Brit/pol - Tommy Robinson errr brexit errr edition

Tommy Robinson supporters sought after violent rally
Sinn Féin wants special Irish border talks before EU summit
We must build more houses – or both the nation and the Tories will suffer the consequences
'WORRIED for your job' Brexiteer warns Germany of consequences if Barnier 'plays hardball'
EU warns Dominic Raab that Brexit bill cannot be tied to free trade deal

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Good lad *taps pen on desk*

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I am the best lad

You are homosexuals

Is it a dolphin in a bathtub?

The only people who get riled up about race are usually working class brainlets or very old people.

I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm just being truthful. The vast majority of people just don't care. If you constantly post on boards like Zig Forums and other places that are filled with socially isolated racists you'll probably develop a strange worldview where you think it's the norm and you think there's an extreme amount of racial tension but there's just not.

Just calm down. before you know it you'll be dead and there wont be the slightest bit of any race war in your lifetime.

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UK heatwave: Temperatures set to rise as alert continues

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Another day of neetdom courtesy of the English tax payer
*cracks open a monster ultra*
aaahhh, sure does feel good to be a Jock

Drink up lad
*secretly contaminates all the monster ultra factories with oestrogen*

despise this heat tbh

What have you done to me!?
I am growing boobies now, aaaaahhh

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we need a solution for the wh*Te problem

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This, that abomination is what they're always posting in newbrit.

Deuteronomy 22:5,
"The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God."



(where the hell is everyone? the day shift isn't usually this lonely)

Dead from the heat.

:^) its only 22 degrees here

Yeah, it's pretty cool and wet here too.


Still gonna go to the gym, though.

nth for the fact that the association of sexual deviance and gayism with rainbows, colour and light is the most nefarious but successful propagandistic inversion in history.

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It's 28° here.

Num lock + 0176 on the numpad to type the degree symbol, by the way.

It's mocking the covenant God made with Noah. The rainbow represents how God won't destroy the world for its wickedness ever again.

how are the Somalis lad?

Im not the lad getting accosted by the somalis at the gym, lad.

With me its the fucking pakis, but the poles normally keep them under control.

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I watch the disintegration of post-British Britain with the same mixture of horror and morbid curiosity as a child unearthing warring nests of ants under rival flowerpots.

Doing the job you brits are too lazy to do.

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>if Drumpf keeps US economy growing he is likely to win a second term

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Don't you lads posting in this thread have your own board?


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It's amazing how the comedian Harry Secombe, of all people was not only a hymn singer, but a very powerful one.

Lads the real thread is here.

fugg I just dreamed that there was this qt brunette grill in my room kneeling down to do something and I was looking at her, at first she was wearing daisy dukes and I was staring at her, breathing heavy and getting excited, then her shorts turned into a girl shorts version of my pajama pants that I wear everyday and those made her butt look nicer. so I started breathing really heavy and getting excited, she started to stand up and slowly walk away and I tried to mumble, "hey!" but I just came out as "eh" 'cause I was sleeping and she continued to move away so I got the instinct to climb out of bed and run after her and bend her over and fuck her but then I woke up and realized it was a dream and there was no qt grill in my room. damnnit

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oh this thread is bunk, ripperoni


what even was it?

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