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Theresa May says she'll take control of Brexit negotiations. PM stages a takeover. Will lead Brexit negotiations from now on. Major power grab from DEXEU

Revealed: Three-year-old acid victim's FATHER is among four Romani men being quizzed over attack - as it's claimed boy's 'Eastern European' mother was intended target 'after bitter break-up'

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This one has links tbh

Better thread I think I'll use this one,

I was wondering. Can't Farage just have a puppet whom he can advise instead of having to become leader again and bear the crushing workload? Is it that he just can't find a good man for the job?

Yeah I just saw it.

"And now for a Party Political Broadcast by the Repudiation League"

She's correct. As well, only Nige could do this now as he is an already-established respectable figure

precisely what happened to Hitler. He refused to acknowledge external debt and issued its own currency, for self-sufficiency.

North Korea's central tenet is based upon the same principle. Juche I think it is called, effectively economic fascism.

Japan is in the process of doing it now. I don't think they have any intention of honouring all the bonds they've issued or money they've borrowed but they've certainly put it to good use.

I think it'd eventually become the repudiation and anti wog league as we sort to expel the remaining foreigners after the gravy train had dried up.

Good lad


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Do you think that treason may would do anything in the national interest tho

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I don't think anyone that reaches a high level in elected government is anything but a cynical self serving wretch.

Does he not realise how little value there is in these sorts of joker buzzwords? He's actually less intelligent than I thought: as is left wing discourse. Calling people who are obviously not far right, 'fascist', is the most out of touch, bourgeois pansy thing you can do. How can he even pretend to have any sort of connection to the working classes? It's fucking mental how narcissistic these little tits are.

daily reminder there are only 2 ways out of this cage: violent insurrection or total economic collapse.

All else is futile.

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I'll campaign for one while you wage a guerrilla insurgency for the other.

Nothing will come of this, the citizenry is addicted to apathy, the only way it will end is when people start dying in large numbers, and I don't think there is anything we can do to avoid it tbh.

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It's a ritual form of rebirth tbh. We are only renewed in death and replacement.

We are only renewed in LARPing

top kek the audacity of this kike, he got it for less than 50% RRP and (disregarding the obvious fucked neck caused by RM) he's upset about some little marks on the fucking back…

Who's larping?

they are apathetic because they have materialist values, having been bought off for the last 40 years by muh economy.

We are due another collapse, and by hook or by crook we will get one.

Do you work in one of those photo shops?

They'll just use it as an excuse to replace everything with completely digital fiat.

No, I'm continuing from my previous post about a mandolin I sold on eBay which has been damaged in the post

Have you got a picture of these scratches?

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Oh, and how much did it go for?

When you deal with Jews lad, when you deal with Jews.

Yeah he's sent a couple of pictures and they're tiny.

£52 inc. P&P (£6.68), RRP is £118

Let us know what happens in small claims court lad.

You can buff minor scratches out with a bit of car polish if it's got a clear-coat layer, which at that price point it probably has.

Dindu cretin shoots himself in the junk with a sawnoff shotgun the gets arrested


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have you ever calculated the number of days left you will spend at wagecucking before you retire?

How about Salvini, Orban, and the Polish leadership?

Won't go that far lad, Royal Mail will have to refund me the postage and value because the neck has been damaged by them in transit - 1st Class Signed is insured. When I get my refund I'll refund him and that will be the end of it.

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I think they have been sheilded from international finance for the past 80 years so the power players don't have a foothold yet. Still people like Soros are trying.

Lol, Soros is banned from Hungary. I think those three nations (Italy, Hungary and Poland) will survive long enough to see the West collapse. Then the whole world will be amazed and learn from our bad example.

Michael Harris the criminal
Reaped what he had sown
Wanted to handle his mate's weapon
Now he can't even handle his own

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Also the Italians may be the last western democratic rebellion.

Not happy about you spurning those Pakis I reckon.

lmaoing at these remainer words

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Maximum jew

You think that is bad! Yesterday I heard a new one, "Equine racism". I shit you not!

tbqh using the Richard Hammond strategy as Batten is doing is probably a dead end road.

Seeing someone like Salvini, who is obviously near-completely free from modernist mind control, actually get into power is amazing. It's like watching the sun rise over that country.

It's not just the Hammond strategy lad. Don't forget his secret weapon

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Never seen someone hold a pint in a more gay way

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shouldn't have turned down the stepfather's application then

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'Americans and the Holocaust' exhibit in Washington re-opens old wounds. Evil Goyim Americans knew much more about the Nazi regime in real-time than they want to believe, exhibition claims
>In that 1979 report to the president, the scholar and Holocaust survivor Wiesel assessed American behavior: “Away from the battlefield, the judgment of history will be harsh,” he wrote. “How many victims, Jews and non-Jews, could have been saved had we changed our immigration laws, opened our gates more widely, protested more forcefully. We did not. Why not?”
>“Americans and the Holocaust” is, as Bloomfield said, a challenging show. Implicit for Americans walking through its galleries is the thought that these people who held back in the knowledge of evil are our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents
>Similarly, as news of the Final Solution was reported first in government circles and then in the popular press by November 1942, the government did not take concrete steps, such as bombing railway lines feeding the death camps or bombing the camps themselves, that would not have prevented the Holocaust but could have lessened the death toll.
>Not all of the stories are dismaying. Eleanor Roosevelt is portrayed using her influence to try to help refugees and instill humane policies. While Roosevelt’s State Department tried to cover up news of Germany’s murder of Jews, his Treasury Department exposed the cover-up.
>(((Treasury))) Department noticed


Who cares

Thank you Donald!

gonna actually listen tbh, in light of may's meltdown

Shows how yids are doubling down on the yanks
Expect it to happen here soon



beat the estate agent up and then sue them

Is this monarch calling in


Darn, and at quite a young age. He thought he was going to die before the revolution happened, though.

This isn't going to have a big influence on American racial nationalism, but he was one of the last figures of his era and milieu, right?

The SPLC says,

Goodbye, Covington.

Based sexual revolution

I'd still rather not get throat cancer from not being careful enough with a veruca

Poofs everywhere are licking their lips tbh

I do love how these tossers have remade freak shows despite being adamantly against them.
>"if we make it look like we care for the freaks, then we can get away with it!"

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Only humans and horses

Is steamed ham even an actual food?


Only as a memi since The Simpsons

tbh he was a fat rhodesian larper who went around calling people feds. I read some of The Brigade though, was pretty funny.
better than the curious incident of the dog in the night time

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Did Nige say that?

a caller just did

"I was one of them once"

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Why 31?

Such an arbitrary age to base attractiveness on.



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It belongs to Her Majesty

You alright lad?

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Is that LBJ in drag


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Imagine trying this with some migrant and a white Brit.

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That can't be legit surely.

How do Kent lad?
Not bad ta, just drowning in a cocktail of sweat and factor 50 tbh

Bit different. White Brits are still Brits.

small wees


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Who is the one who thinks she's innocent?

probably a paki