Brit/pol/ #2365: Lord Help Us Edition

St Paul’s bans Christian reading from the Bible outside cathedral where it allowed anarchist rabble to camp in tent city for months

Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to leave the European Union are overwhelmingly opposed by the British public and more than a third of voters would support a new right-wing political

Full extent of Europe's biggest traveller site is revealed in aerial pictures of Essex camp meant for just 50 caravans on protected green belt land

White Helmets "Rescued" By Israel Via Golan Heights In Overnight Operation

Worcester 'acid attack': Boy aged three injured

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Good lad.

for them

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what the fuck
this country is doomed

Woah you have stateless brown jihadists? Ship them here, we could do with some more.

Goodus ladus

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fucking insanity

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I bet old school wizard tricks was the shit.

Alri Jimmy.

I miss him

what happened to them having highly advanced astronomical science and celestial calender eh

Those were pre-Columbian Jamaicans keek.

hahahaha the absolute state

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Never realised they needed 3 drummers for this song.

Bonza mate.

Though they can't compete with the first book I did quiet enjoy the latter ones, in their own way. But yes, certain unexplained things start to niggle at you. I'm still glad there was about 6 years odd between me reading the original Dune and picking up any of the others, in my mind it's still kind of a standalone universe and the story ended there. Was well weird accepting the continued universe he makes, but though it's a bit more hit and miss I think I enjoyed them more on second reading.

Another thing with Herbert, at least for the first book, was some of the things that were unexplained and left open ended were a boon, you filled in the gaps yourself and came up with your own explanations to round it in your mind. Worked really fucking good I recon, but then when you've got another 5 books on-top of that it can become a bit unsatisfying.

I was in London today lad. It wasnt as bad as I remember it being but thats probably because of all the tourists like me


Didn't know they did talks for visitors to hospitals tbh

Very true.

Have all those high-level politicians still got ankle bracelets on?

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he's a fucking hack

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Kill them.

Haven't read it in years but my favourite chapter was that one where an apparition of Pardot Keyne's explains the ecology behind Arrakis to his son who is dying in a sand dune.

Frank Herbert knew his stuff when it came to ecology and his application of that to an alien planet letting his mind run wild was fascinating to read.


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Even Andrzej Sapkowski is a better author tbh.

This and Andrzej is a fucking cuckold fetishist.

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that's not greg lake

By plebs tbh.

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almost one month ago the greatest work of autism was completed

really ticks the tocker

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Aye that's good shit. The appendix on Pardot Kynes is good too, all the appendices tbh.

I hate their double standards so much.

Hmmmm really makes me think.

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The hypocrisy will come back to hurt them.

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History will consign them to the dustbin while Shakespeare, Tolkien and Howard will be eternal.

kek she's been going around calling me sexist behind my back over an argument I had with her and the town bicycle

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wrong replay smh

Women literally cannot take a joke in the workplace, what is wrong with them? I guess the life of a lot of modern lasses is so sheltered and easy they can't handle even the slightest banter.

Do you think it was a retaliation for Saturday?

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She's dreaming secretly of fucking with you.

Yeah it's weird seeing that generational gap. My aunt for example has a really good sense of humour, but then she worked in pubs in the 70's and said getting your arse pinched or slapped was common place for a bar waitress.

Noble doggo tbh.

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I bet they raked in tips for it.

There is no point of going to the pub with ugly waitresses.

Lads I need your most esoteric book recommendations

What if I served your table lad? I worked doing that once.

the Bible

No idea I can't imagine the North east was any more prosperous in the 70's.


The cross dressing would probably put me off my pint.

Dressed as a maiden?

Dover Remembered.

smh she tried to get me a disciplinary but the GM told her to get fucked. he likes me too much

the other girl on shift is fun too work with she has a good level of banter for a girl.

What's your job or industry?

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Sounds like he works in a supermarket.

Konstantin Tarnovsky's A Brief Outlined Illustrated History of The USSR - Feudalism, Capitalism & Socialim Paperback – 1983

It's great to read a book written by the Soviets, really interesting historical perspective.

we work at a bar / Nightclub

This tbh. I've got a black lab and all he does is eat, shit, and shag. He mounted a pug the wrong way round the other day and started humping its face. He also raped my neighbours cabbage once

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I thought the Left was all about being big-brained reading nibbas

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top lel

How are two out of those three books considered alt-right?

Libido dominandi is good

Over 90% White. What went wrong?

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I went to buy a pipe in a northern town the other day and the guy handed me a leaflet saying "I know it's fookin' boring to read a book, but this is useful."

Smh mine once ran out the door without me realising and mounted another doggo, only realised when the owner started knocking on the door (He'd dragged them both still mid coitus up the garden to the door). Dog was male as well.

Expertly crafted bait or this person is unsavable.

Gene Wolfe, Book of the new sun.

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It's the latter mate.

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What is it with snapchat, it seems like a genuinely shit platform yet every normie seems to use it incessantly

At this point reading Orwell might be taboo for him, it won't stop them from using 184 as an example.

You forget that they don't read the book they read the synopsis.

Dogs will hump anything, gif related.

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That's a png

I have unironically read people on the internet argue that Brave New World is unironically a good thing.
Materialists deserve nothing but death tbh.

That's embarrassing, I'll give it another go.

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This is so poorly written. Is it a shitty translation? It's like reading the words of a right wing Jahans: but one who's less coherent.

I know that lad, but you'd think they'd at least keep up the pretense of being big-brained rather than turning away from it the moment their opposition does it.
It's so bloody childish.

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Immediate Action by Andy McNab

He asked for esoteric books,not good ones smh

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You just reminded me
He made me laugh so hard

Elected by the councillors, not the people. And the councillors see fit to fill all these roles with wogs and pakis to signal how bloody wonderful they are. It'll all backfire in the end. I fucking love that magid magid wog, may he continue to act like a typical self-centered egotistical wog and make the people of Sheffield feel embarrassed.

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"Action! Race Wars to Door Wars", by Joseph Owens.

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No. It looks like Roma gypsy infighting

Makes sense, boomer councilors signalling.

Thanks. I was wondering.

Helmer has already provided a pdf.

Huxley was the closest thing we had to a philosopher in the contemporary age tbh

Mcnab novels are the quintessential boomer novel tbh just basing that on the fact that they are the only thing my dad will read

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his family were deeply involved in government policy and where eugenicists. the books more a manual than anything.

The fact that BNW and 1984 are taught at alevel and GCSE is a good indicator on how they are just cucked books used to indoctrinate children. It's been the same old same old for years with 'muh dystopia fascist', the entire point that 1984 was a satire about the British socialist party goes over their head.