There's too much distro shitposting and not enough DE shitposting

Acceptable DE's:

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It really doesn't matter. All DEs are basically the same at this point

Where is cwm and herbstluftwm? and you've got it backwards; stumpwm is bloated and has a lot of useless features - use ratpoison.

the developer made it because ratpoison was bloated and had useless features lul

Emacs must also be lightweight according to you.

Also, see:

Same can be said about systemd/linux #127

Fluxbox has tabbed windows and doesn't use retarded xml configs.

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What's that dock?

Sorry, remembered it as I was posting it. Used it for a while on Gentoo but switched to Solus a little while back


Actually, FVWM is extensible enough that it can be a tiling WM.

GNOME is actually good.


dwm and stay away from mouse/pointing device cancer.

twm, CDE and Motif did nothing wrong

fluxbox's pure text configs really are quite elegant compared to openbox nest of horrors

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There is nothing wrong with XML.
There is everything wrong with XML.

Gnome 3 reporting in.

GNOME: useless, but pretty

Xfce: awesome. Just werks.

KDE: tons of features but sometimes buggy. Good if your usecase requires something more advanced than Xfce. Suffers from NIH (for example, developing their own office suite even though LibreOffice exists)

you forgot spectrwm faggot


What's wrong with gaps? It's comfy.


you zipperhead

Just tried out a bunch of wms this week. But they weren't very good.
WMs have terrible defaults. A LOT of them open onto a desktop with zero anything. Or if it's not autistic just some terrible theme. In fact getting X working on a new system is one of the most disappointing parts.
As for DEs they are gay shit trying to install login managers are weird stuff.

That's why you install the core versions of the DE's.

I have 3 screens and its still not enough space, cant waste it on fucking dead zones

Cinnamon is a good DE.
I still like LXDE although I've been using LXQt currently.
You didn't mention JWM as window manager, which is a pretty good one.

why would you consciously install a DE? they are some bloated shit put into normie friendly distros by default to help people be familiar coming from windows (and now android/iphone)

can someone compare the ram usage of e in wayland against mate in x?
i wanna use wayland and someone said e is kinda light but i dont believe them enough to waste my time or hard disk space without a second opinion

e uses less

install windowmaker

LESS!?!?!?!? REALLY!?!?!?!?
i was expecting a bit more if it was even close at all...

why no dwm?

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people don't use DE's because they're too stupid to use window managers, if you think otherwise you're retarded

thats pretty harsh bro, also can be disproven pretty easily, more like theyre too lazy or just want something easy, after all, once your comfortable in a terminal [emulator or ctrl+alt+f2 tty] every distro becomes about equally hardcore regardless of de or wm...

Check your reading comprehension.

Check your double digits.

Cinnamon the target has decent specs, Xfce for toasters. Everything else is a waste of time.

but budgie depends on gnome, and cinnamon is better than both, if you got the ram to spare anyway...


This. It takes a little fine tuning and minor styling to make it more useful, but it's very good. I'm getting up there in age though, so I have little time to extensively rice my setup. Gnome just works.

install gantoo

Being on the linux world since not much, and I started with Ubuntu MATE. Good style with good starting tools, not bloated, and user-friendly interface. Then again, is my first distro, and altought I used virtual machine for testing multiple distros & DE, its not the same. In what ways should i test a DE to truly see how it is? And with XFCE being so much recommended, I would like to ask what, besides being light and low spec, advantages have the DE over the others, or at least over MATE?

So MATE isnt? Cinnamon its just Windows environment copy+pasted. Mate at least have something new or not as much windows like style.

Mostly because a lot of applications use GTK, which look ugly with a primarily Qt desktop. Especially LibreOffice, which uses its own "adaptive" toolkit that looks even worse than native GTK on KDE.

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Just started using bspwm and it fucking rocks, kicks the shit out of i3. Supports gaps out of the box. If you can't configure it you're probably a nigger. Default keybindings of sxhkd kick ass and take names. Only took me 2-3 minutes to get it up and running and it works fantastically. Highly recommend.
I will be using it for the next few years at the very least.

Anything decent for hi-res displays? xrandr scaling is unusably slow on some of my systems

KDE seems best for scaling so far, but it does crash on me from time to time

Gnome might be decent (except that it also crashes) and removing the shitbar at the top or the titlebar of maximized windows always feels hacky. Scaling is better than most but not as complete as KDE's

xfce is pretty comfy except that it also crashes and scaling is limited to fonts or xrandr

if I could figure out how to get it to work smoothly with battery notifications and other DE-like stuff, I might try i3 or awesome-wm again some day

I'm not much familiar with others... Am I missing out?

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redhat/linux cancer

That isn’t even close to how I have it set up because I’m not a nigger but I guess you’d probably set it up like that huh?
I agree that Redhat is cancer though. I’ll give you that one. What WM do you use?

If you are coming from i3, I reccomend using the euclid mover script.

You don't need to have $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defined though. It will default to .config.
The only xdg package I have is a version of xdg-utils with a patch I made to remove it's dependency on dbus, which essentially gimps it.

What is even the difference between LXDE and LXQt? I doubt they recoded Openbox. Did they just replace lxpanel with their lame Qt version?

Daily reminder: Patricians use bspwm instead of i3 (or i3-fags).

Can you link this script?
Switch your keybind in sxhkdrc to alt + shift + {j,k,l,semicolon}euclid_mover {west,south,north,east}
If you are using the default keybindings you'll need to shift the j,k,l,semicolon one to the left on the keyboard.

Don't forget to delete bspc config pointer_follows_focus true from the script.