Brit/pol/ #2367: Sea Moos Edition

St Paul’s bans Christian reading from the Bible outside cathedral where it allowed anarchist rabble to camp in tent city for months

Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to leave the European Union are overwhelmingly opposed by the British public and more than a third of voters would support a new right-wing political party

Full extent of Europe's biggest traveller site is revealed in aerial pictures of Essex camp meant for just 50 caravans on protected green belt land

White Helmets "Rescued" By Israel Via Golan Heights In Overnight Operation

Worcester 'acid attack': Boy aged three injured

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nth for cash


Should we reject women if they watch love island?

Good lamoooo

Good lad so you are

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Trent Reznor tbh

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We must mould them lad

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Helmer is the only good mod and he should be made BO too

Good lad

Someone post the granville thorndyke nuremberg bardeche vid please

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Yeah I like NIN tbh, just saying I prefer cash's version of hurt.

iktf lad

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Actually jocklad is good too when he's not bullying me for buying a fallout 4 xbox

too bad he's a massive faggot

You missed one

They were slavs tbh, opinion is pretty split on whether they're european or not I think they are

Thanks lads

Good lad

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the definitive version of this song tbh

I think this is a favourite of Bush Poster tbh
Where has he been? Worried tbh

Wew lads didn't expect nostalgia like this

Felt bad tbh lad, even filled out captcha

Only really ever listened to pretty hate machine when I was feeling a bit edgy and never really went past it though, should do that now.

he forgot the safeword

I have that album too lad

np lad

prob on holiday or something tbh

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Kino tbh


he's been posting once or twice in threads recently and nobody seems to have noticed kek


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didnt really like that song in Twin Peaks tbh

The SIU has identified the suspect in Toronto's deadly mass shooting as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain. CBC News has obtained the following statement on behalf of his family, who say their "hearts are in pieces for the victims."

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Oh that's why vpns exist
thanks lad

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Probably wasn't being a filthy sod kek

thank (you) for the (you) lad

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move over plebs

didnt really like any of the music except that chromatics song in the first episode

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Fuck off Reddit

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now this is kino

I'm being unironic when I say I laughed my cunt off and wish he ended it with dougie sticking the fork in the socket, that would have been so fucking perfect, the JUSTing that would have brought to the coffee and pie autists

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how did things go with that thot?

All of it was good, Chromatics, Nine Inch Nails, Au Revoir Simone, Trouble
Trouble has the son of Lynch in the band

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Same as usual lad

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The whole series absolutely JUST'd coffee and pie redditors, remember Cooper only came back for the last couple episodes or so only to get fucked and find out he is doomed

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any pics of her?

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wonder if (((midwanks))) went to beddy bye yet

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Hard to believe it's nearly been a year already honestly, I do feel like the return won't have as much rewatch value due to the nature of it.

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Course lad but like fuck am I posting it here. On my phone atm so I can't strip exit data as well.



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fake and gay tbqh

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yeah i knw what you meant


I'm glad midwanks caught on

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I've got the blu rays of it all tbh, need to rewatch through the whole thing tbh
want to watch it with a lass ideally

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>tfw my true love is 2D

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you aren't serious?

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Woes posts here?

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fuck off bertie

Lion flag guy

Tbh the butthurt from reddit was delicious, us 4chan /tv/ lads were loving the even more esoteric nature of the season

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b-bertie is it really you?

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I am lad, smh. I know a lass that might be open to it

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Not even him lad, as I said I ain't no fag.

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I paid like £40 for that 2013-ish? bluray release of the whole mystery which had the cut scenes from the movie, so that's a lot of money spent at the time, probably would rebuy it when I want to rewatch it in a year or few.

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Nah but he was posting last thread iirc

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Will be the limit of her mind

what? explain this plz?

isthat are joe?

Twin peaks

Watch it lad

If you don't know you didn't watch the show lad.

smh lad I paid like £14 for that over a year ago

Apparently Sarah Silverman is posting on cuckchan's Zig Forums.

what show? there are loads of shows? which one?

Is it from Evangelion?

I bought it on release, picked it up the day it was released.

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nigger how have you managed to arrive here?

apart from that i have no idea what's going on in teh wrold

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Lad, she isn't that dumb tbf. She understood some of the esotericism of 2001 a space odyssey tbf

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tbh there is only one true kino tv show

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I still haven't watched any of the blu ray tbh smh

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Rest easy lad.

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lads, i'm so shit with women, I can't ever actually imagine haveing sex with one in the near future

what should i do?

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