Brit/pol/ #2363 : Shapeshifting Lizards Edition

Farage WARNS May Brexit betrayal to spark backlash like nothing before

Knifeman 'wounds at least 14 people in rampage on bus in Germany

Man shot in Wolverhampton

Ethiopian Prophet arrested after trying to resurrect a dead body

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First for Enocc

noice thread lad

reminder lizards are based

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what if the true lizard… is inside us?

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druids tbh

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Comfy Icke edition

would you lads get an interdimensional lizard gf?

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good lizard

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Icke is based. He got banned by the Jews in Leicester.

You're basically just asking if we'd get a lizard, lad.

Preliminary assessments indicated 890,000 refugees could return to Syria from Lebanon in the near future in addition to 300,000 from Turkey and 200,000 from European Union countries.
none from the EU will return

It's heading towards Nuttall-tier tbh

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Smh I guess it's time to watch his 8 hour special

I meant 'gf' kek.

What do you mean?

in the level of co-ordinated smear

Yeah he's a good lad who doesn't afraid of Israel

Singapore is an interesting place, tbh. Because of its high IQ minorities' diligence, it's got a GDP to rival its vastly larger neighbours and a living standard that thrashes 'em.

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ukip should just die at this point so the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) have to pay off its numerous debts and Nige can form a new hard-right party with Joe, Godders and Nick Land

Thanks lads

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ideal state tbh

Sounds souless and the Hebrew's ideal state tbh

tbh without Nige, UKIP is just a shell.

Looked at it on trip advisor, not much there.

It handles multiracialism incredibly well. Shows the value of a firm hand for sure.


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This video is a must watch when talking about Singapore.

Born slippy

ca 2014

He sounds like a TES NPC.

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Ah yeah. Any time a party seems like it's message may connect, the press turn on them as a collective. Look at the way that Corbyn's being kiked for posing even the moderate risk of possibly straying from the path of full jewery: economically and in terms of foreign policy . The truth is slapping the left around the face: but still they cling to anti racism and philosemitism. How much more obvious could it be - even if you subscribe wholeheartedly to economic determinism - that the richest group (as well as probably the smallest) in the country are the ones smearing him? It must be so satisfying (and so fucking easy) to simply base your supposed beliefs around maximising the kudos you receive. Stupid fucking people.

The fact of the matter is if Corbyn becomes
"accepted" within the machine as it exists currently, the Overton window shifts irreversibly for many years to come, regardless of his actual ideology.

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tbf, none from the EU are from Syria

Do you get to the Cloud District very often?

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I'm worried the lads here think that because we slag off corbyn, that its OK to vote tory

Laads, how can you play such an utterly shite game?

I was shortlisted. Interview in two weeks. Any tips?

for the morrowind lore

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I have made it my duty to lampoon anyone on here who has admitted to voting Tory in the last couple of GEs

hightorygang set back british memmies by a decade tbh

>tfw bought the remaster


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he's the most based person with anything resembling power in the West atm tbh



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whats the problem lad


Well done. Are you presenting anything to other academics?
We always make people "teach" a first year concept and explain their most impactful research to a room full of academics

While he is right on many points, I disagree. Ethnicity matters.

He seems to be the natural successor to Pat Buchanan tbh

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Presentation before the panel of three.


I just cant respect larpers, even if they do it ironically.
I larped that Brexit would get enacted, but i understand that I am a complete moron.

All Yank shit should be chastised on this board for being the very antithesis of LOCAL

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I knew pakis worked hard, but this is taking things too far.

Netflix original movie had a bbc cuckolding conversation out of the blue.

hullo my honourable fellow sirs and ladyposters, I come to you with the humblest of greetings from Reddit as a brother memi-conoisseur, I am here to collect the "memmies of the week" produced on this forum and link them up to the /r/brit subreddit I took the leisure of creating where they can get even more exposure and even more retweets!

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Ecuador withdrawing Assange asylum

serves him right for not washing

I think I'm gonna buy a switch in a few weeks tbh. haven't decided yet

I was under the impression he's already captured/dead after the shenanigans a few years back tbh

Oh nice. Make sure your work can be shown to relate to understanding of fundamental mechanisms. And have a strategy w.r.t. REF and dissemination. And have an idea if what research is done already in the department, and who you might collaborate with. They always want to know that your work is particularly suited to their department.

how many times a day do you think assange has a wank


Poor cunt

Tbh when Pamela Anderson was visiting him probably 4 or 5

his entire life is just one long dry edging session


ok thank you

And remember: you aren't funny. Don't make jokes.

I think he tries to be a good boi most days, and avoids porn, focusing mostly on politics and stuff, but then ever day he lapses, and does three in a row to smutty pictures and videos

like me

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What are you mongs doing to shift the Overton window under the guise of "pursuit of knowledge" tbh?

I meant *every few days

That's a good advice. Any other tips? What was the most difficult question they asked you?

why hasn't someone made a memi of wews doing the feels good hands on face pose yet?

almost about to reach three myself today after a similar lapse

Use lots of buzzwords about virtual learning environments and massive open online courses

smh head lad

the third one is always the worst, don't forget

The man was a prophet.

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How are you not disgusted by it.

every day i print off 500 A4 sheets of black IQ statistics and Ariel Allcaps maxsize print of the ASIA FOR THE ASIANS AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS copypasta and stick them at the bottom of the recycling bin so everyone who opens it to put something away sees them and gets redpilled

They're not even fighting the church anymore; it's basically yielded to them in this country. They are fighting against nature itself.

i started lifting this week and had my longest stretch free in some time smh ive got moral points saved up in the God bank

epic style

pic related

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The one I died on was a "vision" question, I.e. what are the big things happening in your field, what's happening in the UK and internationally, what looks big 5 years from now, etc. I had total tunnel vision and couldn't answer this well.

They all read The Economist, which has lots of articles on future trends if business needs regardng technology. If you can read a few issues of it that might help.

Stop wanking, start lifting.

m e m e
Remember that post-wank disgust, and you'll never wank again

truly a feedback loop tbh

This actually goes down well, believe it or not.
No profs understand millennials so they are keen to listen to novel ideas about effective pedagogy

Everything they advocate is against Scripture, it can still be an attack on the Church, regardless of how many soft cunts have kowtowed to them.

Is it me or are academics the biggest dipshits going around? All the girls I knew who applied to Oxbridge when in sixth form were the biggest dumb asses around. All because they put in a few more hours of revision than the average lad and got the grade. They used ot make little cards of what to say in the interviews, even most of us lads could answer a general politics question off the cuff without having to read a fucking book about ti first