Defend this if you can
#include #include int main () { std::unique_ptr orig = std::make_unique(5); std::cout

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5Segmentation fault (core dumped)
what were you expecting

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I was expecting to prove c++ is NOT memory safe and i was right

yep you are right

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What's more annoying is having to type "std::cout

fn main() { let orig = Box::new(5); println!("{}", orig); let stolen = orig; println!("{}", orig);}
warning: unused variable: `stolen` --> src/main.rs:4:9 |4 | let stolen = orig; | ^^^^^^ | = note: #[warn(unused_variables)] on by default = note: to avoid this warning, consider using `_stolen` insteaderror[E0382]: use of moved value: `orig` --> src/main.rs:5:20 |4 | let stolen = orig; | ------ value moved here5 | println!("{}", orig); | ^^^^ value used here after move | = note: move occurs because `orig` has type `std::boxed::Box`, which does not implement the `Copy` traiterror: aborting due to previous errorerror: Could not compile `playground`.To learn more, run the command again with --verbose.

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Try to compile that. If it won't, your language is shit.

But does it implement the System V ABI? If I compile a rust library, do I get an ELF with symbols that can be loaded and discovered by anyone? Can I load and use a rust library from python?

No? Then kill yourself.

Defend this if you can int main(){ int* op_is_a_faggot = nullptr; return *op_is_a_faggot;} Wow, just wow. something something muh memory safety! C++ btfo XDDDD

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print('OP is a cunt')print('Stop fucking posting.')print('Please delete System32 because I know your dumb ass runs windows')

Please run the above code in Python for a special message.

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Paste this into your browser console for a special message.


I don't have a browser console because I don't feel the need to fuck around typing Jewvascript into my computer. Using other people's Jewvascript is bad enough.

Related question. How do I deliberately gimp Rust compiler / Rust library etc. in a system, so that I never accidentally run something written in Rust? Also can somebody list all Rust related projects so that I can uninstall and avoid them?

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I seriously hope this is bait


rust dependencies are statically linked in.

Why do you want to stagnate programmer wages by opening up our career field to normalfags? Are you Jewish?

The cost of freedom.


Oh yeah, typing "std::println!("format {} arguments", "some");" is much better i agree!

#define print std::cout


I don't know what their problem with cout is so it was just a retarded suggestion

you invoked undefined behaviour, so you got a crash. If you don't want to bother with this (like a lazy nigger that you are) just program in java. At least i won't ever see or use your code for sure.

#define print std::cout

any reasons to do so?

they won't be able to program anyway.
even without UB this is not for everyone.


>substituted for

I got lucky that my CS school taught C++, because then I knew to avoid it for the rest of my career. It's a shame I can't find a job writing OCAML; now that's a beautiful language.

I thought one of the biggest advantages of C/C++ was the fact that you had direct memory address access for your program? Wouldn't you technically want this depending on how low level you are going?

Just use C

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This is correct.
This is also correct, but people aren't always correct about when to go low level. Zig Forums is particularly bad at this, considering we think low level = always faster = always better, so they always like to go low level and thus introduce thrice as long development times and more often than not unintended serious vulnerabilities for the end user.

There are maybe 3 people who are good at programming on Zig Forums
Everyone else is an underage LARPer

You sacrifice memory safety for speed. That's why c++ is only used by competent programmers and not just any old retard

All those old /g/ projects that never got beyond arguing over a logo were the manifestation of this. I'm one of the few gentoomen who ever wrote a program that was even remotely note worthy.

Fuck, this board's gone to shit.

I repeat.
Plastic is not some kind of weird translucent wood.
I know your backwater people are used to dropping things on the floor and have them rot away, but that doesn't happen with most plastics.

But, alas, such is the mind of the nonwhite, always lagging decades behind.

Absolutely. C++ still hasn't caught up to what white people were doing in the 70s.

Next show us x86 assembly isn't memory safe. Surprising, isn't it? Learn assembly. Stop being an asslicking retard.

Agree. Having to use

>Agree. Having to use


Pascal has just "writeln" and that's good design.

How are you so sure? I've writen lots of projects that have actually seen use by communities. The thing is I did it under my real name and I would never post them here.


Rust wins again: use std::fmt::{self, Formatter, Display};use std::ops::{Shl};static stdout: Stdout = Stdout;static endl: Endl = Endl;#[derive(Clone, Copy)]struct Stdout;#[derive(Clone, Copy)]struct Endl;impl Shl for Stdout { type Output = Self; fn shl(self, msg: D) -> Self { print!("{}", msg); self }}impl Display for Endl { fn fmt(&self, fmt: &mut Formatter) -> fmt::Result { writeln!(fmt) }}fn main() { stdout

C++ was never anything more than a joke, it doesn't need to be BTFO

I guess thats why nothing that needs to be fast is written in it.