Brit/pol/#2370: Wonders Of Diversity Edition

No-deal’ Brexit could spark ‘civil unrest’: Amazon UK boss issues warning

UK Defence Crisis: Britain's ability to defend itself at risk due to lack of funding

UK heatwave to spark thunderstorms and torrential rain this week

UK weather latest: Ladybower Reservoir in pictures as water level drops two metres

Essex family return from camping holiday in France to find a Sudanese stowaway had clung to their motorhome for 300 miles

Father discovers Britain's largest ever gold nugget 'worth at least £50,000' after going hunting for treasure in a mystery river

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Please try and keep your hopes up lads, if not for yourself, for the people around you.

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true, but in clear cases like this kid being burned alive a slow and painful capital punishment is appropriate


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Oh fuck right off.
Last time I booked a week off work it lashed down for 5 days solid. I have next week off work and now it might happen again?

fuck sake

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tbh dont know how we can get rid of the foreign nonce

At least you're not working in this heatwave lad, it almost killed me yesterday.

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Jesus Christ

Every single kike gets the rope.

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tell me about it lad
feels like Levi

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That's the thing. I am working in this heat wave and I have no choice. As a welder/engineer it's much much worse.

Kill me, Pete

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With all the modern forensic evidence it's a lot harder to not catch the killer, those against the death penalty forget the advances made in this field. Conveniently people also forget that premature babies can survive from before 24 weeks as well because of advances in medical technology.

boring tbh

mama mia

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Rain and tents is comfy

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plus you'd get the right guy 100x more than you'd get the wrong guy
collateral damage for the greater good

Unlucky lad.

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Did he drop a penny?

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He's just a typical jock pisshead

Not when we're meant to be spending the evenings on the beach.

What's all this shit about?

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Isn't there a screencap floating around with him flirting with McInnes?

I sometimes wonder if leftists are in fact as disgusted by Rotherham/Newcastle/Telford as we are, but their programming forces them to translate that into vitriol against anyone who reminds them of it.

Half way through the year and they haven't seemed to be making any big pushes.

Sounds pretty gay mate, go to the pub in the evenings


Kent lad calling out the homo mods

As much as it may be pushed I can't see it ever being accepted in this country, the response to Saville and subsequent scandals should prove this.

They'll frame the difference as being a matter of consent.

Still, the people will reject this. If they wont there seriously is no hope anymore.

Remember when the BBC and ITV actually made decent and gritty police dramas?

Same here lad, full black suit, it's like a sauna.


Pederasty was widely accepted in Rome, Persia, China and Japan in the ancient world. As paganism takes over all aspects of our society this will follow.


RAAAARGH I will NOT allow pedophilia to become mainstream!

That makes me want to dry heave with disgust.
AoC should be above 21 tbh

Here's the think if they're saying kids have that much agency at that age does that mean we start charging them with crimes like adults? Abolish age restrictions on all intoxicants?

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We all know that feel freond

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Course they will reject it lad, noncery will never be accepted.

No escape

Being British these days means that you're either a wog or a fag.

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Surprised someone hasn't keeled over and died on the tube.

I bet they have but no-one would notice or give a shit.

There will probably be some double standard like there is with women tbh.

Would it smell better or worse if that happened?


Felt like doing it the other day in my dinner jacket.

Living with him was so depressing she killed herself.

Pic related.

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legalising paedophilia wont stop the hammer of justice
in fact it will only make it easier to spot the creeps

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meant for


they still do

Good lad.

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makes you wonder how the working class ever survived before the welfare state

Bennies are easy to get anyway, and enough to support someone until they get a job

Comfy rains


You deserve a Taggart post for that.

Killing them would be for the best. Poor things

I mean how did we ever survive centuries without the welfare state if you physically cannot accomplish anything other than petty violence and drug dealing unless you have government assistance


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yes. 13 year olds know they can get away with all sorts. dodgy types will put their kids through windows to help robbing. When I lived in Leeds my bedroom door opened one morning and I said something then it stopped. The neighbour said she saw some kid come in the front door.

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Nips have taken over the Monterey Bay Aquarium it seems.

Guess that means he's old enough to suck dick then.

The community that people lived in would help each other through local charity, however the idea of such a community in modern times has been largely eroded through the promotion of becoming transient.

Imperium has spread to aquariums, **search
the for hokusai the dream of the fisherman wife 1814**

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Ah fuck, the spolier failed. I swear I can do it lads


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lol gooks

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You have to admire mainland China man's lack of fear tbh

I can post some blackpilling Victorian crime statistics tbh.

1890: Population 28,763,673 Convictions 9,242
1900: Population 32,249,187 Convictions 8,157
1910: Population 35,796,289 Convictions 11,997

It was Taiwan, you can tell by the traditional script.

Stealing an apple got you sent to the deep dark down-under tho

Where criminals belong.

well blimey, I stand corrected, they are all mental

They aren't. The number of times I've mentioned grooming gangs to these sorts of people only to be met a sigh and a roll of the eyes is disgusting.

not a horrid punishment, considering Australia has one of the highest HDI's in the world


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Was that still going on by the early 20C?

baste piers tbh

Why make this film it's depressing

Also did that poo-in-loo self-describe as a commie?

Good question. iirc Im referencing a lesson I had in school where a working class man got life for stealing some birds and someone else of higher class got off lightly for some white collar crime. He may have just gone to prison but metaphorically speaking Australia was just as bad.

>ywn be assaulted by a tentacle monster

Yes she did, with such pride and conviction that it was a slap in the face when everyone laughed at her on the show.

if that's the one said literally said
To Piers on live TV then yes.


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Night lads

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Night lad.

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