Brit/pol/ #2375: Todd Edition

Austria's Sebastian Kurz tells Theresa May to avoid 'hard Brexit'

Parts of UK get month's rainfall in hours as storms break heatwave

Fake news a democratic crisis for UK, MPs warn

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Good lad.

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I'm sure we can have some kind of ministry set up to tell us what is the truth and what isn't.

Good lad

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I always feel sad at night tbh.

On the bright side it makes sad music a lot more evocative and lets me not get distracted.

Good lad

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I like this edition, it just works

Good lad.

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I thought this lad was meant to be based


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Funny how this is from the BBC

Do you think Todd could become President? He has the charm and a cult of personality already, he just needs some populist policies and boom.

Euro's love the EU

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Fallout 4 wasn't good enough. If he kept making games like Morrowind or New Vegas then his cult fanbase would be willing to go into overdrive to memi him into power.

Errr, no?

Reminder that his wife is literally retarded and mentally ill.

They're literal Marxists, lad, the only reason they go on about "muh famine" is because they use it to attack capitalist Britain.

I don't think he made either of those games.

Isn't she autistic as well? although you did just say that :^)

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He didn't make New Vegas lad.

I hope that's a lass tbh

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Is he an anti-Hunter S Thomson?

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Just realised that might be poolad

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could it be?

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Smh, knew I shouldn't have emailed him with my bomber harris email, he's a kraut.

He's business man vin diesel .

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Bezo gets the west, Todd gets the east, while the middle is turned into an ancap war zone full of Amazon war drones and Bethesda fans fighting it out.

Based Joosten.

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Thanks lads

Don't talk about him lad it just gives him even more power

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she's /arelass/

such a tease

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what are you listening to lads

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At least he picked up the expanse



i t ' s t i m e

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yep, that's going in my get collection

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she looks gooky in that video tbh

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I'm watching Sailor Moon actually

Night lads

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Well done.

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night lad

Night lad.

Wholesome music time tbh

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bit fat tbh

forgot pic

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We should raid /joosten/ tbh.

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Her and her ilk are such fucking idiots tbh


They have to be state agents at this point to be so consistently stupid.

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w h o l e s o m e

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did konami just put someones mod in the game?

Who was posting the Westie shite in the poal chat the other day? Own up lads.

I'm surprised they hadn't done it earlier, or even just at release.

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I suspect you tbqh lad

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we know it was you and bins

Need to replay MGS soon tbh

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You've an excuse to now.

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Lad, read about it properly, it's only FOB missions

Want to play as Kaz tbh.

the madman

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does that mean what I think it means?

Best character tbh

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these fucking figures

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Thanks Ashens

mom's gonna freeeaaak

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that depends on what you think it means

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Scousers. What's their problem?

I saw his address in my work database once.

okay gchq

You should knock on his door and ask if he wants to be friends.

Thanks yellow filter Pembs


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will you start the fans, please

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womp womp

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(You)'re welcome to pop down with me to share a surstromming and a century egg before making the best possible impression at his shithole. :^)

Don't get it tbh

can somebody please unban me now? where is helmer?

what don't you get, lad

You're not banned though

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Huwhat did you get banned for?

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It's a valid reason :^)
appeal it, the ban list is a mile long

I wonder how many people are actually banned form Zig Forums tbh