Godot 3.0 Release

Godot 3.0 has finally dropped!

Along with modern rendering features like PBR and clustered forward rendering, Godot 3.0 also has VASTLY improved documentation:

You can script it with their python-like GDscript, or actually use a Python or C# (or any language that gets the bindings) plugin. It's free as in freedom, and it is hands-down the best fully-fledge engine for game design on Linux. Why aren't you making video games for freedom yet, Zig Forums?

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What games use this?

Get to it lad!

I've been waiting for this

Does it still export to Haiku?

Well screw you godot, was waiting for over a year and now school just started so I'm' too busy.

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I don't like Cshit but JS is arguably even worse you colossal faggot

Why are they so against adding Vulkan support?



The scripting engine is open for business. What's stopping you from integrating JS support into Godot?

Are they seriously ignoring Vulkan?

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Vulkan is coming later to Godot. Version 3.0 had started long before Vulkan was officially ratified. There's no point in trying to put in full Vulkan support into the 3.0 release, there's way too much work to make it release worthy for this. If you want to help make it a reality, I know that the Godot team is willing to accept patches or cash to help make it happen.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I see this game engine as an open-source alternative to Unity that isn't exclusively geared toward a GUI workflow.

The C# documentation is just about non-existent(Ideally we'll see the C# equivalent of the GDscript API documentation so that we don't need to manually print class methods to figure out when they aren't simply the pascal case equivalent of the GDscript.)

You can look at it that way. I like to see it as its own game engine that takes inspiration from what came before which also includes Unity. When I first encountered Godot, I found its featureset and philosophy extremely compelling on its own terms. Its comparison to Unity is because Unity is much older than Godot.

You guys are exactly the type of retard unity and godot are aimed at.

From a freetard standpoint, its worth mentioning that no Unity3d game will ever become open source at any point. The Unity devs don't hold the rights to several important components of the engine, so they'll never be able to release the code, even decades from now.

Godot games don't have to be open source, but there is at least the chance that they could at some point. There good old days where developers might open source their old games could make a comeback thanks to OSS engine's like Godot. This alone is one reason even Stallmanists should be shilling for this engine, with indie devs, at least.

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Nice engine otherwise, but as long as PulseAudio remains a dependency I won't use it again.

How engineer friendly is this compared to unity?

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it isn't
these things are geared towards idiots not engineers

i meant beginner, been a long day

you already got your answer then, they're perfect for retards so enjoy your time with them~

What are you talking about? There's tons of unity and Godot games that are open source

Why would anyone want to do something like this?
Also last I used it it had poor capabilities, was pretty slow, was way underdocumented and was fairly buggy (crashed often).
I ultimately went with urho3d, which doesn't have as good tooling but is better documented (surprisingly), signficantly easier to use (in my experience), can be scripted in lua or angelscript, and from C/C++. It also has state-of-the-art capabilities and its api is very similar to UE4.

There is not a single open source Unity game.

Hahaha, fucking retard.

Try ZZT instead, it's better than all the new shit. And it's text, so it respects your freedom to avoid GPU blob on your Beaglebone SBC.

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You can make your scripts open source, but the engine itself is proprietary. You will never be able to just take the repo of a Unity project and run it on top of an open source engine.

This is what kills me about that faggot dev of Daggerfall Unity saying it's an open source project. No, it fucking isn't.

Can we use C++ now with Godot or is it still a mess ?

c++ is too fast

ooooh, digits!

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I'm not interested in writing a game engine, I'm interested in developing games. I believe in practicality, not reinventing the wheel over and over again. Godot is a game development framework that solves a huge number of correlated computer game problems. Having these sets of problems solved for me allows me to invest my time into my game, not the engine that's going to support the game. If I know that I have special requirements that aren't adequately solved by the standard Godot release, I always know that I can extend and modify Godot to make it fit my needs.

Can you tell me what you mean by this. You've always had the ability to extend Godot with C++ plugins and modifying Godot itself.

what kind of "correlated computer problems" does godot solve exactly? and are those worth the overhead the stupid thing brings with it?

I'd bet my left nut you never made a noteworthy game without an engine/framework. I'd bet the right one you never made a noteworthy game period.

Having a scene editor has nothing to do with not writing your own game engine. You could easily define your levels in JSON in a text editor and then assemble the level from JSON data at runtime instead of having the engine magically assemble it from some obscure binary data.

Fuck, I love my thinkpad but this is getting ridiculous. Every new piece of software or whatever I find needs it, it seems. Guess I'm sticking to 2.1.

It's like you really bought a laptop from 1996 and refuse to upgrade.

Anything less than 3.2 is pretty much deprecated, you don't have most of the basic things of modern OpenGL (core profile).

just read the GDscript docs and use the exact same functions and variables?

that's why they named the new one 3.0 instead of 2.0 you dimwit.

It's a 2010 T410; it's really not that old.I plan on building a pc eventually but for now this is what I've gott.

You must be dyslexic and have meant 1910 T014. Or you're clinically retarded. It's one or the other.

Have you tried out her engine yet, Zig Forums?

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why bother???

There's png files.

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The Intel HD chipset on the T410 only supports up to Opengl 2.1 as per pic related. Idk about the T410 models with the nvidia cards though.

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i don't play video games and lack the passion to make them. i'll grant that games done right can be a form of art and i respect that. but to me a computer is a tool. i'd rather simulate new drugs or genomes or materials. or make money with stocks or crypto. or assist with mathematical research. advancing the frontier. have fun with godot but please don't be degenerate.

You made a post saying you're not going to use it but tell them how they should proceed with development? Why would they bother listening to you?

It does? ouch. I assume that doesn't apply to games exported to HTML5?


I'm pretty sure Godot games work with plain ALSA.

No, and weirdly enough you can compile and run the editor without PA just fine, it's just that the exported game won't have audio and they refuse to fix this.

They used to.


inb4 Godot falls for the SJW meme and the community becomes a transgender cesspool.

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Kill yourself, ebonics-speaking moron.

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Godot seems to be coded by some kind of commie, though not necessarily the SJW variety.

But why would anyone even want your saved games to begin with

it's to prevent gamers from editing their own saves.

Really tickles my autism.

So basically Godot was written by a neckbeard
Honestly cannot disagree that mobile "gamers" are soulless enough to grind clash of clans. i remember at school we had an autistic child who was a clash of clans and "general purpose" youtuber, along with minecraft.
It's been three years and he's still at 200 subs.

it never exported to haiku because nobody bothered to work on the exporter. Even if the new version runs on haiku it'll be using mesa, idk how the performance is for 2D, but forget 3d with pbr at playable framerates under software.

Why should game developers care if gamers edit their saves?

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Maybe we can get Tyson to make a mascot for Godot.

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You should put an MIT patch or badge somewhere on her.

She's probably more marketable than the Robot logo.

I saw that a while ago when I was looking through the docs. I really really hope that was a lolsorandom effort to be ironic, but I just can't tell anymore. Fuck, I like Godot, but if it's pozzed, then I'll just have to go back to OpenGL + assembly language.

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Even if it is pozzed. It's free software. You could make a literal final solution sim, and there is nothing the community or the devs could do about it.

What is it with gamedevs and being complete fags?

It's called a joke you fucking pozzbrains. You'd realize that if you read the two paragraphs under it and didn't have crippling autism.

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You're here, too.

I feel like she'd look better with glasses...

Lol tryhard.

answer this

For fuck's sake, does Tyson Tan have to design every decent mascot?

great joke

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would pet.

The Software Conservancy that funds Godot has already a few SJW cunts on board, check here.
Brief mention of diversity:
Since Godot has a lot of shekels now, it is only a question of time that SJW from Software Conservancy and other places are going to infiltrate Godot and bog it down with their diversity bullshit.

protip: software freedom is a political and social activist movement. The activism to promote diversity is also a political and social movement.

Apparently. Though, this seems to be more of a 'tan' than a mascot.

Because mobile games make most of their money by selling powerups and if gamers can just use a hex-editor to get those, their business model collapses.

Doesn't APulse work?

She obviously has autism.

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People are already making fan art of her.

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I think it makes a little more sense if we swap the panels. I think it's more funny that she tries writing it and does it poorly and figures out the right solution, instead of seeing the correct way and then writing a different implementation which takes more lines and is likely more confusing. She then even wants to show off her long solution to other people.

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Comics are read left to right.

This is why nobody asks you to write jokes. The structure of a joke isn't "Payoff -> Setup"

They saved as jpg. We already know they are an idiot.

plz don't make fun of zzt

yonkoma is where it's at

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I was waiting for a more robust physics system and it looks like it finally arrived.

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I've already seen gayboys crying because they just added "master" and "slave" keywords, so I don't think you should be shitting your pants over this just yet.

-t. nodev

Artifacts add character.

This. Join the urho3d master race.

so i can make any game i want without the godot staff bitching about it? Im asking because i was reading some shit in unreal were they could end support for your game for ANY reason.
And i want to make my vanilla porn dream game.

They can bitch all they like, but they can't stop you.

They actually have an option that makes her show up in dialog boxes.

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Ok. This is a trap. My Trap Sense is tingling like it's asleep.

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She reminds me of the NPCs from Mega Man Legends for some reason...

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