BitTorrent thread

1. Is JoyStream a good solution to give people motivation to seed?
2. Is IPFS a good replacement for BitTorrent? (Written in Go, has FileCoin for incentives, will have Rabin fingerprinting)
3. Are private trackers still valuable when 1 and 2 exists?
4. or And are there any alternatives?

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How about you use the sticky?

No, I am starting the whole thread, becuase there has been no /ptg/ for a month now.

1. I don't think so, bittorrent is a file _sharing_ protocol. Seeding also doesn't seem to be much of a problem; there are plenty of people that seed tons without any desire for payment. Also, electron is fucking trash.

>1. Is JoyStream a good solution to give people motivation to seed?

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) pay-to-seed system.

What a newfag.


A good Idea I read about to reward seeding and protect against malicious actors is to change seeding so that it prioritizes seeding to those that seed themselves and how much (per torrent) but this is only a partial mitigation, the main problem is that too many torrents have 0 seeders imo. "Rewarding seeding" with internet points like on private trackers or bitcoin or whatever will just lead to abuse and some optimizing for maximum profit with dedicated servers and whatnot taking 99% of the benefits and not actually helping the greater good, because hosting some obscure content is not as profitable as to be the first to download and seed the latest netflix show episode.

Well Sia, Storj and Maidsafe are all solutions with the same issue.
Crypto cloud is going to be done to death, BUT Pay2Peer is for public use.
How can one do a private tracker like system without the same issues?
How does one give incentive to seed rare gems?

> or And are there any alternatives?
Pantsu is what you check first if you're not a redditor, but it's not the most complete. is what a lot of groups use, since it denounced Pantsu as racist, so most major groups said "we don't know how it is or even could be racist, but the cartel said it so that's good enough for us" and stopped using Pantsu.
Some groups use anidex, which rips from. Pantsu rips or used to rip from, but I heard sabotaged that.


Just use animebytes, plebeians.

Nothing but private trackers can save you from retarded casuals. Try to find some good ones that aren't made for ratio whores.

What clients are Zig Forums using?

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rtorrent or transmission-daemon.

Please kill me now before my brain self-lobotomizes from the stupidity of this nigger.

These are truly the great questions of civilization. Anything I can come up with I can see a way to break it too.
I think the best we can we can hope for is distribution not decentralization, that is have some benevolent independent "strong" actors similar to Tor, and have them dynamically allocate (web) seeding bandwidth depending on how many other seeders there are. It will take some human intervention though to prevent MAFIAA contractors or whatever create big, unpopular torrents and waste all the resources or whatever.

It's free software developed by a fag that used to inject trackers into flash animations she uploaded to 4chan's /f/.

You're just jealous.

Considering the butthurt of TOR from Daily Stormer (TDS is still shit, Wev),
we might need a way to fortify the process to make sure nothing gets censored.

I am using qbittorrent because I became dependant on its search engine. If it wasn't for that I would use Transmission or rtorrent.

> or And are there any alternatives?
Whatever have more seeds, which makes it most of the time.
I also have an account on, but the autists whitelists the clients per version, and for some reason they don't want to whitelist the latest stable qbittorrent, fucking morons.

Fair point
If it is involving cryptocurrency, then it is not going to be GPLv3. Wide spread adaptions.

Sounds like cancer.
I've never understood the private tracker meme, it seems to be so anti-user that you might as well not even bother.

Because through "anti-user"/stake-based behavior, it becomes efficient at data retention.
A lot of rare stuff are released immediately to "the scene", and are well maintained.
It is only after a few weeks or months that good men start making public trackers.
You might no like it, but this weeds out leechers and newfags, and that is a good thing.

Perhaps a client that does sequential downloads would convince normies to use Bittorrent. And if it's set up by default, they will seed anyways. Add i2p on top for anonymity.

IPFS is not a replacement for Bitorrent it has another purpose.
Consider the actual laws about downloading content.
Depending on your country, well take the UsA as a reference, it is reprehensible to share and download copyrighted content on which the license prohibits that.
Now the only people who are searching these illegal activities who have with a bit of technical restrictions because of some laws are ISPs.
But laws evolves and one day they'll have legally full authorization to sniff content of your connections to the internet and to protect against this you need anonymity for:
-The client
-The server
IPFS does not give anonymity at all it's just a storage pool.
Tor isn't designed to download enormous amount of data and is inefficient for torrenting since Tor only supports TCP.
I2P is a better solution for the problem but it's Java Garbage.
Gnunet is an even better solution but it's not operational for what I know and one of it's project which dedicates it's network stack (like heads or tails OS) to it has been infected by Social justice.

There's i2pd, though.

I don't know about the implementation but this is good in theory. This is the next big step for P2P services and it's nice to see people bootstrapping it to existing ones as well as making new ones that incorporate it.

But is the software good? That's all that matters.

Uncompleted and didn't have the funding unfortunately.
In the 90s and before it would indeed wouldn't have mattered but nowadays when I see the subventions of projects infected by people with these extreme ideologies I don't even try to find an excuse about it anymore it always go to shit, destroys the core community and becomes a puppet of some unknown CIA nigger.

can I make it so rtorrent doesn't start a torrent until I designate a directory for it to download to?

if I move a torrent's directory with Ctrl+o will it move the file as well or just point the download to the directory

also how can I make it remember the session after rebooting the computer if possible?

What's a good torrent client that can seed to clearnet and i2p simultaneously? (Or does IPFS finally support Tor/i2p?)

just run 2 instances