Brit/pol/ #2373 Pre-drink Drinks Edition

Household debt in UK 'worse than at any time on record

UK cannabis laws changing at dizzying speed

UK halts co-operation with US over Islamic state suspects

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xth for ==DEATH TO AMERICA==

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Yeah or have a fleet or airgroup with enough missiles to overpower the carrier group. However modern thinking is that no really has that power and at best you could maybe get away with using ballistic missiles using tungsten rod warheads but that required some luck and the hope that no one misconstrues that as a nuclear launch.

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This is a blackpill free thread.

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Bad news kiddo. I need you to work tomorrow after all.

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That's horrible.


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Lads, if you're ever in this position, dump her immediately

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I will never be in the position of having a normalfag wedding, if a thot wants to marry me it will be a cheap secular legal arrangement with maybe some kind of vaguely catholic ceremony in the woods or something

yeah ok

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irl friendship is powerful, lads,. You should try it

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sign of human weakness tbh

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I mean lad you should get married under witness from God.

You're sounding neoliberal lad

like the thot would forewarn you about it

Its never that much of a surprise when a woman turns out to be a whore

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no idea about it, and it sounds too faggoty for me to want to have anything to do with it tbh.

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complete emotional and spiritual self-reliance is what the novice Hashishim should aspire too

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Lewes Castle Brown

Toffee, treacle and liquorice. Very sweet, sweeter than McEwan's Export or Newcastle Brown.

I've paired with the sweet Aucentoshen American Oak Lowland single malt.

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Bunch of queers


Sounds like an equally faggy group

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You lads could conquer Iran, but the people would never have the heart for the casualties. One day at the Somme and the neocons heads would be on pikes tbh.

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You'd like them lad they're even edgier than fight club

Anyone flying kites in the thunderstorms today?

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Wasn't taking pictures of coffins banned in the US until very recently?

nah they're faggy af.

Persian women are hot

I'd imagine after a few Fallujah's the US's spirit might break a bit.

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We're so soft now. Stalingrad killed 500,000 of the soviets and they kept on kicking, yet we can't handle a handful of men killed. Not insulting the bravery of our soldiers, just that as a society we seem to tolerate far less, guess it's a sign that nobody believes in our mercenary wars around the world and sees the deaths as a waste. Poor lads.



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Imagine we had a war with this level of casualties, the country (and army) would collapse after the first 20k deaths

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one knocked out carrier would probably break off the attack IMO

America's spirit brook during the Summer of Love (1967).

The Hunt for IKS - Too Much Beer at the War and Peace Show 2018

One of the most awesome battles in European history tbh.

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I'd have a giggle if the Nimitz got sunk.

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love that vid its such an amazing display of nogdom


*get shot*

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*sinks the entire ottoman navy*

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christians should've stopped infighting and continued the reconquista together right into the holy land and wiped out islam forever

lads help me with the comments tbh (you have to be sneaky beacause she is banning)

i would if i could stand more than 2 seconds of her lad


lad that's deeply sad

my sides

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but muh comment

Is he dead?


One can hope.

the pub where I go for Friday drinks has Asians in it

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no he got a free ticket to the free food and free gay nigger daycare center known as US prison where he will spend the rest of his life high on pills lifting weights and being a gay nigger on my tax dollars

You know what to do.

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I literally come here to be around other white men.

Cost too much to do (plus manpower), much easier to go around and bully (or if you are a Spaniard, fug) the natives of some random uncivilised land.

Pakistani/Indian Asian or East Asian?

Where do I get those from

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Indians I guess don't know tbh all I know is they ain't me

where did you find that pic, lad?

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if the reformation never happened i wonder how much of the middle east would be christian today


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post the one with the tongue out. where do you get these?

bet that guy is catholic

saved tbh

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I think it's Brazil based on the face paint

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If Eve had had YouTube, she would have made a video like this telling Adam to eat the apple.

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Iktf lad. Personally I wish I was in charge of the prison system.
The food would be 100% soy, no lifting gear to get gains from and I would deny all knowledge of legal highs being a problem in my gaff.

Keep 'em weak, keep 'em meek.

gonna stop now so I don't enable

Yeah but than we would all be catholic.

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true lols

Even though the chapter outright says that it's by weaving and selling things, this person wrests God's word to imply that women had jobs in Iron Age Israel.

"Every day they wrest my words: all their thoughts are against me for evil."

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What is Mr Cohen trying to say about our society, here?

cmon tell me where I can get 'em, tineye doesn't help

what does sponge bob need?

the source on where I can find more of those delicious mestizas

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'cause I already tried reverse image search like a self-sufficient individiual

and also it's 81 degrees in here 'cause my AC isn't working


It was a boomer tier comment tbh

your post was shit and you're not getting any (you)s for the rest of the thread

I liked your post lad I just didn't know how to respond to it.

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Good insight.

It's like women want me to turn gay.

Just admit it… you want to bury your face in that cute thicc and rather inviting boi butt of his. It smells like strawberries~
It's perfectly normal to crave such a thing.
Don't let the bully boy homophobes in here prevent you from being you. I mean, I'm positive around 40% of the lads here are in the closet anyways

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off to the right of the screen is me getting scalding hot tea spilled right over my bollocks