How not to be a shithead 101. (Newfag thread)

Zig Forums's gotten dragged down by the influx of /g/ refugees lately. Here are some tips for you:

1. If your post is not worth reading, don't fucking post it.
2. Do not start low effort threads with the expectation that someone else does the work for you to make it a thread worth reading. Either put in the effort yourself or don't start the thread.
3. Burden of proof is on the person making the claims. If someone asks you to produce sources/evidence for your claims, produce them, or admit you don't know what you're talking about. No one is obligated to take your shit seriously if you can't produce evidence. Whining about "spoonfeeding" means you're a manchild who can't produce evidence.
4. Keep your shit board-related. Overlap happens, but this isn't >>>/sci/, >>>Zig Forums, >>>/d/, >>>/fur/, >>>/v/, or >>>/b/.
5. If you are posting for the lulz, be actually funny, not a worthless retard posting memes, sarcasm, and shitposts.
6. Ironic shitposting is just shitposting. Don't shitpost.
7. If at any point in time you are posting shit with the desire that someone give you attention/replies/agreement/praise, you should fuck off to wherever attention whores go. That includes threads that people rate your wallpaper or PC or whatever the fuck show-off bullshit no one cares about.
8. This is not a circlejerk. No one cares that you're cheerleading/supporting/agreeing with another poster. Either contribute to the discussion or don't post.
9. This is not a secret club. You're on a public forum indexed by google that has minimal captcha and not even user registration. Don't fucking force memes or bizarre shit or whine about normalfags/reddit when you get called out for posting like a faggot.

Basically, post shit worth reading and don't be cancer. That's it, honestly.

Also, there's always >>>/g/ if you just want to shitpost, template post, or whatever low effort /g/ shit. There is in fact a /g/ board on Zig Forums, and Zig Forums was a board split from /g/ years ago in an effort to leave cancer behind. Feel free to bring all your cancerposting autism to >>>/g/ instead of Zig Forums.

Reposting some user's quality advice from >>848359 into a new thread so all the newfags can see it.

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At this point faggots from halfchan would actually be an improvement this board has sunk so low

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This thead is worse cancer than the shit you whined about.

iktf. Josh, Jim, 4/pol/ influx, and now 4/g/ influx have all fucked the community. I'd just rather the board got back to being decent.

please leave

Looking at the board stats the 4channers stayed for a day, got sick of how dead the board was then bailed.

I went to 4chan today, because this board keeps going down (I got lots of timeouts and gateway errors). It was horrible. /g/ is full of threads like "programming socks", "wrist watch general", "smartphone general", "headphones general", and other thinly-veiled consumerist crap.

>I'm a newfag who wasn't here for the past 2 years to know that Zig Forums has always been full of computer illiterate 15 year-olds


That's fine, just don't act like one.

Don't make me pull out my notes and use jargons that I don't really understand

Sounds like you're the newfag, user. Been here since 2014 and back then Zig Forums was pretty good.

Yeah sure, whatevs. But let's really chew on what defines "worth reading" and "cancer" content, because I think OP is coming across as a bit vague.

Your post for example is both not "worth reading", and is "cancer".

Nope. See

4/g/ is way the fuck worse.

hi i 'm from /diy/

This sounds like a great CoC. Thanks for the contribution OP.

I got tired of this board being so slow that I checked 4cuck /g/ earlier today. The average IQ is at least a standard deviation below Zig Forums. Is it worth it for the faster board? No.

And how the fuck does cuckchan even exist with VPNs all blocked? Are all these faggots, every goddamned one of them, seriously posting without VPN?

Are there any niggers in here posting without VPN?

Not that VPN is the be-all, and end-all of opsec, but Jesus Christ.

I assume you're speaking from experience as that's a cuckchan maymay.

Maybe an IRC room would be more your style. Message boards typically aren't as rapid as at IRC room can get.

Why would my ISP care about me posting on an anonymous Taiwanese finger painting messaging system? The only thing they care about is not mass mailing people.

I post with my normal ip address. VPN is a placebo. There's no guarantee that your VPN isn't building a database of your personal traffic. All you have is their word that they don't do such thing which is exactly how all ISPs work.

Why would you need a VPN?

Are you afraid your ISP will see your posts about liking traps? Nigger please, they already know you're gay.

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True, that's why I keep coming to this dump as well. The level of discourse on sites like reddit or 4chan is just frighteningly low and predictable.

About VPNs, unless you're evading your country's jurisdiction or some kind of roadblocks, they are simply a scam. The paid once are placebo that simply can't offer you privacy despite marketing to the contrary, the free ones even Facebook has one now exist purely for datamining and tracking you.

4chan not letting you post from them is a red flag though, just like the Google captcha following you everywhere.

You stupid cunt how the fuck is that even relevant to this thread?? Literally use the sticky you lazy fucking nigger.

10. Stop making meta threads/comments.


I just checked >>>/g/ It has become a lot more active. The cuckchan exodus is real.
>>>/4chan/ is another place to send the refugees

>>>/g/ influx confirmed.

It seems better to just use tor or public wifi.

The argument against a VPN is akin to not using a condom for unprotected sex.
"b-but the condom might break, so why bother?"
In certain places, britbongistan being a noteable example, the government promises to send a list of every website you visit to various government agencies to persue through. Given their previous history with data security this is obviously to give identity theft and blackmail criminals a helping hand and make the citizen's life a living 1984 hell.>>875982

So VPNs are also secretly sending a list of every website you visit to the highest bidder to persue through. Big change.

It's actually not

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Great idea OP! If everyone follows your End User Cuckoldry Agreement we can have a happier and friendlier egalitarian community free of hate :D *hugs*

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Hey faggot
fuck off

Might as well just post with your real name.

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Feds comp your VPN server's internet service, figure out only one faggot uses it, and then they cross reference that ip with your ISP.

The internet is so retarded, can't anyone with the know how can do that? Its like a ninja trying to be sneaky and hide but cause of the way the woods are built the ninja has to drop a glow stick every 20 seconds. So dumb

That should only work for services located within America. They shouldn't be able to compel services in other countries.

I just checked /g/ as well
It's on life support, they have migrated here
The top boards might as well be cuckchan bunkers at this point.

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Did you know you can proxy into a VPN you fucking moron? All you need to do is ensure your proxy is in a different non-cooperative jurisdiction from your VPN and they can both be snooping on you and proxy A will only know that you use a VPN and your VPN will only know that the traffic comes from proxy A and if they want to figure out who is doing what, the country of proxy A will have to ask the country of the VPN to fork over the data they were wiretapping on you and if you have a proxy in say Iran and the United States you know those intelligence agencies are never telling each other shit even if they're both snooping massively on the traffic, so neither of them will figure out it was you.

Yeah, 4chan /g/ is royally shitting up the place.

It helps to add more proxies in different countries. Basically the bigger the legal clusterfuck to get all those governments to cooperate on IDing your shit, the better. Plus, if even one of them cannot have their logs retrieved, the whole snooping effort is doomed.

tbh this
I seen more shitposts with more cool new tech information than all the fucking hugbox blogposts combined

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All these points are literally the entire reason for sage. If you're going to pretend you're an oldfag, respect the old traditions. If some faggot doesn't like what you're posting, sage gives them an easy and convenient way to hide your post.

Shut up bitchnigger I will post however I want.

More true than they'd care to admit.

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