Brit/pol/ #2376: Brexit Was 10 Years Ago Edition

Tory ministers to head across Europe selling May's Brexit strategy

Brexit latest: Popular supermarket tells suppliers to prepare for ‘NO DEAL’ Brexit

UK weather: Strong winds and flood warnings as temperatures plummet after heatwave

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first for them ponies

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first for be nice to faith goldy

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good lad, he was the best leaf

why wouldn't someone be nice to her, she's lovely?

Good lad

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lads why?

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woah the nazis were so cruel wtf


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just another footnote in the erasure of the conquest of the anglo saxon across the globe tbh

I'm glad that he argued with David Benatar. Benatar takes atheism to its logical conclusion with anti-natalism.

Thanks, lad.

If she's past 30 she's already elderly, lad only partly joking

t. Xue Hernandez McGonnigle

Everything the Jewish media says about Nazis is 100% accurate tbh

That Hitler, what an awful man smh

he's so dumb that'd never happen

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was that but with the guns jamming supposed to be funny?

tbh I unironically cannot handle conversation and being around 19-24 year olds, if you actually have been around women you might have a more nuanced opinion

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Anyone have a link for Are Nige's LBC show earlier today?

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keep laughing fgt,
this man was the living expression of the will to power and you'd kill to have a chance like he did at tempting fate and being a master of men

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ta lad

I'm in the mood to boom

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*old women tbh, lads that age are generally fine unless they are turbo normies
younger lasses are just phone zombies

totally likely that a luger would jam repeatedly for 10 shots then whatever that other pistol is would jam repeatedly, 100% real

gudlad some people my age are insufferable though

Well I had a crush on a milf at the school I worked, she was probably in her mid-30s I think. It's just that women past 30 start to dry up very quickly.

normies of all ages are insufferable

Smh thanks lad

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all I want is a relgious conservative lass who is not fat or too ugly

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G*d was looking out for one of his chosen ones lad
he must have been busy those other 6 million times smh


my grendmutha was gezzed ova 7 mallion toimes, she hed teh hoide heh metha's diamends up heh rectum to keep the netzies frem getting them (sense they wehr sech a nice deal a j&c jewelers, she needed to trade them at the jewelers in chicago for at least double the price, it would be a nice deal really) so she heh teh deg trough her own poop and eat it to keep the diemends from beingh ceptched beh the netzies


very brave tbh

And I want one who can give me children. What's wrong with different preferences, lad?

aren't you in your late 20s as well? bit late to be so picky menes aside

Men are fertile for longer than women, lad.

Mark Wien is a creepy cunt.

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fucking love seeing spics get gored

not watching this

Feels like voyeurism tbh. I wouldn't want people gawking at my death for thrills.

If you drunkenly caper in front of an enraged bull I feel entitled to gawk at your death tbh


Due to the quantity of cucks there are a lot of "enraged bulls" in London tbh


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I can't really care about spaniards getting gored by bulls, they really bring it on themselves

wew lad it's not ok to laugh at a matador. That's an artist. It's only funny when an espontáneo gets killed

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That said, the Pamplona bull run sounds pretty exciting to participate in, really.

sounds delightful

you sure she's not a lad though?

like middle in pic related?
was her coord any good?

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pathological behaviour at this point

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t. gay community

It is if you admire them most when wearing them.

Pretty gay looking at a girls outfit instead of looking at her tits and not giving a fuck about what she wears

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this tbh

you really do have to wonder about some of these lads on Zig Forums

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t. fornicator

You are a bender

Zig Forums don't like goth gfs

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the bullying has defeated me im signing off

for mosley

ignore the bullies lad, post moar cute goth girls plz

Do goths exist nowadays?

I haven't seen one in years.

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all the more reason to post them here, since they are rare

Not the based ramstein goths of the old days. Just pervy teenagers who dress in black maid ooutfits and wear chokers

Tbh with you lads, this is a strange and evocative time to be live. Those videos like You Kipper's "There's No England Now" and Master Brew's "Tick Tock" really put things in perspective. Really lets you understand your place in history, like if you could see 1960s retrospectives during the decade itself.

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Wasn't their someone that claimed they had to keep shitting out and re swallowing their diamonds for the whole holocaust? keke!

Throughout history people have had such thoughts about the times they were living in tbh

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chokers are top tier tbh

tbh I like the looks of these women but more punk influence. If I had a chance with one of these I fucking smash them to pieces. Marvellous!

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Farage without the extra

It wasn't like that it was like this but more tasteful.

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Aye, I bet. It makes you want to get into the ring.

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who here /liked goth girls because in secondary school they were the only other outcasts that had self-esteem low enough to talk to you/ ?

Tbh Gloucester Cathedral might be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. What a treasure trove Britain is.

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Didn't have any goths in my school but my last ex is into joy division, new order, post punk hacienda era stuff. She had a sort of goth look (dark short hair, very pale skin, red lippy, etc). Absolute firecracker of a woman.
Sometimes when i'm on the job with my current mrs I think about my ex and still have some pics of her stashed away

can't wait for it to be redeveloped into council flats

Rather watch Stormzy with the lads tbh?

and they liked to fuck

Are you me?

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they rly had to add those plasma screens on the right??


Keep hope, lad. Maybe it will be sold off and turned into a mosque.

I had a decent-looking kinky goth gf when I was a lad who's matured wonderfully into a schizophrenic tumblr-famous landwhale.

I was still an outcast even among outcasts

this tbh. women all ways hit the wall but those who spent their youth dying their hair and shovelling on loads of makeup hit the wall worst of all

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The Anglicans seem to feel uncomfortable with their inheritance and they have a desire to be "hip", that's why they fill their buildings with things like that.

This level of beauty has the same effect as great music. At its best, it causes an increased heart rate, tears in the eyes, and a joy at being alive.

shit when that happens m90
Nevermind lad, she'll be the one getting type 2 diabetes.
Best just to move on. Tbh it's a lot harder to move on when you see your ex looking better than when you met her.

They generally come as damaged goods. I'm not too torn up about it. I dumped her twice for more L O C A L lasses and continued cybering afterwards until she really fell apart

Yeah, I used to work for a production company and we spent a lot of time putting up screens and sound systems in Cathedrals.
I'm Catholic but it still felt wrong. It's sad to see Anglicanism fall the way it is. Religion was so important to this country for so long, and I'd honestly rather see it return to the old days when I'd have to fuck off to Ireland to stay alive than see it all fall the way it's falling.


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lad you h ave to link us to her content!

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Anglicans are a fucking joke.
They literally put sacrilegious art in their churches and call their parishioners "sensitive" when they ask for it to he removed. It used to be a joke that the CoE was run by atheists and Marxists, but no one is laughing anymore.

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daily reminder that churches are places of god and worship. All art in a holy place is crass and heathen imagery that takes away from the holiness of prayer and the bible (KJV)

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