Brit/pol/ #2378: Stuffing Mashed Potato Up Our Arses Edition

Gang of boys who threw flour at disabled woman 'put under police protection for their safety'

'Shock and tears' at funeral of novichok victim Dawn Sturgess

Labour MPs aren’t worried about the fates of Frank Field and Kate Hoey

End-of-life care: Doctors and families do not need legal permission to allow patients to die, court rules

Barnier eases opposition to May’s Brexit plan for City of London

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I convinced her not to shave it.
she called me into the bathroom a while ago just wearing a towel and dropped it on the floor and asked me "much better?" Had to have her there and then.



Good lad

Send your data to GCHQ now!

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Nice. How is the house purchase coming along?

My sides have been hanged, drawn and quartered.

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Literally anything that isn't attached to an opinionated thot.

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Strange. As soon as Anne Hathaway becomes a Jew and wife to a liberal Jew she goes all anti white
This is some pretty funky Jew trickery. How do they manage to make the wealthy shiksa's marry them their shekels and convert?
Happened to Ivanka
Happens to them all

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Still looking tbh. Saw one in a quiet area that need re wiring. About 5k worth of work so I turned it down.
Saw a great looking house but access to amenities and work distance put me off. Also its in an area where underground mine shafts were still present.

If it was a choice between that and some women, maybe in the bum.


Fag alert

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I just got priorities.

Try Cannock or Hednesford


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Great tune. Still play it in the car now and then.

Hyperspeed g-force pt2 is a real banger as well


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Expensive though.
160k is the maximum I can borrow.
I could borrow up to 200k but it means having beans on toast for 25yrs.

Someone explain the polish coalburner memi, I don't get it
seen about 2 polish coalburners total ever

t. Kraszinzki

fuck off Jan

What's your comfortable house price?

Ask Pavels at the gym.

(((who))) could be responsible for this

About 140k tbh.

If I got married and her wage helped then we could get a bigger house but it's too early to to the knot. Plus weddings are bloody expensive anyway.

*to tie the knot

Blood God will get involved now

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Lads, thinking of messaging the Lithuanian lass (the one that hasn't said much). Thinking of asking her over to watch a film or something (tomorrow night maybe) smh(Nobody gave you any (You)s the last time, faggot, don't post it again)

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Brass ring + ball peen hammer
Cost? Under a fiver tbh

Oh fucking stop shitposting lad she's not interested

She'll just ignore you again lad your beta ways have forever closed her vagina to your penis

what about yoga teacher lass slavlad?

Do you know how long it takes to burn a body morty?

It takes forever.

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keith was better before he became an edgy plastic punk tbh

imagine being enough of a normalfag to get disappointed that women don't want to be around you. I haven't honestly tried to show interest in a woman since 2011

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I'd be happy with that.

Also saw this in a hwhite area. Might pick up the phone tbh

Plenty of properties under £140K. Seriously, check it out!
This is an area I am looking at too, but slightly higher prices around £200K.

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Looks good.


Wouldn't give £15 for those tbh

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This property comes with a cuck shed. Get it!

top kek

There are a bunch of areas where the revisionists have raised serious questions that so far haven't been properly answered - like cremation capacity, like the mobile diesel gassing vans (diesel isn't actually deadly like that), like the various technicalities of gas chambers.

But presenting those arguments properly requires reading long, dry, technical books and the average jerrycuck can't be arsed with that

He can rent it to SA

lack of companionship has driven you insane lad

The main thing creating doubt in people is how much they behave like they have something to hide. You can deny any other historical event, and nothing will happen to you, other than people might thing you're a lunatic.

Will do but I work at the other side of Birmingham and it's a fucker to get to even in the car. I'll keep looking though.

A lot easier to change than have the walls stripped down, damp coursing and rewiring like other places I saw.

Cheers lad
They look OK but I'll only know what work needs to be done when I get a surveyor in.

I'm sure she'll get used to it.

Wow that would be £230K~ in Hampshire.


Try Redditch.

I looked at properties in Sheffield. Dirt cheap tbh.

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pakis still run away when they hear a car blasting this

Rope is coming

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Tbh it's not in bad nick. Obviously loved. Just by Deano and his missus who have no fucking taste

One of the best tracks in the known universe tbh,
A mate of mine saw them live once, apparently they are on fucking mountains of coke the entire event long

Thinking about making a paki-bashing/race war playlist tbh did they die? Invaders must die is the last album I remember hearing of theirs

Imagine playing Kick-a-ball for England hand having paying for a thot with a saggy arse like this. Wew

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I've also tried coseley, Quinton, rugeley Trent valley, himley, kingswinford. All nice places just waiting for the perfect house tbh.

He's right. I hang out with "The Establishment" and they hate Brexit.

she doesn't squat

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Nah, they're still about. Releasing a new album soonish according to wikipedia (apparently it's going to be called 'No Tourists', kek).

Rugley has a shooting club and overall a very decent place to live.

Employers love the cheap labour. They must be defeated and punished. They must learn to share or be skinned alive

Never miss squat day.

The Prodigy confirmed for are lads

good british politics

You know one of them is a nigger, right?

He obviously isn't the one who writes the song names

baste civic

Teresa May gets thot patrolled in that vid.

Two of them

The political class never believed people would vote leave and had no plan. None of them did. They were never expecting it right from the off
They are now doing everything to thwart it in a "nice way"
All their doing is showing the world that "democracy" is a load of bollocks
They should all be mercilessly killed in a great uprising and their good and chattels seized

Leeroy and Maxim

okay thankyou

Lad, they're right. Democracy is a load of bollocks.

One is a dancer and the other one does next to fuckall other than the odd mc'ing.

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Why are they going so hard on this jezza being a nazi thing again?

Because he's not particularly fond of israeli behaviour.

He's going to smash the bankers, landlords and kikes lad

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We should start a hashtag tbh

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Would you like Jezza as the PM if it meant removing Jews from Britain.


Get >>>Zig Forums on it!

To make the image that corbyn is pandering to the far right and get corbyn into power. Then ((they'l)))l twist the knife into the country.

I would never vote for labour for as long as I live, I don't care about corbyn and his views.
He's more pro paki than anything else and has less backbone than turkey twizler.


Anyone else got ITV on?

What the fuck is this degeneracy?

This is probably the most reasonable take tbh.

Not even clicking but I bet it's Love Island or related thereto

I half suspect they even rigged it. They just underestimated what percentage of the ballots they'd have to change.

Probably this.