Brit/pol/#2371: Bit hot tbh lads Edition

UK Govt Finally Launches Ethnic Origins Study of Child Rape Gangs After Decades of Abuse
The Home Secretary has ordered research into the ethnicity of grooming gangs and is working to improve the “targeting” of child sex abuse networks and “prevention activity”.

Hundreds of Rape Convictions Reviewed After Police ‘Deliberately’ Withheld Evidence
More than 300 rape convictions will be reviewed after concerns about politically correct police being “hostile” to men and “deliberately” withholding evidence to send them to jail.

UK heatwave: Hottest day of year as temperatures soar
It is officially the hottest day of the year so far in the UK with temperatures soaring to 35C in west London.

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First for not bullying Westie




He was permabanned a few days ago he a gudboi getting his life on track.

Unban Wessex tbh

That's libel lad.

Good lad.

fuck i have aids

Ahahahahahaha. The NHS is saved!

I used to like climbing buildings as a kid. Was never acrobatic but I was quite good at getting up and down again without injuries, even doing straight drops from 30ft.


It's not even saved by the £350m tbh

lads there's been so many bans since it's gonna be impossible to find it

Love it tbh

Don't care find it NOW

He'll have to file a appeal since I'm not a mod and I don't have access to the proper ban list.

Alright lad you did your best pal.

He shouldn't've been a shitposter if he didn't want to be banned. He's got his own board, why doesn't he stay there?

How pathetic.

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Visa waiver
>>>Zig Forums11913917

You're a shitposter though?

If I was, I would be banned, I'm a gud boi

If they hate Zig Forums so much and think it's shit, why don't they post on their own supposedly superior board instead???

that cabbie probably knew this before dropping off the guy in the street.

That sums up the state of UKIP's Young Independence. Absolute joke.

The xenos are still mowing the lawn every singe day what the fuck. If I pick up on it, who only drive through town for 3 minutes notices it, certainly everyone else does. What a scam

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Batten is a fucking mug for giving credence to these creatures.

both newbrit and bongo need to be removed

You have the mental faculties of a child and lack the intellect to understand the dichotomy between the boards even if I explained it to you.

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>"umm no we shouldn't play by their rules"
There is no 'playing fair' anymore, the only way to play is to kick their teeth in.

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Why are you on /newbrit/ lad? :-)

I'm just going to ban any meta-drama tbh, just sod off.

State Actor strikes again tbh

Wow, so high IQ lad, really showed me.

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Who do we vote for if everyone is useless? Joining the Christian Party is an arduous process, whereas UKIP has been infected with Liberalists.

Please make me mod so I can unban myself when I feel I've been unjustly banned

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How can you ban anyone when you've turned into a cartoonish pile of ash because it's 33c.

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I'm hoping Batten sees them for what they actually are and distances himself, but with him wanting to increase UKIPs numbers I doubt he will.



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A cowardly centrist and a degenerate.
UKIPs fucked if Nige doesn't come back although he'd probably embrace the e-celebs

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It's a hundred degrees Delisle lad, and six million degrees blibblywop


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Yankee doodle tbh

politics is a dead end road anyway, by the time you get enough votes to get into power the country will be 40% non-white and you will never actually win an election due to the labourblob

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Big if true

Nuke it.

If only tbh

I will seize power once the country is 60% non-white and heem every single inbred little manlet paki in this land in single combat on paid television.

will you be wearing a dress?


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Maid uniform, specifically
But don't worry lad, he wasn't corssdressing, he was just cosplaying as an anime boy, who happened to be crossdressing.

smh you silly cute gayboi(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

It's got a few liberalists. Already attention ahores and yhe media gave them what they want. Join and 'infiltrate' guide the party yourself. It's members are still like minded, and the party machine is less autocratic than others, especially the BASED TORIES. All the ones like For Britain and English Democrats etc. are going nowhere.

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Spoiler that smdh I'm just finishing off my sossies.

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He was so happy in that video.



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Much better.

If only men this brave existed nowadays

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Nothing stopping you playing bumper cars with them is there? IS THERE?

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What do you mean, is that their job and they just mow it everyday unnecessarily, like "makework"?


some day a real rain will come


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Disregard this post, westie is a homo

Rather misleading.

A tenner says he's a Jesuit

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The people don't want the kids to have six weeks off over the summer

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Yeah. Every day on their little lawn mower tractors. Same fucking lawn

keek that peek

All my local schools only have 4 1/2 tbh.

Salvini antichrist for stopping migrant deaths says boomer hippie priest

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I'd prefer that MP's went back to being entirely unpaid instead.

If they stick 'House of' or 'Parliament' before the name, they can get six week paid holidays and claim expenses

Nothing but RESPECT for my DPM

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1000x this.
It should be a duty, not a job.

I'd want them to have to account - on a daily basis - for their actions that day and, if deemed to not have performed in the best interests of Britain - viciously beaten in Parliament Sq.for ppv TV


I can sympathise with this tbh

Tbf lads the reason that MPs began to be paid in the first instance was to stop it being a position exclusively available to rich cunts and closed off to LOCAL lads, which was why the Chartist movement demanded it back in 1838.

And now it's a position exclusive to upper and middle class tossers looking for an easy ride on the taxpayers penny

Besides, the pay isn't the problem, it's the fact they aren't serving the interest s of us.


the utter state of are police