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Majority of people are tech Illiterate user, you should know this.

It's good technology, but also a profitable buzzword. Did this really need it's own thread?

It is called progress, bro!
I can't believe that there are still people who do not want to use webscale blockchain big data machine learning serverless AI SaSS data processing product implemented in memory safe language Rust, running on cloud of IoT* enabled thermostats, with state of the art React frontend in year 2018!
Register now, it is like Uber for data processing!

*All data is streamed to our servers for further processing, storage and resale to 3rd parties.

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With its recent drop in value, has buttcoin finally reached its bull trap phase?



How the fuck is this good tech? If you want to interact with the BC you have to download the entire thing. Any retard can see that this is not a good idea.

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I have to write a report about blockchain for my company.

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Thing that pisses me off is


What disgusts me about the whole charade is that even though blockchain tech is getting all this praise somehow nobody even cares to investigate how "Satoshi Nakamoto" got this spread around.

. . .
If you know the enemy but the enemy knows not of you then go figure. Why would they let themselves be known?
Replacing currency was an introduction.
They'll replace your human-cattle government next.
Harmless weapons.
Equally as reasonable as your post.

Not an argument as much as your sage is not a downboat, gentlesir

buzzwords. Marketing to semi-tech literate normies is built on it. Concepts like "open", "cloud" are example memes of this. Why not actual technology like OO and blockchain?

this is quite a good article. A bit long, but an interesting look at Tim "buzzword machine" O'Reilly:

How did he?

wealth redistribution by institutions with massive amounts of money. It's the new "in" thing and people are just marketing the fuck out of it because they know for certain people will buy their shit. There are dozens of instances of this happening in the past and bitcoin is literally a fucking textbook example of this, going from hundreds to tens of thousands in that short of a period of time is a red flag to anyone who understands this.

>>>Zig Forums

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The hype about blockchain is so huge, that thots on BSc business degrees are doing projects about it.

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I don't wanna live in this planet anymore.

literally who? retards have been using blockchain as another buzzword just like apps and encryption forever. it has nothing to do with shilling

you're not any better than the ppl spouting buzzwords tbh


You know that a concept has no future when academics embrace it and it did not originate amongst their ranks. It's been like this since the beginnings of academia. They'll only ever talk positively about their own shit, or about things that do not have the slightest chance of disrupting their circle jerk.

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its called security, you might have heard of it

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