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links pls, emergency nightshift bread

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silly, keek. Reminds me of Banjo Kazooie music


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Is Steiner OP or spiclad?

w-why you asking, lad?

Steiner hasn't posted in this thread yet

Skip to 9:40

Really enjoyed that skynews interview with Lauren Southern and Stefan tbh but had to eat some sweets to calm down when she was on the panel as they were ganging up on her

A more wholesome time

So weird to see them out of their natural habitat. Sargon when?

Jesus Christ didn't know what the topic of the video was. no way

Not going to watch it because I am very awkward seeing this stuff talked about with normies

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*drops the sweets and starts doing press ups**

I'm watching the other film that the spaghetti directors of Africa Addio made to 'prove they're not racist' (Goodbye Uncle Tom) and it's fucking hilarious. such bs though

skip to 13:00

Jesus Christ that's some dehumanisation

Good ol' civic nationalism

Didn't know this happened. Lauren's still a race traitor.

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you mean your /newbrit/ bf

attachment unrelated

ahh this documentary is too fucking gross, way too much nudity

That means best friend, right? Who is that?

Nice. Sang it in my head to my own melody tbh

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her face is well smug, cute for a change

you know what it means Olaf

You know I'm straight, lad

As grateful as i am for you creating my boomer OC a few months ago, this is a shitpost.

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Lad that was like three weeks ago are you bamboozling rn?

just joshing tbh lad

or am i?

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It was longer ago than that. I asked 22st to make a mene of a boomer teen mowing the lawn at 10am and he did. It's been pretty interesting seeing the mene spread since then. 22st is a good asset to this board.

yeah tbh really thought that was like three weeks ago I'll probably go on a walk or something to get out

that john deere memi went practically viral, it's all over the place. 22st evolved the boomer memi

I can't claim credit for any of it because I've never made a mene, but I like that 22 is getting his time in the sun.

According to knowyourmemi, the boomer grug originated on /biz/.


Dayfags should be up by now. smh.

was up til about 2 smh, got a tiny bit of rain but fucking weather cucked out of a thunderstorm and sweet release yet again

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This might be of interest to some of you lads.

Been getting thunderstorm blueballs for about 2 weeks now, smh.

the idea that le heatwave ends with thunderstorms is a media concotion.

Facebook Suspends Kremlin-Tied Data Firm Crimson Hexagon

The suspension follows a Wall Street Journal report that showed Crimson Hexagon had contracts to analyze data for several U.S. government agencies, as well as a Russian non-profit with ties to the Kremlin. Facebook told the Journal it was not aware of some of the firm’s contracts. The Boston-based firm has an archive of more than one trillion social media posts, making it the largest repository in the world, according to the Journal.

Didn't he admit he stole it?


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Here's yesterday's UK Column for you.

*steals your image*

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Is this an autist spams pictures of a pride rally episode?

im not an autist thank you

prove it. empathise with me

bahaha, you haven't given me anything to empathise with.

Tell me about your mother.

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Lad can you listen to LBC and post your thoughts like everyone else is watching it with you so the thread goes faster (100). Okay Thank you

LBC bores me.

Run out of toilet roll

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I got something to say
I killed your baby today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as it's dead
Well I got something to say
I raped your mother today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as she spread(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)

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fresh memi lads

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Used newspaper tbh

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didnt mean to (you) myself tbh just wanted to open the quick reply box

please feel free to (you) yourself anytime

Careful, if you (You) yourself too much you can go blind.

Thanks lad


Thanks, lad


No more gayism if you please, lad.

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I just feel like I have to show appreciation when he does something nice for me though, lad. What should I do?

Because being banned multiple times back on Zig Forums really stopped his spam

what your bf?

If you just tell him that you're very flattered but you're not actually into boys, that should do the trick.

Top keek. But I always say I am not gay. I don't have to add that to every post I make. I've only ever been in love twice, both times were girls. I wouldn't consider the mouse girl part of these though she was more like a potential gf that I dropped.

Mate the way you're going you might have to start.

Can't you just assume I'm straight, lad?

I just want to have a quick look

cos it's a scam lad
they all are

you should stand on a street corner and hand out leaflets about your love quest instead

Have fantasies of picking up a cute hitchhiker tbh

alright there peter

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Lad Just start getting friendly with the girls you see at work lad. Just say 'hullo' and ask how their day is going, after you've got o know them ask them out for dinner or something. It's that easy, but make sure not to punch above your weight

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Just came into the threads to have a look. Yesterdays was decimated by a raid, presumably from /newbrit/ and today I see this pair of autists again constantly trying to rile up the threads, They were doing it last week and have been doing it for a least a month, coming into the thread baiting.. This place needs purging of the /newbrit/ nonces

There is a cute girl who signs papers but I am always in such a hurry because I have to get the ferry.

I guess she is above my weight too. She's really pretty and fit

Is he a hairdresser?

Lad I'm not a /newbrit/ nonce. Jesus christ, this is the kind of paranoia that ruins Zig Forums

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no-one's above your weight, lad…

tbf you're the kind of poster that has been ruining Zig Forums lately

Lad I just quoted a song early in the morning, I got carried away with myself still thinking dayfags were still sleeping. Only effort and goodlad posts from now on.

i want to see AJ crush manlet shapiro's head in a vice.

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the STOMP community


I'm getting there lads

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This James Gunn tweet drama is pretty funny



Gotta wonder how many people he IQpilled with this appearance.

You could count the number on one of abu hamza's hands