Now that TOX development is basically dead, can we talk about other secure and Libre Voice+Video programs

Now that TOX development is basically dead, can we talk about other secure and Libre Voice+Video programs.

The front-runner appears to be GNU Ring, it's a very professional program that was adopted as an official part of GNU.
It has features like group voice (and video) chat and not to mention voice and video on mobile clients; both things that Tox lacks. It can also do full-blown VOIP+SIP, but that's optional.

What has your experience with it been?

GNU Ring:

Other Viable Messaging Clients:

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development is slow, but tox works for me

>GNU Ring:
shit tier

Reminder TOX was never secure and leaked your ip to anyone you communicated with


That's how peer to peer works you dumb fuck. You can see the IP of everyone connected on BitTorrent downloads, does that mean BT is insecure?

No it isn't, your information CANNOT be encrypted and exposed at the same time.

Yes it is. The content of your conversations is encrypted. If you want to obfuscate your address too use it through a network or service that does that.


Not necessarily. I2P, for instance, won't show you the IPs of your peers.

It does expose the addresses of the peers you connect to directly. That's how you connect to the network. Same as you have to know the address of your tor entry node, and vice versa.

Then netstat will give it to you, retard.

Riot was the closest thing to getting my friends to get the fuck off of Discord, but it's too early days because it lacks a decent UI. When we'd tried it, you'd jump into a call and you couldn't even tell who was in it. qTox won second place for being a piece of shit that worked but crashed the moment you left the call. One of these days, these programs are going to come within spitting distance of the big botnet shit and I'll be released from my never ending torment, but unfortunately, Group Voice is one of the hardest problems to tackle.

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What about Mumble?

Daily reminder that your IP is being leaked to Zig Forums. Daily reminder that your IP is being leaked to your proxy provider. Daily reminder your IP is being leaked to the tor node.

Holy shit! Big if true, abandon the internet, everyone, it's insecure!
I'm starting to wonder how anyone survived using the net when literally everything leaked your IP address to everyone you interacted with.

Literally everything does leak your IP to every computer yours interacts with.

Reminder that privacy, security, and anonymity are 3 different things. Tox never claimed to hide your IP address when not run through Tor.

You are a fucking idiot.


You're still sending packets to a node. Of all the p2p protocols, i2p actually isn't too dissimilar to Tor in some respects. Obviously, garlic routing was inspired by onion routing; it's also the thing that distinguishes i2p from other protocols, ironically. You're still leaking your IP address to the nodes that you upload to and download from; it's just that your identity is obfuscated by the nodes that come thereafter--at least, as I understand it. So you don't leak your IP address to the intended recipient. And that's basically the same for all anonymizing p2p protocols and certainly true for the other ones; it's just that your identity is obscured in different ways.

Never used it myself, but from the complaints I've read, it takes some effort to get it setup properly. Works excellently once it's set up, ostensibly, but the learning curve makes it pretty inaccessible.

One non-libre complaint I have with Discord that I scold people who use and endorse Discord for is the fact that Discord has no support for people with disabilities. Combined with the fact that it's proprietary and the team hasn't even expressed an interest in addressing that issue, it's safe to conclude that Discord hates cripples and should be avoided, not to boycott or chastise Discord but simply because, well, it's inaccessible to crippled people and thus will never be a good universal standard.

+ botnet data miner

I2P leaks your IP to every routing peer you connect to.

I think you might be thinking of Kovri, the Monero-integrated fork of the fully-functioning C++ implementation of the i2p protocol.

The requirements that my friends need to move over include
We used mumble for a bit but it infringed on the first and last. We need something either mimicking Skype or Discord, where Mumble exists in a completely separate niche.

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What are you, a phone user?

How dare a voice chat app require mic permissions.

Are you actually Indian? lol.

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You can its called IP spoofing. You can do it in c without too much work on UDP packets for example. Its just hard to complete a handshake protocol without them being able to respond to you.

How do you call the transfer of misleading information as a connection? If your IP is spoofed, the traffic isn't going to return to to you.

Not all traffic has to be bidirectional. UDP does not even have a "connection". You could send a packet to someone that says "send this to this other person" with them having no idea who you are.

That kind of signalling is meaningless. It's also known as spam.

uh okay

This inane shitposting has to be some turbo sperg's idea of a troll

You can't do broad-range broadcast on IP retard, you'd have to establish those connections individually.

Good luck transferring any data that way.

IP is connectionless

Yea you just send it to the person and it gets to them not hard.

Network signals only have meaning when traffic goes to legitimate destinations. Having unsolicited signals is not a connection. IP spoofing has no meaning beyond sending spam to addresses that didn't ask for it.


You can send your friend a letter there is just no return address. People do this all the time with mail.


The destination is legitimate.

Its a packet not a connection this is not TCP

Only in the same way that mail not having a return address has no meaning. The mail still has content.

Your machine gets random connections from machines using non spoofed IPs 24/7 already

You open up the letter and it says:
PGP SIGNED ... hey bob send this to jim .. END PGP
Looks like we just found a meaningful protocol

There is a current DoS running amok on Tox.
The way that the protocol is designed, all you have to do is separate one of the participants from two of the people in the chat group, and they are effectively DoS'd from a chat group. This can be done by either fighting with a group bot's topic protection ten or so times a second, or by sending invalid data to the target user's ID (which isn't hard to find in group chat). This is also known to DoS them from the entire network. This attack also works over Tor, since all you need is the ID.

This is being used to great effect in Club Cyberia. Pics related. The devs do not care about this exploit, because it would take a redesign of the protocol to fix.

Do not use Tox with people you are not 100% trusting.

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That's what we have, retard.

Except that it currently leaks your IP

whats wrong with jitsi

It is impossible to have communications without a return address.

Yea people cant send letters without return addresses thats obviously impossible

Attached: TheAbsoluteStateOfTox.jpg (1000x1000, 170.66K) is a shitty name system not even a part of tox anymore

talking 1 way isn't communication.

It does not matter if it is "communication" or not. I can push data to a place I want to without leaking my IP to the destination. There are many many legitimate uses for this.

...And a chat program is not one of them. Neck yourself.

Wrong. A group chat can be done in a ring topology where you send the message to the next guy and get a message from someone you don't have the IP of. In fact tox is in a ring topology.

explain how a ring topology can protect both users in a 2 person chat.

Why does communication have to be limited to two people? What a limited mind.

You can send messages on one IP / computer and receive messages on a second computer / IP.

ok so a 3rd party intermediary bot. Cool. How can you trust that bot?

Intermediary bot? I just meant a ring with 3 people.

You don't have to if you spoof your IP

real clever bud.

You don't need a conversation to communicate things

Hello user :^)

I'm glad you got out of prison, user. How was "vacation"?

Tox which is a general purpose chat system doesn't work the way you say things should work. Tox is a 2+ person chat system. At least one person sends a message and the other person receives it. If any of those people are spoofing IP addresses, then the message can never be sent to where it needs to go.

how did these tox dev retards not think to address this by now? (inb4 just use tor xd)

The Tox developers don't need to fix IP spoofing. It is not a problem at all that Tox leaks your IP address.

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I wonder how it must feel to work at GNU making a messenger so shitty and unwanted that the only way you can try to shill it is posting inane nonsense about Tox.

I were talking about the Android version.

It shouldn't require it if I only wanted to use text-based features.
it's a shame that this level of underhandedness is going from GNU, I'd expect them to make software that is actually good…

The mistake you're making is the fact all software is final and that the current state represents the ultimate will of the developer for the program. Shame on you for making such a hasty assumption.


surprised no one answered with wire private messenger, it's pretty acceptable and has an active development


Lets talk about more stable alternatives

Last time i tried Ring, it didnt have file transfer, making it perfectly useless for collaboration.

It's on F-droid. Stop spreading FUD, shill.

Bad news user, every single website you visit has your IP.
Even those Garry Fortress 2 servers your autistic ass plays.

OPs post wasnt even about tox. Is EVERY chat program thread going to become about the nature of p2p?
Is this a government psyop or just a meme that trolls me every time?
WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING. Tox and the LEEK UR EYE PEE meme was 5 fucking years ago people. What the fuck.

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Something about the project just irresistibly attracts braindead retards. I don't know if it's NASA or what.
t. long time contributor and github issue closer

I feel just the same brother

There are many ways to video chat privately. If you're not doing it already it's because you don't really care about it or because you don't have anyone to talk to.
Either wat this thread is useless and irrelevant. Sage.

I could be wrong but i think ring is the only one that does p2p multichat video.

riot is an implementation of matrix, dont know why you have them listed separately.

Post your ring ID.

Just use Tox or Ricochet. Or XMPP, if you want to convert normies. It has a nice mobile client.

You keep posting this pic in every thread. You are still wrong.

Video chat is a meme.

Actual options with working groupchats+video/audio would be matrix/riot

Must be Kalynx or the arisuchan girl owner lol

Riot has opt-out telemetry as well as stating that "the current encryption methods are experimental and not to be trusted". I'd rather trust Wire for privacy, but Riot does seem much better.

Do you not use CPU's?

Does your computer run on something else?

So you're one of those autists who won't stop sperging out over Discord?

The complaints come from the fact Mumble has a big scary completely optional setup wizard on first run, that's only there to ensure you're not clipping over everyone else like a fucking retard or relying so heavily on automatic gain control that the mic picks up hard disk clicks from a room over. Things I see constantly from Discord/Skype/etc users.

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Why no mention of Keebase?

u mad?

wowee just what we needed another fucking single-website web browser running on every computer
no fucking thanks


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So matrix uses webrtc for calls, so there is a direct connection, which also leaks IP to chat members? Why than it's not able to transfer large files directly, complaining about server restrictions?

somebody please explain why SIP clients are dead in the water and nobody uses

Matrix was founded and developed by a consortium of Telecomms companies. Pay close attention to all the buzzwords. They're trying to sell you something

2010 called. They want u mad back.

serious question.
Are all peer to peer connections not supposed to use IP addresses?

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They could be like in i2p where you don't know IP of the machine that recives your data. But my qustion is why matrix has p2p connections and not able to send files directly.