Brit/pol/ #2364: Cruiser, Mk VI Edition

On this day in History:

22/07/1946 – King David Hotel bombing: A Zionist underground organisation, the Irgun, bombs the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, site of the civil administration and military headquarters for Mandatory Palestine, resulting in 91 deaths.

UK: Acid Thrown on Three-year-old Boy in ‘Deliberate Attack’

Farage WARNS May Brexit betrayal to spark backlash like nothing before

Knifeman 'wounds at least 14 people in rampage on bus in Germany

Man shot in Wolverhampton

Ethiopian Prophet arrested after trying to resurrect a dead body

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Good lad

If you have elastic in your knickers you can be arrested in Police Stateistan


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good lad

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Lads there's a swede here


is loyallad/pol/ really this dead

oh fuck right off

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reposting OC since I got precisely one (1) (you) for posting it during night shift after spending too long on it smh

everywhere is dead these days so I post on all three generals
brit/pol/ isn't so bad, no casual shitposting beyond Taking An Interest so we do better when there's something going on; nobody's been up to much what with the holidays, heat and general malaise

tfw no amount of drink, drugs, prozzies and power could satiate churchie and stop him from shitting his pants and forever being under the jewish heel

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Is it a Sven or a Svenhamed?



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are you on a phone lad? smh

"wow, it's so brave of you to adopt an african"

Text is unreadable lad


just did some based deadlifts lads

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fucking kek the second one fucked a klingon

How do you even become a single mum in an age where condoms are plentiful and there's so much birth control medication around it effects the water supply.

do you lads not have decent sized monitors? it's fine for me smh

might go over it again later then


what did they think was going to happen as soon as they gave birth? smh

it's readable for me but it isn't that clear.


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I don't think most single mums were ever married.

I have a 24" monitor, it's not that it's too small it's the colour and the resolution of the font.

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he means he's a full time twatter user

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it's a decent sized acreage, but you used a shitty font, ant type size, and no colour contrast tbh.

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He's literally the tinderposter, lad

tbf he was doing it for a long while without his trip on.

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No, someone hacked his id lad

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of course, lad

Good morning, Vault-Tec calling!

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That's what we call wishful thinking.

so capitalism is actually good??

but the moment we mention the Jews' behaviour, we're literally Satan.

Not if it makes Oven angry

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hahahaha he looks exactly as I'd envision

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I always thought the slave trade was impeding liberal capitalism and that's why it was dropped in favour of turning everyone into poorly paid coolies.

Fake loos! Diane Abbott drops complaint against Mail on Sunday over her accidental visit to Commons gents


but capitalism IS slavery

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what the fuck

Only using the kike logic of labour theft.

Reminder that if Corybn won she would be in charge of the internal affairs of this country, including immigration and security.

Maybe we can memi all black women into being tannys.

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i hope weve reached peak corbyn tbh

Yeah but it's a choice between here and Sajid Javid at this point.

Sounds like fun

smh, this fucking paki really boils my blood

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*makes a 3 hour video about how hard it was to computer-generate this image from scratch using my own coding and synthesizer sounds*

should be better now lads

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Daft calls to retake London in their replies

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She has to go back.

Why is there even one tape listed insightful commentary?

Disgusting Sri Lankan? thot
IHope she's gets her skull caved in for backchatting a wog

She needs to be taught a lesson tbh

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Like it's not already happened

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Smash tbh

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We can always deport her and let the Sri Lankans take care of the rest.

Smash her into a thousand pieces?

With a sledgehammer.

Better, though I don't understand why - if the text on the tapes is the central message of the image, you don't want it to be read?

Compare how easy it is to read Coca-Cola, using those colours but the cans have nothing to do with the message you wish to convey.
I'd apart from doing it completely differently use the coca-cola colours on the tapes, and the tape colours on the cola cans.

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Holy kek is that a legit pic?

There, fixed that for you

it's just meant to be a feels-good wews image with lots of relevant details eg being a filthy haggiswop, chain smoking and drinking coke etc
the worst thing is probably the coke, that's just a downsized stock image with inverted colours

You don't get the kind of swing necessary to powder bones with a ball peen hammer. It's more for braining nonces.

Fuck me, what a turbo Taig.

There's only one way to deal with communist on telly

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What do you think would happen to the Irish if we disappeared tomorrow and they had no one left to blame for being a farming backwater? I think it'd be tribal anarchy in two weeks.

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The Ulster-Scottish would have a laff and then Jock the island for themselves.

New Godzilla movie looks pretty good tbh

You're like the yorkshire spicposter.

fuck off nonce

he Yorkshire spiccer smh


old guy sitting next to the orange woman is dead inside.jpg

Wood posting and Train posting combined into one perfect post

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That second one doesn't seem too much slower than conventional trains.


Some of his early stuff was genuinely good. The Rot was a fine series, but he gave up on it. If we were going by his recent work, the "insightful commentary" tape might as well be omitted.

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An accent where nagging is like singing to you.

Because it's not, iirc trains are restricted to a speed limit.
The tube can go a lot faster than it actually does, but for safety reasons it's restricted.