Brit/pol/ #2381: Grimshaw Edition


Grammar schools: Thousands of new places created

Antisemitism row: Momentum drops Peter Willsman from NEC re-election list

Women's football team bans followers from calling them 'ladies' saying it's OFFENSIVE

"Labour MPs should wear a yellow star to show their revulsion with Jeremy Corbyn"


Tension mounts in Italy amid escalating racially-motivated attacks

Finnish Green Party officer tries to stop a plane from departing to prevent a migrant's deportation. Receives no support from other passengers and is immediately arrested. Plane departs 10 minutes later

'Nothing' will halt migrant rescues, says NGO behind Aquarius missions

ANC will support constitutional amendment to expropriate land without compensation

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It's great how lifting fixes all of that, you go from being a lazy sod who'll snack just for the sake of it, to getting back from a workout and not wanting to subconciously

nth for the death of love

Gotobed lad

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Ban /newbrit/ tbh


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Ban bans

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Ban u

It can't come over here, r-right lads?

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I also used to eat 2 large donners in one sitting fucking hell why. I reached the point where i'd had enough and got going on lifting.
What was the injury if it's ok to ask?

i like that I don't get off to the sick stuff I used to as well, it's embarrassing tbh. I'll never let myself sink so low again.

Charlie Bronson tbh

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Visas for men who force teenagers into marriage
Women and girls raped after being sent abroad, then Home Office lets illegal husbands settle in UK

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it's funny because it's true lel


Doing keto is all well and good but does bugger all if you're not eating at a calorie deficit.

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pain in my hand it's getting better

Probably approved by case-worker Mohammed and case-worker Khan.

i'm a little concerned since i'm not virgin yet my libido is so high now, when a qt girl at work hugged me I almost blew it it's worse than when I was 14 and back then it was quite strong too

Johnny Jewel is a great lad tbh, a lot of his songs were used for Twin Peaks season 3

Can feel a happening brewing tbh
South Africa land expropriation happening rn, Tommy "the spycatcher" Robinson being released ready to rile his base, Drumpf countering the zog state and so on

worth reading tbh

Drinking water is really important. I'm finishing my 6th litre.

I love AoM blog.

you'll get there lad, just think how much better things will be a year from now, because by then you'll be there

we belong in ice age conditions with big comfy coats tbh

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This fucking cunt pigeon has been sitting outside my window for 2 days just fucking making annoying pigeon sounds, no matter what I fucking do he comes back 20 minutes later so I just got my air rifle and shot the cunt.

Picture is him moments before his twatty death

Fuck, forgot the picture

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although they will certainly try

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thank you!

Good night chaps!

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symbolic rite tbh

kek i remember that too

that explains it.
also on top of lifting i do a 3 mile walk every day at 4am before breakfast

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There's another one now, what the fuck is going on

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rip in piece

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you're welcome lad, have a good kip m8

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I can just picture you dressed up in your slav hunting gear terrorising the poor bastard

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*howls approvingly in your direction*

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What is coming out of his behind?

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You will never be allowed to forget the Holocaust now

Hirohito is fucked.


To ensure the limited spread of "liberalism" communism, judaism and outlandish cultural marxist practices I'm calling on a full shoah of Jews by the Nazis

I don't know what's funnier, the idea of a Rothschild going after imageboards, or a Rothschild spending his time going after nobodies on twatter to try and clear his name.

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Good ape

Hopefully not a brap smhhhh

where is he anyway

Looks like it would smell of candy floss if it was one smh

Midbwoi banned him for a day for Aleeezeposting tbh

lel he should know better


Fresh E;R

He's not a member of the Rothschild family though is he?
He's not THE David Rothschild

this is a good concise joe

Dunno why he bites whenever Steiner baits him tbh, just makes him look retarded tbh

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he is

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Didn't see that earlier tbh thanks lad

Night lad

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where is pike lad?

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I hope terry survives the winter, he living on the streets

his videos lately have been lucid and good tbh

I haven't seen any in a while

Which one brainlet?
I should bash you tbh.I know where you liveand I bash fagets tbh

These are the Rothschilds - Davidé_de_Rothschild

The other faggot works for Microsoft. He's not one of THE Rothschilds

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Then wikipedia is a shit for putting them all as one and the same.

smdh lads

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Wew. Thought he looked like a kike

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This tbh bloatmaxxing is an honourable endeavour

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he probably cannot run a mile though


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You don't need to run when you get
enough to drag the rest of the world towards you lad

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fake news lad the elephant is the natural enemy of the hippopotamus

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Kek, I saw them talking to him on BBC News, I thought he looked familiar

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smh the uploader did some retarded remix shit


Ryan is a top funny lad tbh

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2011 was when Drive released tbf lad

Does the man from Drive have special shoes you can buy?

real phil collins hours

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Jason Manlet Shithead

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