Brit/pol/ #2377: Gas The EU, Bin Collection Now Edition

Household bins to be emptied just ONCE EVERY THREE WEEKS in bid to hit EU green targets

London crimewave MAPPED: The areas with the largest SURGE in criminal activity revealed

Brexit could lead to spread of infectious diseases such as super-gonorrhoea, health chief warns

Pro EU mirror group (which just took over eurosceptic Express) suffer huge losses

EU is trying to ‘swindle’ UK in Brexit talks, says top Italian politician

EU citizen ID scheme proposed by think tank in UK immigration crackdown after Brexit

‘Christian democracy’ to crush multiculturalism in EU vote next year – Hungary’s Orban

Britain didn’t accept a single Christian refugee, accepted Muslims only

'Use foreign aid budget to help illegal migrants go back home': Think tank says plan will save cash in the long run

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Good day.

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I've found that most of the 'historical inaccuracies' boil down to info being lost in translation.

What do we do about the Anglican Church lads? Become Orthodox? Catholic? Calvinist Puritans?

Robert Lewis Dabney, 1897.

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I'd go to a baptist church if I could find one

I'd say this was the worst thing to happen to the church, the point from which all of it tips and falls into depravity.

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Presbyterian or preferably Baptist.

Catholicism and Orthodoxy both commit idolatry, although the former is much healthier. Calvinism is incorrect in its doctrine of "limited atonement" because Christ really does want all men to be saved.

I recommend becoming a Baptist (I am Plymouth Brethren, a sub-denomination which is even more Biblical), becoming an expert in the Bible and saving as many souls in your personal life as possible.

Well to start with lad you need to find God first.

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Excuse me, I mean that the latter is much healthier. Orthodoxy is healthier than Catholicism because it is less legalistic and the church is also more confident and a bit more Biblical too, since it lets low-rank priests marry (not that different ranks for priests are a Biblical concept).

Also, for websites, I recommend Faith and Heritage, which is a Presbyterian news site looking at Christian issues from a nationalistic standpoint. It has a huge wealth of articles in its archive; 128 pages of them, specifically. These are generally very relevant, engaging and scriptural.

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thanks lad

Byzantine Iconoclasm needs to make a comeback ngltbqhfamalamapai

that was pretty good

speaking of F&H

A Biblical Defense of Ethno-Nationalism

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these dumb kikes are doing our work for us

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What's their reply if you ask them why kids can consent to gelding but not fornication?

oooo thats a good one
gonna remember that one

probably just call you a bigot and keep talking over you and screeching until you give up, thereby making them the victor

kinda funny how the left argues exactly the same way the sophists did

Jews are natural sophists - they speak without saying anything


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It's easier than actually having an argument.

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I guess the dumb bitch never realised why an afghan would be deported in fucking SWEDEN
the country that gives nigger fugees from somalia community service for breaking and entering and raping a 12 yo girl


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the innocent dont criminalize accusing someone of a crime

I do find it funny that the prediction from last year of noncery being pushed this year is accurate, although the result is as inevitable as I pointed out years ago.

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As much as I think that this will never be debated in this country American politics slowly trickles over here Trump, abortion, gun rights and all the other American talking points have surfaced here and I see no reason why that won't also.

Protectorate status is a weird feeling. "You either have an empire or you're part of one", to paraphrase Hitchens.

its weird to bear witness to the first attempt at a pan-global cultural empire pretending to be a democracy while actually being an oligarchic republic operating on the rules of an ochlocracy

I wonder if the more woke citizens of Rome felt similar to us, we're in a comparable situation

they were saying homos protesting against sharia law were far-right the other day too

But they're enlightened progressives when they're protesting against the Westboro Baptist Church…

Oh they absolutely did, it's not quite the same scenario though

Yeah but some of them probably had the agency to escape it
what i would give to be one of them tbh

It already is depending on the circles. Granted it's not in mainstream news, but it's being discussed still.
I was working at a uni around this time last year innalift, three fat fuck teachers got on and started talking, they only went up a single floor and in that time I overheard "consent laws are outdated, children are more informed now thanks to the internet" and a couple other things similar that made me want to make the lift plummet to the ground.

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Germanics must have been much better than mudshits tbf

Yes as I was saying American politics slowly trickles over here, theirs is our politics of the future.

in other news in 2017 Bangladesh removed the limit on marriage and consent
you can marry and rape a baby in Bangladesh and its legal

Gary Lineker under fire over Brexit: ‘We need a second referendum on Lineker’
GARY LINEKER’S future at the BBC was called into question last night after a senior politician demanded a “second referendum” on his role as Match Of The Day host.

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No wonder we never won in 1990, we had traitors like Lineker playing.

If he gets shunted he'll probably be an irrelevant 2nd ref martyr.

That's foul

he works at the beeb, those bastards won't sack him
if anything they'll give him a pay rise at the taxpayers expense

he already gets over a million

Alright lads

Alright lad?

cocaine and orphan kiddies in his room after a show then

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How was your weekend lad

Wagwarrn mi bredren?

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is that Welsh? the Savile suite.

Not bad cheers lad, although the fact that it has been thirty plus degrees for weeks and then the one weekend I want to go to the beach it pisses it down 24/7 was a bit annoying.
How's everyone else?

Only if after Brexit the country just throws open its doors and allows any fucker in without question.

"Did you like scoring that goal? It was a good goal wasn't it?"
"How about that pass? If you passed the ball your teamate gets to touch it!"
"What does that win mean for you? Are you pleased to get those three points?"

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They're running project fear at maximum overdrive and cranking out any old spiel at this point it seems, I can't imagine that there are lots of people who believe it.

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Celebrity divorce lawyer backs reform of 'archaic' laws

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Alri lads

bait to get more shit passed tbh.
De-criminalizing spouse weddings for migrants and scamming men of any wealth they have left.

you alreeet m8?

Hail to you brother of war

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holy shit she's insane

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Women behaving like that is very unseemly.

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Wew, that Corriel lad really wants to dilute her genetics.

did she make that herself or is it a meem?

If all women were like her I'd've become a monk years ago.


She started going after Christianity to begin with.

It's so embarrassing to read.

apparently someone made it for her

Backlash against BBC 'No More Boys and Girls' social engineering

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David Icke warned us about this

this seems to be a repeat of that paedo kikes experiment on those twins that failed and caused them both to commit suicide

Basically sums it up tbh

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They're getting so far "ahead" of what ordinary people accept, aren't they? People in small towns must be baffled at this.


I think JF had her on recently

Yup, they've really jumped the gun with this, which is fucking perfect.
The best result they can expect from this is for it to die down and they can maybe try again in a decade or two. Thankfully they are too stupid to do something sensible like letting things die down, if past actions are anything to go from they'll just double down and damage themselves even further.

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What for? She's a headcase.

i would

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I think some pole made a bunch of hilarious edits of these


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'Ere!? Weren't you supposed to blow the bloody BBC up m8?

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I don't… what?

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Folklore shit

lol fuck off she's less qualified to talk about it than I am


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I see what you're doing, jews, and I am NOT impressed.

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Or they could get schoolkids to do it like they used to, real handshake-firming work that

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Is that a 22st original?

You going to become next Zig Forums e-celeb bratski?

Don't get what they are trying to do with this, there are PLENTY of unemployed people already in the country, so trying this sob story to the masses is just stupid.