Brit/pol/ #2380: Let God Burn Them Edition

Overcrowded Britain is bursting at the seams, and the evidence is all around you

2.5 million more vehicles on England's roads in past 5 years as mass migration continues

Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson is freed on bail after top judges rule his 13-month sentence for contempt was 'muddled and rushed' because he was jailed just five hours after his arrest

The incredible story of the Yorkshireman who moved his family to an uninhabited volcanic island in the Pacific in the 19th century - and lived there for over 30 YEARS in isolation

Swedish Royal Family crown jewels STOLEN

'MAJOR INCIDENT' at Bradford children's play centre - several hurt

MACRON ON THE BRINK: French president faces shock NO-CONFIDENCE VOTE

Port of Calais on lockdown after ‘explosive device’ discovered in car

Four French police officers are seriously injured during a 'savage ambush' by 'drunk' UK-bound migrants in Calais.

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Good lad!

Good lad


The point is to not be someone you're not, don't try and be suave if you're not, don't force something that is unnatural, don't be a wanker, etc.
From there you then improve yourself so that you become someone worthwhile, you refine your character.

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Tbh you get confidence simply by improving and refining yourself, the two feed into each other

Solid advice tbh

THIS 1488%

Also an awareness that you're starting out and will make mistakes helps, be more forgiving of yourself, especially when starting out

You're a weedy fuck, you start lifting, you catch yourself in the mirror a few months later, and it hits you better than any dopamine high.

Also this.
Don't be going on dates expecting to be Chad Chaddington from the start.

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Unfortunately we'll have to suffer this zio-cunt prancing our streets.

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Fresh Geoff


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He has successfully co-opted all these varying movements, and become "the pinnacle of free speech activism".
From here he can say anything he wants and they'll nod and agree.

Toomy Robinsons will save the UK tbh

The same as you'd talk to anyone else; don't make them out to be some prize on a pedestal, just fucking talk to them.

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completely agree, if you don't act yourself then you're only going to get bother in the long run, you want them to actually be attracted to you

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>"we are not actually out of our minds"

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What a shitty name

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Agreed, and it's not just the yank ones. Literally every black/half caste I've known has had an air of latent homosexuality about them. I think it's because none of them have fathers and they're all raised to be girly little """victims""" of the white man.


user why is your image moving towards me?

It's not lad, get some sleep smh


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Grammar schools: Thousands of new places created

Labour supporters must be ripping their hair out

Right lads whats a decent video editing program seeing as I've fucked my version of after effects?


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I've heard that Vegas is pretty good.

Vegas is good albeit a little simplified, should have everything you're looking for.
What did you do to AE?

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Premiere Pro will be very familiar if you've been using AE, that'd be my recommendation regardless

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Can't turn the news on without seeing it, reeee

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They stole it

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Unironically love it when other lads cap my wanky little posts.

Regardless, change is inevitable so nut up and deal with what we have now

No idea but I can't export anything in a mp4 format without it being a fucking stupidly small resolution, tried troubleshooting it but nothing. tbh I've wanted to change programs for a long time because AE is absolutely shit at audio

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You sound like a loser



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3d printing is the worst memi of the 21st century


That's rich coming from a guy whining on a Chinese cartoon forum m8

Fucking glorious

They've been saying that houses will be 3D printed in the future, the concept designs are awful for this though. 3D printing could allow for the imagination of every designer or architect to be let loose in this fashion but they make modular crap. The third is an image from China but even then it still looks awful and uninspired.

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I love this smug peterstien tbh.

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I 'cap good posts tbh

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great clip

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The town where residents die TWENTY years before their richer neighbours less than five miles away
>In the centre of Stockton-on-Tees, the life expectancy for men is 64 - the same as Ethiopia.
>The reason, doctors say, is simple - the rich live long and the poor die young.

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Fuck me that still makes me laugh

It couldn't be anything to do with eating, drinking, smoking or exercise habits could it? Lord knows only the rich can afford to run and not buy lager or cigarettes.

Ugly tbh

It's nice when he puts a bit of effort in.

I feel encouraged and my faith is built up. Thanks!

I miss him lads

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no doubt about it, he either deleted one of his better videos or it was removed (The Lion)

So do I tbh, Nutt memmies were comfy

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All the people they talked to either: feasted on junk food, smoked themselves to death or are crack cocaine addicts. You tend to die quicker no matter where you are on the ladder if you do those things.

His videos were a lot better before the twitter memiry.

what lad

Is this it?

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yeah, maybe he regrets the BUF song at the end lol


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degenerate acts at (((Free-Tommy))) marches
I shouldn't be surprised tbh

Have you really only just seen this lad.
Why do you think we've been speaking against it since forever.

Did Woes marry him?

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nah he still has all his Mosley videos

He wasn't arrested until the 26th of May (I think).

comfy scanning project tbh

not yet Rebel Media want 5 antifa pelts and a crate of coca cola as dowry

Yes, I've just seen it tbh. I'm critical of the EDL since around 2013 tbh.

God's green and pleasant land.

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That was from the march of freedom stuff wasn't it? I remember a bunch of lads going into the local pubs during the tranny shit and a bunch of twitter """classical liberals""" getting pissed off at them.

Yeah people weren't having any of it, can hardly blame them.
A lot of them are there as the free speech movement has taken over most nationalist movements, so when you're there for your country and see a bloke in a wig and a dress get up on stage you can't be arsed with it.
Still reckon this was all semi-orchestrated tbqh

seems to have a bit of a confused message imho, just think he enjoys the aggro more than anything

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That book now has a Amazon Kindle release btw, shame that Codreanu's book hasn't got one yet though.

one of the best spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) they ever came up with, surely

Tommy Robinson has such a Jewish face

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He is actually Jewish, which would probably be why.

looks more like a taig to me

I know lad, just saw this same image on the news and he looks tremendously Jewish there


That's an English-Irish double barreled name

>when yanks call the North Sea, the GERMan sea

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SA government are pushing forward with land expropriations btw

I so wish we could trade their Boers for our leftists. Wouldn't the latter love to live in such a diverse land?

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Reminder she is best mummy MP

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quelle surprise

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They'll cover it if the farmers say no and start shooting tbh.

Knowing our luck we would get their lefty Boers.