Brit/pol/ #2382: Purple Surge Edition

Ukip membership surges 15% in a month

Council fines roofer £300 for having empty crisp packets and sandwich wrappers in his van - because he doesn't have a licence to carry rubbish

A metal detectorist discovered the Roman gold signet ring

British man paraded in public for ‘smuggling weed into Bali’

Landmark ruling sees British court recognise sharia law for the first time as judge rules wife married in Islamic ceremony can make claim on husband's assets under UK law

Grammar schools: Thousands of new places created'

Antisemitism row: Momentum drops Peter Willsman from NEC re-election list

Women's football team bans followers from calling them 'ladies' saying it's OFFENSIVE

"Labour MPs should wear a yellow star to show their revulsion with Jeremy Corbyn"

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nth for tunes


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When are we forming Pissing Kidney Stones lads?

We need to record our first track, "Ebola Crop Duster"

Second track is "Gas Killing Animal"


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Another day
another day to mow the lawn


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was out in the countryside having sex with the missus and this bloke comes past on his bike, stops and looks at us then says "carry on" and bikes off

ty lad

Did he tell you the name of the website he's uploading the film to?

*15 minute drum solo*

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good lad

is "slags & dykes" the new PC term?

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*rising crescendo of guitars and organs on the Leslie speaker*

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My poetry is pretty good lad.

shouldn't you be out stabbing pipo lad?

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I wish I was a mod so I could unban unjust bans. I've been waiting in line for months if not years


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Wjat. øad?

The next time you engage him 22st you're gone for good.
Fuck off to /newbrit/ if you want to chat with him.

thems the rules

But he's not on /newbrit/. This is the only place where he is.

yeah 22st really is pushing his luck now tbh

post more Zig Forumspop

Not my problem

it's a small group and your not in it

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What did you do in service for your country today lads?
I made jam. It's on the tangy side, but tasty

the board won't last long at this rate tbh

I jocked a jock on eBay tbh


pope Francis has renounced the Death Penalty, perverting the Catechism

You can't jock a jock lad, I'm sure he jocked you in some way.

Yank defending woman has artery sliced open with belt buckle by new Spaniard street vendors
Spanish chimpout when?

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It's a shame the board won't live - but then again, what does?

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Not surprised in the slightest.


anddddd closed

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Just seeing the BBC 3 logo makes me want to vomit these days

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Westmoster vistis London's Goldberg Green…to speak to the some angery sheenys

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still wetin for SA to blow dem op


Romances, Bromances & Sexuality: Week 1 Of The Road Trip | Ep 2 | One Hot Summer

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Pretty. White dresses and straw hats

it's nothing new, they've been doing this for decades. it's bizarre that anyone still takes it remotely seriously


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Sounds like westie/fa/

Som gud toris on da BBC be wetin' fo' you to perus lads

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fresh slightly based swarthy spic welshman

the environmental impact of mass immigration

Just booked my practical lads, for the end of September… is this what it feels like to grow up?

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although these trips say otherwise

why hasn't SA beheaded everyone at the BBC yet?

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Because none of you have found me blueprints yet.

thinking of becoming an aristocrat of the soul lads


excuses excuses

The good dafty plans ahead.

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was meant for


tbh i'm not sure you'd be able to behead everyone at teh bbc without getting killed yourself

lads not being funny but look at the muscles on that BLACK lad how are we supposed to compete?


You could if you planned properly.


Tbh I'm on holiday right now and it really grieves me to see the diversity freely travelling the nation; even the comfy country town I'm in right now. It feels like there should be a bulwark or a front line between the capital and the rest of the nation.

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God and guns lad

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nice try GCHQ

don't think it's possible lad, and this lad doesn't think you're being honest with yourself either

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raheem kaseem talks to the bbc


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and you meeting the filter

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This is not real…

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His handwriting is worse than a child.

oh no please don't filter smeee!

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pretty sure those miners didn't cough up their guts with tuberculosis so a goofy nigger could shit all over their heritage


Timmy bashing

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What is that lad?

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Robert E. Lee's handwriting for comparison.

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