Brit/pol/ #2374: Tank, Cruiser, Comet I Edition

On this day in history:

Household debt in UK 'worse than at any time on record

UK halts co-operation with US over Islamic state suspects

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Good lad

Good lad

на здоровье
to your health Russian lad!

Good lad

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Who /demoralised/ here

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just think about Saddam lad. He never gave up

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I remember when they caught him it was massive news and all night every channel had footage of his arrest and looked haggard, and in his underwear. Total dehumanisation.

Except I had no idea because I had no TV or internet so I was just at home reading a biography of Gladstone. I didnt need 24/7 connection to the outside world. Good times.

chin up lads

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Touched the girl I fancied from work's leg last night lads

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on purpose?

did you give it a good old squeeze lad? did she squeal? I bet she did.

I used to be demoralized, then I gave up and everything improved because I no longer give a shit tbh.

Notice her shoes and make a comment about them - you'll date her the following week, if that's what you want.
She has a boyfriend though, but the thot will still meet up with you.


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Smh lad.


Great digits wasted on nihilism.


No it was more of a stroke

Not that kind of girl tbh, she just wears trainers. We're meeting up tomorrow anyway (admittedly as part of a group again but it didn't stop anything last night).

Calf is just as good lad

is she white?

Ye bwoi

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Amen. Nihilism looks like freedom and feels like death. It's much better to live a life of suffering by fighting the good fight than to sink into the abyss of nihilism.

Should've bought Italian

Armed Police Operations up 19 Percent in One Year

are you white?

No lad I'm ANGLO

what does that symbol on her forehead mean?

It's a pulsing vein, symbolising her anger.


You live a life of suffering fighting the good fight because no one gives a shit - that is why the good fight is a fight. If you gave blind people back their eyesight people would nail you on a tree like a criminal to show their gratitude.


It has an Italian stock. Turns out it does work, just wasn't strong enough to cock the rifle

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Illegal immigrant was put up in a hotel in wake of Grenfell Tower tragedy after falsely claiming he had been sleeping in the stairwells at time of inferno
Living in Chelsea - most expensive borough in England
Been here illegally for 9 years. Not just kicking him out

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Jesus is the most influential figure in history because he did that work. His life wasn't fun, but he accomplished great things. That's my goal too.


makes sense thanks

Hence why Welshmen can't cock it

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The there is a tuning kit called the Welsh Willy that makes it softer to use while retaining ft/lbs.

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Good on Godwinson for finally getting a girlfriend

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He paid £700 for a club

Make sure not to get hurt in a Jewish neighbourhood, lads.

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god I want to break her bum

ok lad. Seeing the bigger picture isn't for everyone. God allows spics to skin people alive, and Clinton & co to eat babies. Being able to understand why He does, and why the people on this planet don't care enough to stop it may seem like nihilism, but it finally all makes sense.

Honesty lad. If that was truly the goal every second on a image board is one second less you have to do precisely that.

good feature, hope this gets included in all new threads tbh

Are you saying that You kipper is Godwinson?

Brit/pol/ is a lot more useful than most imageboards. If this was /a/ your post would be valid, but coming here really helps my morale.

who knew?

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You can accomplish a fair bit with an open forum for discussion and planning.

Part of getting a new gun is learning how to use it. It's very accurate with a very light trigger.

what went wrong with our women

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Like London..Manchester?

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It's just really nice to have some sane lads to read and speak to. This board can be like an oasis of sanity in a spiritual desert sometimes tbh.


fair point. Stay strong lad.

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One of the reasons is that role models for women went from people like young Queen liz to people like Diana the slappa.

I blame the lack of soy in my diet tbh.

wtf? Blues on a vehicle used to be a jail time offence! Seriously wtf?

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No, if anything was planned this site would be down and we'd be reading about raided houses in Breitbart.
It's more a place to remind yourself it's not you that is going mad, the world is.

They've got their own police as well
Doctors were allowed green lights weren't they?

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Italy is prosecuting "aid rescuers" including Doctors Without Borders as people smugglers. kek

this. The Christian family framework provided structure and discipline. Now any shit goes, things get shitty.

Well, the balkanization is more advanced than I thought.

Well lads we better stay in the EU or we will all get super STD's.

Plenty of legal things can and have been planned, such as meetups, campaigns and sharing ideas. Morale boosting is another modest accomplishment.

All sorts

project fear is occurring all over again.


very encouraging tbh

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Amsterdam 'lawless jungle' at night, ombudsman warns
>"Scooters race through the pedestrian areas. There is a lot of shouting. Drugs are being bought. There is stealing. People pee and even poop on the streets," he said
>"There is violence but no action. You can even pee on the van of a mobile (police) unit and the driver won't say anything."

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I was thinking about getting a TX200 too lad. Small world. I hope you got the carbine at least.

Honour is a lost virtue

How close are you to the thames mate? Fancy a pint?

Sounds like SA has got some competition.


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I did my bit. Archive site isn't saving it.

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The tale of the paedophile bishop and the heir to the throne — private prayer sessions, gifts of money and a 20-year correspondence — is the stuff of a conspiracy theorist’s dream. Except that the story of Peter Ball and the Prince of Wales is not a theory. It is a key element in a real, modern-day account of how powerful people in Britain formed a protective shield around a predatory sex offender.

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Where abouts near the Thames?

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Alright, meet me at the pub in 20 minutes. First round is on me.

Can't tell if it's the batty bois at MI5 or a tripless SA tbh

Not going to say where I actually am but I know of a nice pub in Orsett if you fancy it

Well now we know it's definitely not SA

make mine a Malibu xx

Being an SA doesn't automatically make you a poorpa

*schemes to pick 4a961d's pockets*

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SA ain't poor he's just tight as a nun's arse. His tightness with money is the tightest part of him.

That's a bit far for me lad. I'ts nearly 2 hours drive tbh.

*Beats you dead for being poor in close proximity to me*

News so hot it got shutdown
CNN Lies About Banned Infowars Videos In New Censorship Attempt

Sounds like he wants to take user up the Rectory Road in the Orsett Masonic Hall… disgusting

lads let's go to the swimming baths and talk about race war