ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Old one hit 400 posts again.

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Why does nobody mention the X201? It's a better X220.
-more screen space (16:10)
-option to completely remove trackpad

Because you should be mentioning the X200 either way, faggot.

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Schools are a great source of old thinkpads. If you're lucky you'll get one for free like i did.

That's a lie though (at least it surely was at the moment you made this thread).

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The OP is not a reply

Last IBM made ThinkPad was the Z6x IIRC, everything afterwards is Lelnopo.

By tightening the screws, I mean the ones on the heatsink that secure it to the CPU; but this isn't all that important. You'll need to put one of the thicker thermal pads (the kind you'd find on Northbridge) to the left of the cmos battery (so, it'll be on the magnesium skeletion, and it'll be touching the area that houses RAM). this elevates the keyboard just enough to make it equal. Note that it'll raise the area with the mouse buttons; but it's better than having your entire keyboard lopsided. I wish I had a camera so I could show you a picture, but it's pretty simple. I don't feel more keyboard flex using this method but ymmv.

Here are some photos of a W500 heatsink inside a T60 - notice the square space next to the cmos battery, that's where you'll need to put the thermal pad.

no you fuck. its not good enough to be cool and trendy to get an old overpriced laptop...the hardware on the 201 has to be finagled so you dont have to use propriatarey nonfree software

how to get into schools. where do they hide the good thinkpads? i know a couple that have computer racks but the only one that I saw had chromebooks and i was like yucky

holy crap is that ur project? what kind of processor does the t60 have?

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He claimed the old thread had hit 400 posts as he was making the thread, while pic shows it hadn't.

? Any details on this?

X201 can't be librebooted, only the X200 can.

What's the fastest wifi card that supports F-R-E-E-D-O-M and L-I-B-E-R-T-Y?
Does it fit into half slot? That would be perfect)

The OP of that thread, which you referenced in your picture, does not count as a reply when talking about "400 posts." If you include the OP with the total amount of replies, it adds up to be 400 posts total.

Anything Atheros.

What does that have to do with homosexuality?

But nothing with 802.11ac

What about pci mini sata ssd for installing an OS?

What is the appeal of thinkpads
I got an HP envy laptop and it’s actually pretty nice. I can’t imagine a thinkpad has any advantages over it aside from repelling pussy

Easy to get parts, easily repairable, huge community behind it, reliable, relatively cheap used.

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I got an x220t. Is there an after market mod for the screen rotating hinge so it can go left and right?

yea u just need a hammer and some duck tape

1. hammer
2. tape
3. rotate

Good keyboard on the non-chicklet ones, built like a tank, has trackpoint, excellent freetard OS / hardware compatibility.

Nope, physically impossible.

Should be doable IIRC, haven't tried it.

Lelnovo had better fix my clicker quick.

I have 2 T500's, 8GB Ram upgraded to T9800, Both have the ATi 3650, 120GB SSD's was my daily Until i was gifted an X-1 Carbon with the I5. Both are running Win 8.1 with a lot of regsitry gutting (as much as i could get away with) Always wanted to try libre/coreboot. I'm looking @ the requirements and it seems i'll need to install a chip to flash?

25 is literally just a nu-pad with a decent keyboard. It's still got the thin bullshit, the 16:10 screen, and everything else there is to hate about recent laptops, and for all that it doesn't even have decent specs among recent laptops.

It has the only decent keyboard on the market especially with the nub, and the screen is actually very nicely done with the anti-glare. I know about all the botnet and not very impressive specs and whatnot though Louis.

No, worse -- 16:9.

If it has ATI graphics you can't libreboot it, but coreboot is possible. Also, yes -- you'll need an external flasher.

the t500 has switchable graphics, he'll just lose the ati chip on libre.

Help, I just bought a T60 and a Precision M70. No chargers and unknown specs, they should work however.

Holy shit if that M70 has the WUXGA screen though...


And only 10 minutes after posting this, my mailman ringed the bell and a parcel containing two X3x batteries and a T23 palmrest came in.

only if you are a video editduhhhher

It's 4:3 with the top cut off.

4:3 is 16:9 with the sides cut off.

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I have a restore disc question: can I just call Lelnopo in my country and ask "hey I got this X32 and I want FRU xxx which is the Windows XP Pro restore disc for this machine"

"not supported, kthxbai. ps buy our latest shit"

How about making /tpg/ and /terry/ into rolling stickies, given that they are remade perpetually?

Because then you'd get cyclicals for every thread related to one subject, not something guy9000 is waiting on I guess.

recurring subject* not one subject

Room mate bought a T430 and I'm jealous; my L430 works but I know there are better models. I've put up an ad for older models and got a message from a guy with a W530. A beefy upgrade, unfortunately it has the chicklet keyboard, but I think that's what the L430 also has which I'm okay with. Is it worse than the L430 freedom-wise?

Does this wiki have some wiki/buyers guide?

this general, I mean

Should be the same pretty much, Ivy Bridge.

Oh, and do the xx20 keyboard mod when you get it.

Lenovo doesn't even offer driver downloads for Thinkpads that old on its web site any more.

You're looking at going onto the auction site or finding it as warez if you need a restore disc. Best plan is to just install Linux or OpenBSD or something instead.

So my Thinkpad 25 came back today, really quick service from Lelnovo. The buttons work fine on this unit and I'm quite happy with it, even if the top two rows of keys are a little weirdly laid out compared to my IBM Thinkpads.

Now to get the NVIDIA working. I hope some day to be able to get rid of Intel ME too but for now those CIA niggers can have at it.

Cool, I should be getting my Precision M70 and T60 tomorrow.

Except I didn't, fucking seller shipped them at 7 PM, which is too late. Parcel service picks up parcels at 5:30 PM.

Oh well. What games can I play on a GeForce 6800?

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how much would you put for an X200 and for an X220 ?

Since I'm actually on the hunt for one, I'd gladly pay 2500 SEK for one. Roughly $300. This is on the Swedish market, mind.

Not even in the "EOL downloads" area?

Fucking kill me already. PostNL doesn't deliver parcels on Monday where I live.

Only for x6x and up IIRC.

Theres this though:

about $120
no more than $70
t. user of a $35 x200t in breddy gud condition

LOL, the seller sent me a M6400 instead of a M70, what a retard!

T60 even has WWAN and 3GB RAM, awesome!

Just bought a X9100 for it and installing XP, making a XP/Vista era gaming rig out of this thing.

looking for an atheros network card for my X200 and there's way too many to choose from and the differences I don't understand too well. Can anyone help me out with what to get

Damn i'm jelly at pic related.

Installed Win7 on my M6400 again because I couldn't get the drivers working on XP. Still need to find a battery and the 2nd HDD caddy.

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Is the t520 any good? Anything that I should know before I buy one?

Cons: 1600x900 - bad resolution, weak sound, no USB 3.0
Pros: compatible w/ Coreboot and comfy classic keyboard


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Are you going to be using it with Libreboot?
I use an AR5B95 with mine.

whoever thought doing keyboard layouts like that, physically or digitally, was a good idea needs to be shot.

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It's a good idea. Qwerty is unintuitive.

The early Minitel terminals were basically glorified online phonebooks, and the keyboard shown in that image would have sufficed. As early as two years later, the newer terminals were using AZERTY keyboards.

yeah gonna see if i can do only free software

I ended up with a T430s for 2200 SEK; quite the upgrade in terms of work-comfyness.

I plan to install [core|libre]boot on it. The RAM in it are two 2Rx8 sticks, albeit of different vendors; hopefully this isn't an issue. Intel is used for wifi though, but a replacement doesn't cost and arm and a leg; is it I'm looking for? I also ordered a ultrabay battery, but dang, that thing cost 1/4 of what I paid for the laptop. I've yet to recieve it, but I hope it will extend the current battery life somewhat. But I should probably look into heavier battery saving features on Linux also.

Are there any other recommanded changes? I already have an SSD in it and a HDD bay for when I need it. Perhaps something fun for the second PCI-E slot? Are there maybe even better keyboads for the s-model?

I notice now that uses the model I linked, but is there a recommended place to purchase it?

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T430s isn't supported by Libreboot, only Coreboot - so you can't be 100% FLOSS
Also, chiclet keyboard

Chucks. Oh well, probably beats the current firmware. At least the chiclet keyboard beats the one on my L430. Got a HHKB to remedy it for long writing sessions, at least.

tl;dr: How hard is it to change an Display for T530 or T540p?

I'm in need of a need Notebook and it should be an ThinkPad this time. After some research I came to the conclusion that an T530 or an T540p would probably the right choice, since I'm a big guy in needing of an big screen, but also because the stats seems ok for the price. Problem is, I'm pretty poor atm but need some mobile working machine as soon as possible, so i thought it might be an good idea to skimp on the screen resolution and get an decent display later on.

I'm just not sure how hard it would be, what tools i would need to change it, and would it doable with the motorics of an tractor?

I did a little research before, but found nothing specific to the T540p or T530, so i thought it would be an good idea to ask Zig Forums

Yes, of course
I don't know if Coreboot includes GRUB directly in the flash boot as Libreboot does
Because of this, you can encrypt /boot partition for example
If you want to go full free software, you will need to buy another hardware like T400 or T500
All I feel is pain

Just installed Libreboot on my second x200.

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All classic design thinkpads are easy to swap parts.
The problem is whether or not you can find the screens.

My man!
My first x200t was $60. My second x200t was $40 with a bad screen. It also turned out to be an x201t that someone had did a shitty job replacing the screen.
From there I got a $20 multitouch screen and rebuilt it.
Then I added on an internal msata adapter so I have my OS on an ssd and everything else on the HDD.
It's downright comfy.
x201t isn't as good as x200t.

Been wanting to libreboot mine.

you got a guide you follow or recommend? I'm a bit wary about fucking it up

This the original guide for Coreboot. I completely skipped the part where they suggest to change the MAC (not sure of it's purpose, to be quite frankly).
Essentially, all you have to do is this part right here:
pi# cd ~/flashrompi# ./flashrom -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0,spispeed=512 --chip -r romread1.rompi# ./flashrom -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0,spispeed=512 --chip -r romread2.rompi# ./flashrom -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0,spispeed=512 --chip -r romread3.rompi# sha512sum romread*.rompi# ./flashrom -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0,spispeed=512 --chip -w libreboot.rom
If you omit the --chip parameter, it'll automatically list all the possible chip choices, and it'll specify the ROM dimension in bytes, and given that information you can download the appropriate Libreboot file.
If you're running Raspbian, you don't even have to compile Flashrom, since it's already present in its repo.
Keep in mind that although the in the guide the SPI Speed is set to be 512, I noticed that with my RPi B+ it didn't work at all. Even at 256 is often failed. Setting it at 128 worked just fine.

You can't really fuck up, since the first thing you'll do is dump the factory's ROM, which you should be able to flash in case something goes wrong.

Found a guy parting out a Dell Inspiron with a T7600, bought the CPU for a nice price and should be getting it later this week. TOL T60 build here I come!

Still need a SXGA+ screen, T60p board, W500 cooler and LED conversion kit though.

Shit I just installed HD Tune on my T60 and found out the SSD has one retired block. How fucked am I?

It really is the best machine ever with those enhancements. I have a UXGA Hydis panel but I think I would've preferred a SXGA+ IPS panel, because most pages don't render correctly and it has a (slight) blue tint.

Except a SXGA+ IPS panel doesn't exist in 14.1, apparently. I always thought T4*p/T60p 14.1 models had a AFFS panel.

Guess I was wrong all the time.

Yeah, and the 14.1" SXGA+ panels are horribly blue (just like the panels in the xx20 series). The XGA panels aren't bad though.

Ergo, stick with the XGA panel then?

In my opinion, yes.

The part about the pins confuses me a bit. it says start counting from the right but the diagram shows the number starting from the left.

The pins start from the side without USB ports.

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