LibreOffice 6 is now out!

After a long wait, everyone's favorite open source office suite has had it's big 6.0 release.

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Sorry, forgot relevant link:

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How nice.

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What mascot did they go for?
Please tell me it's t-shirt bird.

You missed the whole happening, I see.

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How did you not catch the 10 threads and approximately 5000 posts about this exact question?

To be fair, we caught on the the fact that the whole thing was rigged pretty quickly.

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Not the other anons, but who did win? I wasn't really paying attention after they narrowed it down to 8 (maybe it was less) mascots.

same boat. also curious.

Anons, I...

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It's called LibreOffice for a reason you turbofaggot retard.

who cares about the orx, who was the winner


Libbie is so fucking hot

Is it rewritten in Rust yet?

It's in Java which is memory-safe.

Maybe it's time to teach the next generation of noobs the difference between free (beer) and free (speech), and how open source was corporate marketing terminology?

Open-Source is a design methodology; Free Software is a set of ideas regarding the freedoms people should have with their computing. LO is Free Software that is developed in an Open-Source fashion.

Ribbon interface the default yet?

Is it furfag free?

there was no winner

Not here it isn't.

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Are we Qt yet? I'm quite sick of the GNOMEME by now.

Not yet.

You a qt

thanks bb

the logo looks fine to me tbh fam

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It's called kemono you cuckchan refugee.


You stick out like a sore thumb. Lurk 10²⁵ years before posting.


where is the proofs?

Ya'll cowards don't even Latex.

When was the last time someone seriously contemplated a port away from Java? NeoOffice/C? It would be great to chop out some of the lag and bloat.

Now user, while there was no one winner, I think you know there was there was EPIC WIN.

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Requesting Libbie in latex rubber suit now.

But seriously, LaTeX is a pain in the ass to write. Unless you really need the typographical control you are better off writing in a more semantic format and converting to LaTeX. The big idea behind LaTeX was to add a semantic abstraction layer on top of TeX, but in reality this did not work out and you still have to mix semantics with presentation if you are not satisfied with the defaults. Unfortunately there is no real alternative when it comes to writing math.

That's not Siag Office

Just write PostScript directly

Use K

Anyone got a link to the SVG of this?

fags usually, fur no.

sfur is bestfur, faggots and degenerates just have a tendency to hog the spotlight.

Doesn't seem worth updating, imo.
Also the guy in the video sounds like he has a sore throat for chugging one too many cocks.

Pretty sure there was one like that...

I'm guessing all of the drawfags left

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Saifag said he'd be back for the Krita 4 thread. It was a fun ride, but without any new drama, the flow of autism was bound to slow down.

Best viewed on your 15 year old 96dpi Trinitron with platinum-plated, deoxygenated, directional VGA cables suspended using a prime number of artisanal hand-selected mineral support spheroids, buttmap fonts only, final destination

I tried it because I hate WYSIWYG document editing, but it's 9 layers of shit crusted over the top of one another. Is there any other markup system suited for simple report writing?

You may think it's funny, but for math there literally isn't anything else that produces satisfactory results. Writing my thesis right now and it's a pain, both figuratively and literally. Sage for off-topic

And why the noose?

You know the best part about being out of college and writing software for a living is that I don't have to deal with any of these shitty bloated "document editing suites" anymore. If you have something important to say then it doesn't matter what fucking fonts and page margins you use. Raw ASCII is sufficient.

It's a reference to this weird image.

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All I want out of Libreoffice are the command line conversion utilities, because there are people that still distribute doc(x)s and ppt(x)s in the current year. All I want for Gravmass is a command line office document to pdf converter that isn't tied to the hip to Libeoffice. Or at the very least, give me an AppImage or something so I can do everything I need to do without actually installing the program and all its dependencies. Callibre is merciful enough to do that for the odd not pdf book what needs converting, what makes LO so special?

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Nobody cares enough to do it. They will be grateful to receive your patches.

Does anyone have all of the pics of Libbie from the previous threads? I only have a few of them and I haven't heard of anyone saving them all somewhere.

I thought it was only audiophiles who dealt with such shit?!?!

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For math it isn't. I don't even care about fonts and page margins, but if the math looks like ass it becomes unreadable. And I do mean literally unreadable.

LaTeX is WYSINWYG source code, you illiterate Pajeet.

Can someone post the "Libbie getting curbstomped" image? I remember it but I apparently did not save it. I need it for a dumb prank.

I remember it too, but it's not in the archive.

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