Brit/pol/ #2379: London Edition

Schoolboy is referred to Government's anti-extremism programme Prevent after being 'groomed' on the dark web by environmental activists

Twitter hires experts in Islam and right-wing populism to banish ‘intolerant discourse’

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP and other Ukippers including David Kurten, P Whittle and Hicks Politics have been shadow banned on Twitter

Britain's first official transgender student officer suspended over claims she posted explicit photographs of a person flashing in a train carriage and public park to her online blog

Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi was rescued by Royal Navy before he carried out attack

Danish Imam: ‘Jihad Necessitates the Muslim Invasion and Conquest of Europe’

Man blows himself up at football pitch in Belgium

Duterte crushes £4m worth of luxury cars in Philippines

MKULTRA linked doctor that used a truth drug to rape and abuse children at a psych hospital in England.

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I want SA to write a poem tbh

He's such a pathetic tosspot.

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Apparently the founder of the SPLC is a rapist

You should give a shit about Hollywood and how they portray people.

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Sargon has reached new levels of not getting it

There can be no common ground with the Left, they simply want to destroy all the foundations of civilisation, and believe that this is a good thing to do, because the past was all shameful since it wasn't based on muh "equality"

I actually think Sargon relates to the guy mostly because he's similarly fat and non-aesthetic, just like him


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Sargon stands for nothing, he's a cretin who just says whatever so long as the patreon shekels keep rolling in.
He'll never hold a strong opinion on any matter for fear of losing said shekels, he'll just constantly try to stay in the centre and do absolutely nothing.

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Surely he'll be dead by then.


wahey! trips!

Ask him to write one about his fave pub, the Vauxhall Tavern - or the new floating sculpture in Hyde Park

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It's good if American Catholics avoid hypocrisy. If you're going to call yourself a Christian, you should actually believe in it. "Would that ye were either hot or cold! But since ye are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth."

possible big news in qlarper town

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ecuse me for being dumb but what does then mean, in laymans terms?

Nothing. Schizo poster makes more sense

No it's just a mentallers ramblings.

Wish this cryptic cunt would speak English.

Clarity is a truly under-appreciated virtue. People should read C.S. Lewis and learn to write clearly.

essentially this big if true news means the Wikileaks Vault 7 code that came from the CIA's illegal activities is the core code of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google.

Ahh I see. That makes sense.

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if true, it means that a boomer's concept of how computers work is correct

Is that supposed to imply that the alphabet soup agencies use these big sights as data collection tools or something?

That actress playing her is a stunner tbh.

Does that necessarily prove anything though? I imagine a lot of stuff is built on the same groundwork. If something's convenient, and it works, people use it.


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what the fuck is that supposed to be

alegs ripping G*rmans

A requiem to beauty.

not sure if it's a boomer.
alphabet soup has already been linked to facebook, since they shut down their lifelog spying on everyone program and facebook started the following day.

I don't doubt they have their tendrils everywhere. Sites sharing code doesn't necessarily mean anything though. No more than all of those games that run on the Unreal engine.

the usual cultural subversion. Pretty tame for the stuff they're up to now tbh.

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If it's the stuff in Vault 7 it does. That code is designed to infect and report back.

Looks like a false flag.

Has to be bullshit, surely.

this tbh, the nonces aren't subtle but nor are they this blatant.

Poe's law applies.

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The last two pictures provoke a deeply visceral panic/defense reaction, like seeing a kid walking in front of a tiger. If only there was someone there to defend themselves on the child's behalf.

I'd rather sleep and wake up in old London.

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Those languages can sound lovely. I'd rather wake up in "England as it should be", though.

ancient Mesopotamia you can ride a chariot around and bash evil priests with bronze swords

feels bad man

ancient greece is maximum comfy

There were those TEDx talks that were saying nonces are "just different" and need understanding and help too, so even though it might be shitposting accelerationism - is exposing the current state of what is going on.

I've hit the point of indifference, modernity feels like watching a turd slowly sliding down the side of a toilet bowl at this point.

/baph/ recently had a raid on QKS.


Oh just realised what you meant never mind.

Queer Kid Stuff

really ticks the tocker

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You should write poetry lad

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I'm surprised Zig Forums didn't tbh

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I'll leave that sort of writing to John Cooper Clarke.

I vex myself sore every time I'm reminded of just how comfortable-but-apathetic people are. We can jot off to South America on holiday but there are kids locked in Pakistani rape dungeons in our country; but as long as our globe-trotting leftist friends are comfortable they won't care.

You can show them authentic information, but they'll just see you as "a weirdo" or "a racist". Why should they care, when they're fine?

But yes, I'd like to see England as it should be, but England as it is definitely is what we deserve.

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There's not much an individual can do about it. A healthy degree of stoicism is necessary to bare modernity once your eyes are open.

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better let kiddies have sex then :^)

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Tbf they can't actually have the operation until they're 16, but they can start "hormone treatment" and plan for the surgery at a veeery young age.

That filthy kike gets blood eagled

Which still destroys them, it's murder either way.

They are already trying to push that.

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The hormone treatment involves inhibiting puberty which probably does more damage and keeps t he kids confused.

this tbh, the comfortable scum are the worst. the best example I can think of is that there was a debate in my local politics to remove a river dam for ecological reasons but some lads made the arguement that the dam was a cold war redundancy incase of nuclear war and it supplied power to the down during the 2002 US blackout. the richfags who having sculling clubs on the river didn't know which side to take because they liked the ponds formed by the dam but they also wanted to appear virtuous by being environmentally conscious. so what they said was the the conversation made them feel uncomfortable. utter filth

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Which is why you make them unfine.

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You just want to punch them to death, don't you?

alegs is rekting the germans and muslims RN lads

naah that's not enough, they need to be torn apart



You getting commission on the essential fish oil bundle or something lad?

he was talking about the EU army lad

guys i think alex jones is talking about the germans


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who here /supermalevitality/??

It might be a therapeutic cure, it's still medieval. One rope cures all without the mess and everyone can eat a sticky toffee and cheer while watching the hanging.

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morelike super gay vitality lmao

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yeah hanging is prowhite and redpilled

I'm on the Real Red Pill and colloidal Silver. Only thing that can stop them Sinoland Chicom Nazis

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no rest for the eternal thot :^)

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that is for mummies though lad, its for when you have a bby

Nature doesn't lie

If you have a baggy fanny then you're a slag.


I wonder where 22st is driving rn

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considering the location, the photos, and the price, it's not half-bad (compared to London's usual rent)

i wish i was bigbrained

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