Is clover OS any good?

Is clover OS any good?

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installing a distro thats not on distrowatch is like hiring illegal mexicans to do work in your house

Do you even have to ask?

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try sid its got newer packades than arch and if youre developing software you should be able to rtfm and configure debian easily


It's not bait though. Everything else is a meme distro that is going to either have serious short comings or suck up your time configuring it.

why even use suse though?

I tried it recently on a lark. It was fast, I'll give it that: definitely better performing than what I normally use. The app suite was decent. But I exploded it trying to add TUN/TAP support to the kernel, so I could run openvpn. And then I tried to find documentation, which does not really exist. I'm sure it was user error and to an extent, lack of knowledge.. but fuck that. Why wouldn't it support VPNs by default? Maybe I just missed a trick, but I shouldn't have to know a trick to be able to run openvpn.

I ended up back where I started: OpenBSD. It is very hard to beat once you are onto it. I also kinda like Open Indiana, it's pretty classy.


It's cool and pretty fast

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I..actually kinda like this, it's a sane gentoo install that does the minumum with some scripts and anything else I can just add myself. Any problems with emerge can be resolved by editing my make.conf to pull packages from Source Portage, and I can always switch back to Clover's mirror by simply adding '-G'.

My nigga, don't knock it until you try it.

Do you think it is a fair statement to say that the GPL is the SJW of software licensing?

reminder that this is a /g/ project and Zig Forums are eternal cucks who never code or work on any projects anyone ever gave a shit about

Zig Forums:


It's gentoo but with the main point of gentoo -customization- already done. Not worth downloading.

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Will a girl show me her "gentoo" if I install Gento?

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what are you smoking?

They have a rolling release which is at least tested. The bloat is real, but if you can get past that then it's a good system.

what's the modern use-case of that today? I always thought Solaris development pretty much died when OpenSolaris went away.

Unironically the best. Before it, gentoo was the best by far. Now gentoo + a shitload of precompiled packages? You can't really do any better. Rock solid. Customizable completely. More stable than your horse's house. Nothing compares. Only complaint is that I've never gotten ANY gentoo-based liveusb to even boot, and cloveros is no exception. Live system is just peachy though.

Code is not a word, cuck.

Debian Sid is rolling release you turbo LARP.

debian is not stable if you ever update anything to sid at any time, because half the system needs to be pulled into sid, and at this point everything explodes.
Meanwhile stable packages are chuckfull of bugs, but the bugs are never addressed which lets sysadmins add their custom patches and never bother changing them. That's what they really mean by "stable".

For me, mostly appreciation of the past and learning to use solaris. I'll never use it in production. That said, I have read that the solaris "zones" are very good. I also read that kernel performance is very good, comparatively, and can confirm anecdotally that my cpu utilization is lower on OI vs. obsd doing the same tasks (playing a movie, for example.)

It's not a very good comparison point since obsd is well known to be extremely slow and use shittons of cpu resources while no other OS has that problem. They claim it's security related but even with the same hardening techniques used in other OSs, they don't see such problems.

Does it support PPC32?

It's gentoo so you can compile anything that's not already precompiled through the package manager. However cloveros doesn't provide any non-x86 packages precompiled.

wtfpl is a cuck license

It has fucking linuxBBQ's problem of being made and used ONLY by it's maintainers, because they don't know how to document shit.

Have you tried turning your brain on?

Unironically Arch, if it's gonna break anyway you might as well, and it never even broke for me. But more importantly do not use Debian sid, I repeat, do not use sid, sid is NOT for users, there is absolutely no attempt to make sid stable, and it fucking isn't, don't bother.

opensuse is for pros

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OpenSuSE used to be pretty good, but nowadays all the 3rd party repos are gone, there are fuckall packages in the main repos, it's unstable as shit, their patches introduce extra bugs while fixing nothing (used to be the exact opposite, the kde3 patch gave kde3 a searchable menu like modern accelerators such as krunner, and a really good interface, along with getting rid of many glitches and other bugs) and it uses systemd.

Clover is Gentoo for lazy homosexuals.

CloverOS is literally just a script that installs Gentoo for you. There's no need for CloverOS documentation because Gentoo documentation already exists.

as a meme distro/for tinkering, yes

for actual work fuck no lol, use something like solus, ubuntu, opensuse or mint

nice wallpaper
can i have the image?

CloverOS GNU/Linux

Libre ISO:
GPG: 78F5 AC55 A120 07F2 2DF9 A28A 78B9 3F76 B8E4 2805
IRC: #cloveros on
Packages: 3514
Rsync: rsync://
License: WTFPL
Validate ISO:

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key "78F5 AC55 A120 07F2 2DF9 A28A 78B9 3F76 B8E4 2805"
gpg --verify CloverOS-x86_64-20180208.iso.asc CloverOS-x86_64-20180208.iso


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There's documentation at anyway

it's pretty good

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Samefag AND furfag.
We've hit new levels of Zig Forums

Not me.

How can it be WTFPL? Even the kernel isn't compatible with it, is it?

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WTFPL allows relicensing, so its defacto GPL wherever it touches I'd presume?

The bash scripts and configs are WTFPL

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Tried it, it's better than debian but it still doesn't compare to slackware.
It's fun but i guess my opinion on it might be tainted a bit since i don't really understand gentoo all that much.

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Slightly better quality

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Clover is to Gentoo what Manjaro is to Arch. It's good if you want a temporary stepping stone to get used to the OS because you're a newfag who's scared of the text-based installer, but you're going to have a much better experience if you just install and set up the real OS yourself.

more like what debian is to devuan. gentoo and clover both suck cock (as an actual os, good meme) anyways so who cares?

Your tears are delicious, lennart poottering.

nice id, fag

hi kevin. The only distro that doesn't constantly break, rolling release or not, is gentoo. Not to mention it's systemd free and has the second largest repo of any distro right behind aur, or that patching something is as simple as dropping a patch in a directory and reinstalling the package using the package manager, no need for any extra commands or indications or anything. Or USE flags. Or acutally good hardening.

The other retard doesn't know what he's talking about. Use testing. It's like arch but more stable. I've been running Debian Testing for the past 3 years with virtually no issues that aren't PEBKAC.

gr8 b8 m8

I don't know what you're smoking. Care to show any proof, mate?

I've had the opposite experience, CloverOS is much more refined and has some defaults that Gentoo should've had to begin with.

You shouldn't use Debian Testing in a production/personal machine. Debian Testing doesn't get any security updates, and regular updates are usually delayed one week or so, so it stays vulnerable to all sorts of known security problems for about a week.
The purpose of Debian Testing... Is to test packages. Don't use it unless you want to help the Debian project. Debian Unstable and Debian Stable are the only things you should be using.
Not possible. The way packaging works in GNU/Linux means that you either have a unstable, regression-prone system (like Arch or Debian Unstable) or a stable, unchanging system (like Debian Stable or CentOS.)
Our best bet is for Snappy/Flatpak to catch on and be finished so we can have the latest packages in a stable base.


you might not want to make regular posts from mod.php, mod-kun~

It's nice that it downloads packages from all mirrors at once with 16 connections

I know your post is from months ago but I didn't have to do any of that. I just installed OpenVPN and it worked.

wbar is about to be added to iso because it has no extra dependencies. It'll be available via right click menu

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Stop being a lazy homo and install Gentoo without Clover.
Its CFLAGS are dangerous and largely unnecessary according to the Gentoo wiki.
They also seem to be arranged in a way as to "outsmart" package maintainers who override them which is the single biggest DO NOT DO in the whole article on optimizations.
Stop using a literal meme-OS and use the OS that it abuses.

why would i compile my software to be slower though

Because C/C++ is unsafe as fuck sp nobody is able to write correct code in it which means if you go full hurr durr -O9000 gcc fucks your shit up.
Rewrite it in Rust, then you can do -O9000 safely.

lmao butthurt

Opinion discarded.

Gotta go fast

Lel'd, this should be a banner
Gonna install just to test

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breddy gud

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I'd like a transparent/non-clover version of that monster girl for scientific purposes

I could program a computer to write bullshit responses like this if I could program.

Can we please just stop creating a billion fucking esoteric distros and then wonder why Linux isn't becoming a mainstream desktop operating system? If you want a desktop Linux distro chose from the main ones: Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Fedora, OpenSUSE or Gentoo. Or build your own from scratch.

But, the way things are now, if someone new to Linux were to look up the best distro to download, he'd find hundreds of different answers. And if he were to post on a forum something like "Thinking about choosing this one. Any opinions?" he'd start a never-ending flame war. Do you think that encourages potential newcomers?

It's time to shut up, grow up and start improving existing open-source distros rather than forking them.

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Who cares ? Especially ones who would chose what distro to install based on whatever the consensus on some internet forum would be. Fuck those guys

Dude, I literally do not know a single person who didn't choose his first distro either based on his friends' recommendation, or based on the recommendation of people online.

because you are cancer those around you are too

I disagree I've installed arch before and every time after I just go with antergos. I've extracted no deeper understanding from typing in esoteric commands into a CLI from the wiki. And if I'm supposed to read the man pages for every single fucking command, then I'll just do that on my own time and not when I'm just trying to get my computer into a usable state.

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Yeah, sure, it's the people I know, it's not the fact that we have spent the past 3 decades building an amazing tool that makes the entirety of human knowledge available (and easily searchable) to everyone everywhere all the time for free, and everyone uses it for everything, including choosing their operating system.

Look m8, more users would benefit absolutely every single current Linux users out there. And if Linux went mainstream, then man, that would just be the best. Cause many of them to dual-boot Windows, because not many companies make software for Linux, and would really like not to have to.

But that's never going to happen if you can't control your addiction to forking every single project you see because you believe it can be improved in this tiny little way, and the current maintainers don't agree. And it's certainly not going to happen if you are then going to form a tribe around your favorite distro and declare war on everyone else.

"Windows sucks, but it's better than having to deal with this nonsense."

"But we don't want these kinds of people" I hear you say. Maybe not, but it's the kind of people you are going to fucking need if you want the Linux Desktop to have any amount of mainstream success. And if you don't then you are a disgrace to everyone you know and you fucking kill yourself.

All of those distros have lead to nothing but hurt for me. I've had an easier time dealing with and setting up gentoo than those pieces of shit.


The fuck you talking about? Are you actually retarded? Linux became popular because Microsoft ruined their operating system (more than it already was)

Jesus Christ, I don't want more proprietary software, not because I dislike proprietary software, but because proprietary software tends to be shit.

I don't want software of a certain kind, I want good software, and Linux is better than Windows, and if it had all the software Windows has, everyone would use it which would be better for everyone, including for you.

What you want is your own little community away from the outside world. Unfortunately for most of us who actually have a fucking life and have are forced to use Windows have to suffer everyday because of you and your mentality.

Lol. You are stuck in your reddit bubble. Linux dominates server and embedded, on the desktop it is - and will always be - irrelevant.

Wrong. Proprietary is superior. Chrome is better than Firefox. Steam is better than GOG. Spotify is better than bittorrent. Gmail is better than Thunderbird. Discord is better than IRC. Goggle Docs is better than OpenOffice. Windows is better than Linux.
Pray tell, what software that is not proprietary and only on Windows that causes you such heartache? Linux is already the most popular "OS" on mobile. We do not have to guess, but simply look at reality. And I know for a fact that Android is not better for me. But this is exactly the future you are wishing for, regardless of your ignorance of it.

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Fuck off CIANigger.


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gmail is also a webmail client

That's been objectively wrong sine Quantum.

OpenOffice has been dead for the past 7 years, which just goes to show how familiar you are with FOSS. LibreOffice, it's successor, is better than Google Docs and almost on par with Microsoft's Office (the only things it's really missing in my experience are non-free fonts and table pivot in Calc).

What? No. Just no. The only thing Linux is missing is software. Aside from that there is literally no reason to use Windows. It's objectively inferior in every way imaginable.

I'm not saying that some proprietary software isn't better than some free software. Adobe's stuff is a good example. IBM AIX too. But Windows is just utterly shit. Fucking crashes all the time. Unable to install itself in a partition without writing it's shitty bootloader that can't boot into any other OS to the MBR. Unstoppable updates. No Ctrl-Alt-F3 to get you out of a GUI freeze. Spies on you. No way to update all the software on your computer, need I go on?

And what is? iOS? Well that still *nix you fucking moron. Windows Phone? I quit.

no one actually uses arch or gentoo, and if they do they're retards who fell for the meme

No shit you didn't learn anything it's basically automated. Install gentoo and you'll probably learn something.

been using sid for a while now and its never given me any problems, that said, i didnt go crazy trying to fuck with shit either, i think its mostly the stuff that the user changes that breaks shit, but what else can you really expect from a bleeding edge distro anyway?

t. devlet