Brit/pol/ #2372: The Lost Edition

Household debt in UK 'worse than at any time on record'

UK cannabis laws changing at dizzying speed

UK halts co-operation with US over Islamic state suspects

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Best character coming through

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First flagpost

nah tbh

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good lad

absolute ledge

guid la'

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Even when you do it through vidya your larping is insufferable.

wrong board

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Imagine how many mountain dew chugging cheeto eaters converted because of this, based Obsidian.

Next game is just going to be lootcrates and mindless bing bing wahoo shooting.

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You can't fault Obsidian for their writing.

top lad

Vegas was the last decent game they did lad

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Michel Barnier tears up Theresa May's Brexit customs proposals
Michel Barnier has warned that attempts to appeal to EU leaders over his head were a waste of time as he rejected after Brexit, in effect killing off the Chequers plan

Right that's it then, she said so before that this mean No Deal.

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put your moon shoes on

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Zig Forums rekt imo tbh

how autistic do you have to be to not understand something being light-hearted

Thanks lads

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Ulysses was the best character anyway even though he was la creatura.

the divide

Et tu, Scimitar?

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This ain't it, chief.

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Do you think I sat bolt upright and started hammering away at the keyboard fuming when I posted "nah tbh"

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What did I miss?

God bless you lad
2 for 1 special - send her to join him.

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A picture of cold, bland meat.

Another exploded cock and bollocks dilation wound courtesy of our resident gore poster.



May's Brexit proposals have been two years in the making. They were killed off in Brussels within eight minutes

Still lasted longer than Catalonia.

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No deal please

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*closes webm*

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oh is it gore time?

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The virgin Chad, tbh

isnt 3 plates a lot

there are like 5 or 6 on there

She did say that if it were rejected we'd resort to No Deal.
If only there were a way to ensure that she is accountable for her words.

That drawn face is going to haunt my dreams.

Don't start lad it's almost nightshift

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lel it's like children thinking they are hidden when they cover their eyes

What conflict is this from?


Must be Africa, they look very black.

T*rks against K*rds iirc

Reminds me of this.

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World War Five: Revenge of the Pakis

Could equally be Birmingham by that logic

Keek Kurds. They will have to bend the knee to Assad for any hope of survival now.

Worms unfrozen after 42,000 years are alive and eating

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flamethrower the fucker

Game over lads, Russia has hacked death

yfw they carry a bacteria which the human immune system is completely unprepared for and
globalism means we are all gonna go through what the south americans went through with the pox
tl:dr we are all gonna die tbh


I thought it said "Women unfrozen after 42,000 years are alive and eating" for a solid 10 seconds, my heart almost skipped a beat at the mindfuck.

bit rude lad


I've lived as a NEET, my immune system could survive the black plague and ebola at once.

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kek lad that would have been on every front page

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I thought I could finally get a gf.

Sorry lad, her body her choice innit

Alive and nagging more like

It's not gay if you didn't look into his eyes

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Thanks LSsmee

You can always go back to trying to lure in men with the maid outfit.

Our Gay In Russia

Thanks lad

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It;s only your own bacteria and germs that you've lived in, you're closer to an Incan than anything else when you go outside.

That's what you get for using the rare Mosley for (You) harvesting tbh

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Breathing onnatube has basically made me invincible.

Might be disastrous tbh, don't want long extinct bacteria and shit coming to life and possibly causing disease or out-competing modern bacteria

Which is why they've left the bodies buried in Longyearbyen where they are.

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Sounds similar to the plot of that film in the space station above Earth with the worm from Mars that kills everyone and goes to South East Asia.

you're lucky it didn't show up in the thumbnail kek

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Wew, based

Sounds pretty gay tbh.

Anyone catch the Kalashnikov factory bit?

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Now we know where to get some bio weapons.

There are plague victims buried there that will still be infected.

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Bongo Bongo Land. gg /txypEx



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Rossiya Davai!

enjoy digging through permafrost

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This, its fucking disgusting that he is still allowed to post here.