Brit/pol/ #2366: Muh En Aich Ess Edition

St Paul’s bans Christian reading from the Bible outside cathedral where it allowed anarchist rabble to camp in tent city for months

Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to leave the European Union are overwhelmingly opposed by the British public and more than a third of voters would support a new right-wing political party

Full extent of Europe's biggest traveller site is revealed in aerial pictures of Essex camp meant for just 50 caravans on protected green belt land

White Helmets "Rescued" By Israel Via Golan Heights In Overnight Operation

Worcester 'acid attack': Boy aged three injured

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this "should have used other place than A&E" thing is all very good except

Should also add

A pilot for what though?


has the incelopocalypse happend yet?

when I read Dan Harmon the first time I heard about this story I thought they were talking about Dan Hannon

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and by Dan Hannon I mean Dan Hannan


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The hornets will never be seen again if they go up there.

It's a good price for the box set tbh, I've got some Scions that are unmade and unpainted so I might make one for it and pirate the rule book from our friends back in the motherland.

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This is what happens when you police language and can't use most insults.

I don't think anyone would disagree with you not paying GW anything.

her husband Jack Lopresti Tory MP is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel

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Stay in the EU so we can pay for other countries whilst we close our schools

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Didn't she say she could no longer support May's Brexit?

They've got a lot better tbh, the box set is £80, if this was 10 years ago it would've been like £120 and the rulebook would've been separate.

Do we even count Georgia as Europe?

Both she and her husband vote against May regularly. He served in 266 CommandoRA and goes on trips to Israel

they were both in leave means leave too

Any news on acid attack? Radio informs us it's 'nothing to dowith EDL????!!
Also report of woman in van flagged down then stabbed?
Where's the safest place to live in UK??

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Christopher Cantwell has been released


innawoods tbh

Depends where you live right now, if you are a yank literally any city is safer than the American ones.

reminder to persuade normies sympathetic to Corbyn that Hebrews have a concerted agenda against him with the "anti-semitism" campaign that rolls on the BBC 24/7

The pdf isn't out till saturday iirc but you can find most the rules kicking about on /tg/

Fuck giving GW money

Does that actually start to make them question the JQ?

shame he had to accept the misdemeanours but at least he's free and doesn't have to face 60 years in the slammer bullshit crimes he didn't commit. eagerly awaiting stage four.

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of course, why else would "anti-semitism" be such a big deal if not for Hebrews?

Reminder that the left only hates the yids because MUH POOR OPPRESSED MUSLIMS in Palestine.

'Cheap foreign workers being prioritised for offshore wind jobs', warn MPs and trade unions

they also see jews as hwhite

I think they would brush it off as this one time thing that certain people not just Jews are doing to oust Corbyn so they can get another neo liberal in charge of the party.

No, but the EU do. It's an effective way of expanding their empire onto Russia's borders and stealing money from EU taxpayers and they wonder why Europeans hate them

Schrodinger's people
They jump between a religious and ethnic group as it suits them.

One could say that if it had stopped a year and a half ago. Now that half the UKs Hebrew interest groups have signed letters and attested to Corbyn actually being Hitler, it becomes so much easier to point them out as a fifth column within domestic politics

When did that happen? Have you got any links to the groups involved?

pull up any news feed with key seach terms corbyn and jewish lad.

Jeish Chronicle
They all link to each other so oit should be easy to compile a list

The average person does, they consider Jews to be a religion and not an ethnic group (which the Jews consider themselves as)

I haven't bought anything from GW directly in years tbh, I buy 2nd or 3rd party since it's cheaper and fuck GW.

I have £200 stored away for plastic Sisters of Battle

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They just want more city wogs on the show.

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all the hot cosplay thots are lezzers lad

They all seem to be Zionist sites, I've just read a Jews opinion piece in the Guardian claiming that it's right wing jews that are doing this while claiming the left is still anti-semitic while implying you have to be a low key zionist if you're a jew with leftist sympathies.

I thought they were just paid to turn up.

Good tbh
It'll kill the show, the sooner the beeb crashes the better

or actors yeah

Has anyone ITT actually used 111? It sounds like a load of shit to me, but then again I never go to the doctors.

jews wots that mate how can they control the media their just a religion?

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Do they still make their on costumes, because that would be impressive.


I'd say uneducated northerners (Who I assume this is parodying) in my experience are quite open to new ideas.

111 usually just end up saying "go into a walk in centre/A&E" anyway

No but all I've heard about it has been bad, poor advice due to a lack of being able to observe the person calling in question.


Why would I care, I don't have any interest in fugging them.

It's a HIGH TORY memi lad.

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Already is, the best country and outdoors programs are on S4C and Youtube now.


I've never been to a walk in centre either, although I've known people who have come back from them more sick than when they entered.

*keeps voting labour*

reckon 40 northerners would beat the shit out of 200 twitter tories

*has highest support for far-right and extremist parties in the uk*

Master Hebrew really deserves a curb stomping.

*votes labour anyway*

who would win, 10 geordies or 10 cockneys?


*still doesn't vote for them because bennies come first*

Apparently that's actually the South West.

The Pakis.

Old Labour North would be the most sympathetic to any attacks on Corbyn being concerted by a group of foreigners lad…

Cornwall, centre of the dafty revolution

1 cockney = 2 jocks = 4 geordies = 8 brummies = 16 mancs = 32 sco*sers

in 2015 my town swung 20% from labour to UKIP

geordies are tough but arent cockneys supposed to be too although they got btfo by migrants and had to leave their lands

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the question time in south yorkshire was the only bearable one in recent memory kek

speaking of master hebrew and ecelebs, whomst is this blackpill lad?
don't remember subbing, got the upload notification, it's his only video

*adds this equation to my notes*

tbh no one HAD to leave the east end but the new towns were an attractive factor and they were repulsed by the niggers and pakis starting to move in

Anyone else remember looking at the polls around the time of the Windrush bullshit?

Being economically expelled is not equatable.

top 6 aint bad for my county

Was that all polls or just YouGov?

It begs the question lad: why aren't you armed yet?

immigrates builded the nhs after the war

hahaha i completely forgot about this

so that's why its shit


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My living situation makes it excessively inappropriate for me to install a gun cabinet. I will arm myself within the next 5-10 years.

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good lad.

Probably why it's collapsing and in so much debt.

I'm surprised Gwent has that little amount of guns considering the Brecons.

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no, me nan just had her hip replaced by a doctor from the bangaladesh. was a long wait. we need a global britain to get more doctors and nurses in from our allies in the commonwealth.

100% agree mate

my baby was just decapitated by dr pooloo khan but accidents happen innit still love are nhs xx

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