maenads) Edition

New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab vows to 'intensify' talks
Baby left in back of carjacked Audi is dropped at health centre by thieves
Theresa May prepares for a grilling from MPs
Ex-Ukip councillor killed his wife
Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing
Spitfire ace’s remains found in field 75 years after mid-air collision

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I hate them

I already made a thread you fucking Yank cunt.

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mine has more (you)


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kek, good steiner lad.


Night lads.

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I gave you some free (you)s lad, lend lease of course

sorry lad

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is anyone going to post anything?

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*gets comfy*

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good post lad

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esoteric boomer tbh

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shut up dayfag

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My nan's got some chairs from when she was a dinner lady, might have to pikey one tbh.

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I think she has pretty eyes lad

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You don't need a troubled American's validation lad. You're a good poster.

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What the fuck is going on in the US right now


Why do you say that? I know they were freaking out over Blumpf and Russia but that is about it.

you mean podesta getting immunity?

Something about people screaming that the Republicans are Commies.


I have no idea what is going on anymore ,also polling is projecting that less than 30 percent of young people are even going to vote in their state elections.

I'm sick of Youtube, it's always the lowest bottom denominator rubbish that rises to the top.

Because most of the population are lowest bottom denominator rubbish

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You can thank Helmer, lad. He deleted the real thread that was made by non-shitposters before this thread was even up for his best buddy Steiner.


The latest updates are complete crap

Jesus Christ the kikes really are unbearable cunts

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I seriously doubt that.

literally no-one is afraid of these degenerate fuckers joining UKIP

>"w-we're the v-v-victims!"
I honestly hope they start pushing more of this, it'll only work against them.

Except maybe people who actually want UKIP to do anything

Wouldn't say 'afraid', morelike 'disappointed' that Batten is giving any of these fucks airtime.

Move then tbh

boomer net

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32 degrees in London!


Darren Till says Tyron Woodley has turned down a title fight against him



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well I never

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girlfriend more or less dumped me yesterday fellas.
we're living in different cities for the moment, and she doesn't
know where she wants to be after the summer, said she found
the distance thing too hard and so wants to reduce communication
and see if we happen to be living in the same place in autumn.
I can understand it, objectively, but felt sad as fuck last night, didn't sleep well, had dreams about her and feel sad again this morning.
have a lot of stuff to do today, but just don't feel like doing anything.
came on here to talk about it because I have no one at all to talk about this with in this town, I'm pretty isolated and feel really alone now.

Stopped reading there, filtered

It's okay lad, just forget about her. Women are temporal, just dust off your boots and go shag a random bird.

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Good lads, might do that here tbh, we don't even have copper internet yet and dial up is still popular here.

just a generalisation, I'm in a town of less than 100k people.

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accidentally caught feelings for this one though, didn't even realise it happening.

Civilisation's last hope.

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Are you expecting everyone here to give you attention? Jesus christ lad, just get over it and shag someone else.

Prince Romanov: Russia my heart & soul (RT EXCLUSIVE)

just needed to talk about it with someone.
maybe you don't know what it is like to be isolated.

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Lad, girlfriends leave people all the time. Tbh your case isn't as bad as that lad who's GF left him because she found his Ginnie folder

Extreme jet suit gladiators when?

Selfridges is stocking an Iron Man jet suit for £340,000

I didn't hear about that. Got the quick rundown?

Why is that part of your flag yellow, lad?

I Was Almost A School Shooter | Aaron Stark | TEDxBoulder

Literally why? It'll just be brittle, shittily finished and expensive to produce. 3D printing is for rough prototyping, not full scale production.

Fair play to the lad tbh.

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It was years ago lad. He apparently left his computer while going to make a cup of tea or something, and his GF got onto his drive while he was gone and took a gander at his Ginnie folder. He tried explaining it to her saying that it was just a 'joke' about a reporter, but his girlfriend found it really weird and went to stay with her mum.

Because taking money from idiots is easier than taking candy from a baby.

Just imagine if you were a lad from here, you finally got a gf, and then she found your reaction images folder.

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Morning lads, anything interesting happen in the last week while I was away?

Yeah, Brexit was officially cancelled

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Jungle training

there have been ropey vaccines with diseases in them tested on africans, but i'd hardly call it colonisation, more like dodgy corporate/UN eugenics testing.

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Quick rundown?

Funny how a wog is complaining about Western colonisation when it's the exact fucking thing happening to us but from them.

She's met someone else. Don't worry about it

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borderline boiler status now tbh

Noel Edmonds is based.

Any lass who isn't okay with your reaction folder is only good for a one-time tumble.

This would be good to do on microsoft servers.

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Don't forget about his website, it seems as if he's gone one step up from the banker on Deal or No Deal.

I get that the bankers are a bunch of cunts, but going after Riley seems rather stupid tbh

Pot noodle for breakfast.

He also believes in floating balls of energy tbh.

Things have never been the same for him after Blobby Land fell through.

He believes the spirits of his ancestors follow him around and that electronic devices are interfering with our natural magnetic fields.

He's going after the jew profiting from peoples distress. Why are you complaining?

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Because it comes across as petty, like attacking supermarket staff for the companies that hired them would be.