Brit/pol/ #2361 : Creeping Urgency Edition

‘The Remainers have already WON!’ Michael Portillo SAVAGES May over Brexit BETRAYAL

US white population declines and Generation ‘Z-Plus’ is minority white, census shows

UK weather: Driest start to summer on modern record

Lubeck attack – knifeman with ‘smoking backpack’ in German city injures 12 in bus rampage

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What do you do as part of it, lad?

March around and shout slogans I'd imagine.

Sounds like the opposite of Afghanistan, it's also likely the wogs will fight everything in the city. Arabs on the other hand will work together against the common foe as has been seen in Syria with the rebels, eventually factionalism will occur but by then they'd be in power.

The UK is somewhat unique in regards to police being almost entirely unarmed, all the European countries have armed police and different types of police who are better armed. Belgium has soldiers on the streets of its capital and cities already so they'll be able to control the initial outbreak better than the UK. The police in cities, in the UK at least, will be largely powerless to stop anything and as the army is based outside of cities the countryside will be secure; a notable exception is Aldershot and Camberely but there is a faith centre next to Sandhurst anyway.

If I wasn't such a joker I'd say that we need to unironically think about some kind of Zig Forums SHTF plan tbh

for the many not the few

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Most are too scared to take part in activism, so serve as the support group (logistics, banner making etc).
Aside from actions, we do reading, self defence and social activities.

Part of me agrees that the economy will not be allowed to fail by the Establishment, as it is the basis on which they govern. However, they are faced with the prospect of political upheaval prompting that change for them, in the same vain as the EU ref.

That's not to say they can't put it off, but eventually it will have to give.

A lot of handing out fliers and talking to people too tbh

THought my eyes were just blurry for a second there tbh

Nice shirt tbh.

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Can hardly blame them tbh, getting photographed at a GI rally probably wouldn't do any favours for your career prospects.
What kind of self defence are you learning?

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MMA, I think.
Tom Dupre lost his job for Citibank, but quite a few people including him have ended up finding another job anyway. It doesn't make losing your job any better, but the organisation won't let you go hungry at the very least. One lad was even encouraged by his employer, strangely.

One of the things zoomers mock us millenials about, and deservedly so, is our mentality that you can learn some style of fighting that would prepare you for a street conflict. It's bullshit, you can't learn or even practice fighting without getting into a real one.

People underestimate yer da with his big beer belly when it comes to fighting tbh.

Posting spoilered links should be a bannable offence tbh.



I think he means GI is full of millenials.

dafties out

The lads usually have some pretty serious scraps, the lasses not so much, but I suppose we're meant to protect them anyway

The French branch has its own pub and sports centre, smh. But uk is the newest branch.

Are laser pointers a good toy to bond with your cat?

This Deano lad died with one punch to the head from a fellow Brit lad in Spain this week. 21
Learn self defense not steroids

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Elizabeth I

If civil war ever does happen we would need our hands on the nukes so the yanks don't invade/prop up the government.

no it ends up making them frustrated and depressed because they can never catch it. Get one of these instead

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name a better tea

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It's a teen boomer episode.

What was the point of this post?

Should Heathrow be nationalised?

I get massive bags of Yorkshire tea in Costco.

I don't want to discourage you and I can well understand the desire to join groups like GI when we're in the current state we are and there seems little hope. It's frustrating how I barely know anyone who really holds similar views irl and that'd be nice to have do they take 30yr old boomers too? :). But I'm skeptical of the utility of it and have trust issues with such groups *enter your name, full address, social media, telephone and mandatory headshot here*, it seems like more preparing for the worst, which is fine, but with that amount of people why not put up members in local elections etc?

No thanks.

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what is the point of most posts?

All industries incapable of operating without implicit or explicit state guarantees should be nationalised

oh soz, I didn't read you post properly

yes exactly

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In what way does Heathrow require state subsidies/infrastructure to operate though?

Royal Marines guard our missiles which aren't on the subs. iirc half of our nuclear arsenal is always on land

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Part of unofficially the aim of the organisation is to prepare people to enter into politics. Many members of front nationale came from GI.

The M25, electricity and water.

That's still part of the navy and not the army.

mummy gets them for me from there

well hullo there tarquin

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It only tastes alright in Yorkshire. Water down sout is hard so PG or Ty-Phoo are better

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both made from the debris found from rummaging through the bins at Yorkshire Tea


Fleet Protection Group look after them

Probably why it tastes better with the shit water then

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Fair play and good luck to you lad. At least they're not NA tier daft but I'm still not convinced they'll produce real results or what the real end goal is, which should be acquiring real political power, and may be more of a distraction. I well understand the desire to "do something" though and who knows maybe it'll turn out they are more useful than not in the long run can't help still getting a whiff of honeypot tbh lad, soz.

Editor in chief of Russia Today is reporting that Ecuador are prepping to turn Assange over to UK authorities

should just stop now tbh

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Has he reached the statute of limitations for those rape accusations yet?

alcohol should be banned

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Go outside and beat him up, in his weakened state he won't be able to fight back.

Think they were dropped eventually but he could be extradited to the US and then he's fucked. Big time

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*sips beer*

At this stage the most powerful thing we can do is to get people talking about these issues imo.

slightly crisper audio in this different live version.

didnt even realise it was friday tbh

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bumsex friday

yeah lad

They're awful tho… the changes to the plot are fan-fiction tier and the new graphics are all flash no bang

I can't lad, I've started so I have to finish
Is this serious? It looks like a bad ps3 game…

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I'm to bed lads, take care.
Reminder that the Lord has a plan for it all.

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good night m'lad


That's where SA is

Oh wait that was a separate film being used as a leader

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I'm going to be Zig Forums's man on the inside of the Royal Navy if things go well

see you in 2020 jk not really

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When are we striking drakes drum?

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I'd be banging it now if I were you

Agreed on the importance of that. The closer we can get to people openly and unashamedly expressing what they really think, and not thinking they're alone or going to be a complete pariah, the closer we get to stopping the rot. We're getting there already tbh in many ways. Just don't jeopardise your education or career for some group lad.

Lad. That just sounds wrong

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That bumsnet raid was class, we should do it again sometime.

Was sure it was you.
What'd you reckon lad? Completely inaccurate?

we don't even raid reddit anymore. Those raids were really good for the board and it's how I discovered this place in 2014.

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No one is going to stab an MP lad. Members get vetted very closely especially since an NA member slipped through the cracks for a few weeks.

I'd go full time if they ever asked me to. Having a good career is pretty pointless when you have no future.


I'll be honest, the road looks the same except theres now a texmex and an indian at the end of that street (as the horse and cart is approaching)

stop being a pleb and start engaging in electoral politics… anything else is a futile attempt at trying to breech a solidified Establishment and its apparatus.

Good lad

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And God speed

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Does ukip membership count, lad?
And what have you done?

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