Terry A. Davis:

Terry A. Davis:
Group Home edition
Born: 12/15/1969
Height: 5'11

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From Pope13:

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I saw someone with nick 'terry' connect to #templeos @ rizon (via KiwiIRC) and query the bot (!god, !bible) and disconnect (so, it could be a CIA bot). BUT i also witnessed someone rambling terry-like things at the same channel (with the same nick. he could be perhaps the same person or perhaps not). The bot timedout (it's now fixed) and I haven't seen this 'terry' since.

He has joined as 'kingofmars' and other things before.

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At least he can still work on his OS for now.

How do you know he's actually "kingofmars"?


The isp domain name.
Could there be a phoenix(where his sister lives) COX subscriber that is larping as terry? CIA? Maybe. But they have been doing it for a wile with no payoff.
Has has used other nick's before but always that domain name.

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GodWords needs to use natural processing to form coherent sentences

Make it so. Doing it would be like an offering to Mr God.

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I get the impression that he actually did run some innocent bystander that he thought was CIA over during a psychotic episode and somehow manged to get away scot free.

You have a lot to learn.

what's the deal with fully doxxing him ? You guys do that kinda shit here ? This isn't even /cow or /baphomet is it ?

You must be really new here, aren't you?
Also, in the English language, space characters only follow the question mark, they aren't put before it... ya fucken niggercattle.

Yes and let me reply to your post with this:

"Nothing makes a nigger happier than not knowing the answer to your question" - Chris Rock

Dox has one x

ok but I feel like maybe you'd chillax with that shit as a lead-in after he's had his shit pushed in by the system but I admit i'm ignorant of the situation or his wishes

Those data are of public domain, and its publishing doesn't affect him in a bad way at all.
Actually, his email is a good thing it's known to everybody, so that he can get as many PayPal donations as possible.
I really hope you know what 'punctuation' is. You may find interesting to read the Bible, It may help with your lack of grammar.

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Can TempleOS be modded to have Internet access?

Some did develop a TCP/IP stack for TempleOS, but not as standalone.
Search for Shrine

You can install PCNet driver and TCP/IP stack on standard TempleOS distro from TOS Essentials Disc: sheikhs.space/Essentials.ISO.C

Enjoy your rootkit botnet


The Shrine fork of TempleOS has TCP/IP.


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you're not supposed to tell them why, just tell them to get lost

Oh well, learnt something new.
Didn't know, God bless you, user.

So he's Alive thank fucking god.

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this is the worst thing about terry

I figured he ran over a wetback who wouldn't talk to the police

He once told the story in such a way that he implied that he accidentally hit someone, and that God told him years later it was a CIANigger.

The people who made that are heretics, God didn't ask for this.

It's the for(k)th temple

An abomination is not a Temple.

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Really? I would have thought the smashing of that annoying bird would have upset more here then some rando glower getting run down.

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he needs a place of his own to live where he can just collect his neet bux and be left alone in peace with his delusions. he is obviously beyond help. meds wont do anything. his parents need to stop being greedy boomer cocksuckers and buy him a small house. you know they have money. his dad worked at area 51 and shit.

Like a Temple?

Dude, we need to get him to start a 501(c)(3). no one can deny that his committed religiosity, and no one can deny that his religion is some version of an established religion (some form of christianity). Then, all of his donations will be tax deductible, as long as he maintains the "temple" (and at first, he might be able to get away with TempleOS being the temple), and then he can live for free if he raises enough money to buy a "church" that he can live in!

I'm totally serious. This could actually work.

user, if you actually know what you're talking about it's a great idea. But someone needs to take charge of the paperwork. I doubt Terry can manage spending a whole minute in some government office without uttering the words "CIA nigger."

So, is terry still living with his sister? Has someone heard anything form terry?

terry is a schizophrenic, so he might randomly make up stories (without realizing)

b-but the japanese are a pure people, they aren't degenerates!
And, btw, I just would like to interject for a moment, what you are referring to as "shintoism", is actually called shintō.

Maybe. Or maybe he's in a group home. Can't say for certain.
See: >>874551

What we need is for Terry to get in his van and go live somewhere without crack whore thots and Fraisers, he's losing it.

In most states, you can start a corporation online with your credit card. once you get your EIN, you can file for tax exempt status with the IRS through the mail. The only thing is, you are required to have a board of at least 3 people, who cannot be related by blood or marriage. So, the Terry fanclub would definitely have to be involved.

Starting a corp costs about $50, depending on your state, and occurs almost instantly. Applying for tax exempt status costs $800 and takes about 6 months. If you believe donations for the first x years (three?) will be under y dollars ($10k), then you can request to have your application fee reduced to $400. The paperwork is really straightforward. It wouldn't be difficult at all.

The tax exempt foundation could buy a house, name it Terry's Temple (or whatever) and pay his rent with donations in perpetuity, as well as provide him with "equipment" (computers etc) to do his "job" as High Priest. As long as you don't pay him a salary over a certain amount (federal poverty limit, I think) then he won't lose his disability.

I can't remember the exact guidelines but I think its 10k in each of the first three years. It's on the IRS website

Someone should contact Terry with this idea.

I am impressed by this niche, and subtly nuanced meme.

back to work, pleb!!

rando glower could have been some dude taking a midnight jog wearing reflective clothes

Could this be what Terry means by "glow in the dark"? Maybe he ran over some traffic police with reflective clothing? The poor bastard.

That's what it sounds like. Really don't know how Terry thinks about it.

When you don't carry a Terry-Defense-Shasta with you, you are fair game.

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If Terry is going to be forced by the CIA niggers to be doped up and halfway lobotomized anyway, his doctors should give him this drug:

It's supposedly the most effective antipsychotic for treatment-resistant schizophrenia, but it can have pretty severe side effects. But they're already drugging the shit out of Terry (by court order I presume), to the point where he seems out of it in a way that's seems unlikely to have been caused by his delusions or psychoses, to the point where he can't cum, etc.

I like watching Terry's amusing antics as much as the next guy, but I don't want to see him crash and burn just for the sake of us getting our jollies from the pure spectacle. I don't want him to hurt someone or himself and end up locked up indefinitely in an institution with no way to program or anything.

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Mister GOD shouldn't have put such silly limitations on his temple if he didn't want people to forsake him.


Glow-in-the-dark is a metaphor for the CIAniggers' inability to to blend in with their surroundings. Terry has discernment of biblical proportions and can spot them before they spot him.

I think it sounds better with his full name.
Gospel of Terrance

Even in a wacked-out state he sees what's going on. I don't know if my mind would be able to cope well with a head full of Fraiser pills.

this is what my brother takes and it works where nothing else did. side effects are minimal considering the alternative. nobody wants to see good people fucking goblins sent by cia niggers in the back of a van.

What's wrong with Maggie?

All antipsychotics can, unfortunately. What's worse is that they're only really effective for the "positive" symptoms of schizophrenia, not the "negative" symptoms. What's meant by that is that they'll stop hallucinations and some of the worst delusions (space aliens are controlling my brain with a ray from space, etc.), but they really won't do as much for the apathy, lethargy, social problems, poverty of speech, etc.

Shit sux, but at his age I speak as an elderfag and with his other problems, that's probably not the most pressing concern at the moment.

who would have guessed that the pharmaceutical jew would arrive in this thread

what pill enhances someone's vernacular?

Supposedly aniracetam, but probably any stimulant can help with speech-related activities.

wouldn't speed just make him say 'nigger' more, not less?

The usage of the word nigger has never been random, but always well-thought.
You probably never watched his vids.

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Should have been GrottOS, to play on TempleOS name, and the fact a Grotto is a satanic gathering.

Unironically the sooner we treat Abrahamism as a mental disorder which is unacceptable to possess without treatment, the better. While christfaggotry is a cute cuddly Abrahamism in appearance, it's as much Abrahamism as pisslam.

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A grotto is the formal name for a caving club.




Are you telling me cavers are all lavoyan satenists?

Braise Sedan!

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If Terry still has this he should sell it to a modern art gallery.

When is someone going to port link2 to that?

Do you know HolyC?

I don't. I've never programmed anything other than a few small shell scripts.

It's lacking the humble indian quality, but it's not like she didn't smoke with him.

Anyone have a recommendation for a good book on HolyC?

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What's Terry's full name?

I've been designing some Greek abbreviations and it really matters

ΤΕΡΕΝΣ ΔΕΙΒΙΣ (Terrence (terens) Davis (Deibis)
this one is phonemic, following the roots gives Terentius Davis, that amounts to the same abbreviation

ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΣ ΔΑΒΙΔΑΚΟΣ (Terry (Theodoros) Davis (Davidakos)
This one follows the roots

Or it could be just English abbreviation


Thou shalt not abbreviate Name of the Messenger of the Digital Temple, lest ye die.

Tell that to orthodox Christians

The Σ s sometimes is stylized as C, so it could be ΤC ΔC

Also, besides His name, what other abbreviations should there be?

Third temple?

ΤΟ ΝΟ / Τρο Ναο

TR TM / Ter Tem

fuck off.

Terrence Andrew Davis

Done it

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Terry would probably approve.

Greeks were pagans.
Use Latin characters, faggot.

You're a fucking idiot.

Romans were pagans too fagit

All the Christian literature was written in Latin, ya dumb niggerlicious faggot.

You're retarded

Break your own hands and refrain from further posting.

This has to be the worst thread derailment I've seen in my life.

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